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January 2009
All January Blog Entries

1 Jan · Happy New Year
Review of 2008 intentions and making goals for 2009
3 Jan · Crochet
My newest project, learning how to crochet. Tag: crochet
5 Jan · mp3
mp3 player and current play list
9 Jan · Week 1
Randomness about my first work week of the year.
11 Jan · More Vegan
Think Vegan, 365 Tag: vegan
16 Jan · Day Job Happiness
Getting hired on at my temp job!
17 Jan · Mouse Blankets
Learning to crochet. And a drawing. Tag: crochet
23 Jan · Projects
never enough time to work on my projects
26 Jan · next month
Setting up for some daily blogging in Feb

February 2009
All February Blog Entries

1 Feb · Am I ready?
Ack, February snuck up on me! Tag: vegan
2 Feb · Argh
hurt my leg walking home from work :(
3 Feb · hm
funny story...
4 Feb · too grumpy
5 Feb + Crochet Chaos
First two crocheting projects are not going so well. Tag: crochet
6 Feb · Ad Free Blog
Advertisements on blogs annoy me to no end!
7 Feb · Week 1
Review of my crappy first week of daily blogging. Tag: crochet
8 Feb + Crochet Yay
My first finished dish cloth! Tag: crochet
9 Feb * Making Vegan Lunch
Photo Tag: vegan
10 Feb * um, a leaf
just a photo
11 Feb · Doom
I'm a doomer.
12 Feb · Books and eReading
oh how I love my eBooks.
13 Feb · day job
14 Feb · quiet weekend
Some postcards, some crochetting and downloading an MP3
15 Feb · want
Wanting a new computer.
16 Feb * mmm, cookie bars
vegan chocolate chip cookie bars, yum. Tag: vegan
17 Feb * um, some leaves
A photo I took last autumn.
18 Feb · Darwin
I like to read Darwin.
19 Feb * um, a kitty
xmas photo of Poudre the cat
20 Feb · slow week
Yay Weekend!
21 Feb * a squirrel
Droopy Tail, the squirrel.
22 Feb · cars and driving
Thinking about cars.
23 Feb · sick
24 Feb · um
Trying to get better. a bit about Braille.
25 Feb · a box
A box from Amazon. I love giving myself presents! Tag: crochet
26 Feb + odds and ends
A sandwich and my crochet projects. Tag: crochet
27 Feb * yay the weekend
Trying to figure out what is next
28 Feb · obsessions
crocheting and blogging Tag: crochet

March 2009
All March Blog Entries

7 Mar · oof
hard week that encroaches on my weekend, but oh well.
13 Mar · Let the Drinking Commence
an Art Journal magazine. Fictionwise. and my crocheting.
15 Mar · weekend over
The book I read, Under a Green Sky, about global warming.
20 Mar · Sighs
another week without blogging, ack.
22 Mar · Yarn Ethics
Thoughts about wool, cotton and acrylic yarns. Tags: crochet, vegan

April 2009
All April Blog Entries

1 Apr · Begin
A blog posting month!
2 Apr · Snuggle
My current crocheting project. Tag: crochet
3 Apr · Meta
4 Apr · busy saturday
or, Not a Garden Plot at the Community Garden. Tag: garden
5 Apr * PostCrossing
Getting bored with the postcards I usually send out.
6 Apr · monday chat
do I ever have anything interesting to say??
7 Apr · tuesday chat
nothing interesting
8 Apr · wednesday chat
the Macs at the day job.
9 Apr · Booking Through Thursday
How many books do you normally read at one time?
10 Apr · friday chat
11 Apr · saturday chat
I bought a bike today!
12 Apr + First Snuggle Done!
With Boo and Twitch photos Tag: crochet
13 Apr · gram
news article about my grandma.
14 Apr · a list
things I am proud of
15 Apr · wednesday chat
reading stuff
16 Apr · not drawing
17 Apr · ugh
sugar is not good.
18 Apr · sweet weekend
a happy relaxed saturday
19 Apr · projects
Got some stuff done this weekend
20 Apr * monday
our tiny back yard garden. with a photo. Tag: garden
21 Apr * tuesday
My shooting star wildflowers. Tag: garden
22 Apr · Earth Day
my grumpy earth day
23 Apr · E Day Cont
grumpiness continued
24 Apr · Wildlife List
Creatures I see walking to and from work
25 Apr * community garden!
Our first working trip to our community garden plot. with a picture of the weeds! Tag: garden
26 Apr · postcards
I like them, okay?!
27 Apr · books
Fantasy books
28 Apr + crochet
My next project, a bag to hold my string Tag: crochet
29 Apr · biking
rode my bike for the first time
30 Apr · thursday
Planning some drawing, but not actually drawing yet! ha.

May 2009
All May Blog Entries

01 May · Happy Friday!!
A good day and projects for the weekend.
02 May ~ Productive Saturday
... and a drawing with the new markers.
03 May * photo
raindrops on lupine
04 May * more raindrops
Photo of the kale flowers.
05 May · music
A new Internet radio station at the day job.
06 May · Wetlands
it's American Wetlands Month
07 May · time issues
not enough time, as usual
08 May · garden
Planting things!!
09 May * Yay Wetlands
Photo of some ducks on the wet prairie.
10 May · Vegan
To celebrate and honor mothers of all species, please Go Vegan.
11 May · Yay!
Happy Birthday Me!
12 May ~ Avatars
My random avatars
13 May * Camas
Photo of a camas flower.
14 May · Booking Through Thursday
Last weeks BTT, Graphic Novels
15 May · garden
just watching SO chop down more weeds.
16 May · saturday
17 May · sunday chat
Thinking about my business trip on tue/wed.
18 May * photo
photo of dandylions
19 May · tuesday AM
quick type before work...
20 May · Copic Certification
Yay Me!
21 May * Copic
A bit about yesterday's art class.
22 May · Yawn
Plans for the weekend
23 May * ~ Copic Continued
More thoughts from my Copic Certification class.
24 May * garden
still killing the poor weeds.
25 May + Crochet
Yay, my market bag is finished!
26 May · oof
planning the next crochet project
27 May · random
it's random okay.
28 May · more random
SO gardens and I think about crocheting.
29 May · randomness on hobbies
yep, more random.
30 May · lazy saturday
reading Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
31 May · fizzled out
The end of my two month streak of daily blogging

June 2009
All June Blog Entries

6 june ~ Drawing Day
Yep, drawing.
7 june * Garden
Stuff from Saturday Market is planted.
11 june · Offline
See ya later.
19 june · Back Online!
21 june * weekend and garden
lazy weekend and flowers in the garden

july 2009
All July Blog Entries

1 july · another month of blogging
So many projects.
2 july · ARGH!
pissed off about not getting my holiday.
3 july · okay...
Finally, the weekend.
4 july * piggies
guinea pig cuteness
5 july * fireworks
Pics from yesterdays firework display
6 july · garden
Our plants, no photos.
7 july · ebooks
List of a couple of my favorites.
8 july · weird death-defying disease
feeling icky
9 july · email
Goal: clear out the email this month.
10 july * garden
with photos, lovely tiger eye.
11 july * paper journal
binding up paper journals
12 july · odds and ends
postcards and vegan bread
13 july · other projects
need more time.
14 july · BTT: Niche
What niche books do you read?
15 july * Copic homework
Making Hand Color Charts for work.
16 july · blogging thoughts
Blogging about the things I am not doing is bad?
17 july * peas
we ate our first pea pods from our garden today!
18 july * saturday
Me: not interesting. SO: good photo.
19 july * crochet
Dog blanket for Snuggles Project is done
20 july * um.
just a pic
21 july * BTT: Unread + TBR
the Unread book piles
22 july * paper journal
top border designs on two pages from my paper journal.
23 july · BTT: Preferences
Quick answers.
24 july · this and that
getting sick? Hot week in store for us. and deer on the sidewalk.
25 july * that and this
bad photo of the deers walking through the parking lot yesterday evening.
26 july · vegan language
27 july · hot
complaining about the heat
28 july · list of 100 books
list of the UKs best loved novels
29 july · the hot and the cold
30 july · okay
31 july · yay friday
the end of daily blogging for a while.

August 2009
All August Blog Entries

2 aug * community garden
Our first volunteer sunflower bloom.
31 aug · Plagued with Indecision
to blog or not to blog.

september 2009
All September Blog Entries

1 sept · one
Things I might type about, if I'm going to type.
2 sept · two
Girly stuff from the vegan store. Tag: vegan
3 sept · BTT, Recent Big
Whats the biggest book youve read recently?
4 sept * garden (in august)
oh sweet, but doomed, wildflowers. Tag: garden
5 sept + crochet projects
Back to crocheting. Tag: crochet
6 sept · a list
Things I like to get done on the weekends.
7 sept ·
death in the family
8 sept * garden pics
cucumbers and green tomatoes. Tag: garden
9 sept · PostCrossing
one year anniversary at PostCrossing
10 sept * pic
sunflower photo
11 sept * garden
pic Tag: garden
12 sept * dust collectors
A pic from my computer area
13 sept · crochet
the xmas scarf is not going so well. Tag: crochet
14 sept · at the Copic warehouse
Trace Pads delivered today.
15 sept · driving
Not so much driving
16 sept * Flowers in the Garden
Marigold and Cosmos Tag: garden
17 sept · BTT, Recent Enjoyable (not)
What's the most enjoyable, most fun, most just-darn-entertaining book you've read recently?
18 sept * another flower lesson
Morning Glories and Marigolds Tag: garden
19 sept * um
photo of clouds needs a little something extra. not sure what, tho.
20 sept · Answer meme
A few random questions from an interesting meme.
21 sept · Yay Worms
how I love our friends the worms.
26 sept * Twitch
in loving memory of Twitch, who died unexpectedly

October 2009
All October Blog Entries

8 oct * Hmm
a photo and trying to get back into the swing of real life.
9 oct ~ Computer
a new computer
10 oct · setting up
Setting up the new computer, Sheep. Also a new computer for SO.
11 oct · on the computer called Sheep
Still setting up
16 oct · computer update
downloading updates, weekend project: hook up printer and handheld.
17 oct * not recycling computers
Very sad about Sheep who has no backwards compatibility with the old hardware.
23 oct · bah
not a good week.
25 oct · Blogging and Journaling
Thoughts about blogging daily and an Art Journal article in the most recent Smithsonian magazine

November 2009
All November Blog Entries

1 nov · uh oh
So much to do...
1 nov · Other Daily November Projects
NaNoDrawMo, DrawMo, NoNoJouMo...
2 nov · the About Button
an Introduction
3 nov · Grocery Run
my Vegan shopping list
4 nov · Random Things
Sun dog, vegan happiness, camera.
5 nov · Booking Through Thursday
from 15 oct, "weeding" your book collection?
6 nov * Photo Friday
Photo of Boo the guinea pig and some autumn leaves.
7 nov · Vegan Things
random vegan things
8 nov · Sci Fi Reading
Some good links to find the next book to read.
9 nov * Spider!
Photos of someone who built a web right outside my window
10 nov · Currently
Reading, hearing, computering, and not a postcard
11 nov · GP Play
Guinea pigs DO play!
12 nov · at the Copic Warehouse
The back of my head is Internet Famous again!
13 nov · Photo Friday?
Not a real photo!
14 nov · Mid-Month Project Update
15 nov · eBooks
Buying some, and making free ebooks from Project Gutenberg!
16 nov · swine flu + cats
cats get swine flu? :(
17 nov * sleepy ducks
just a photo
18 nov · audio books
listening at the day job
19 nov · BTT: Too Short
Is life too short to read bad books? Yes!!
20 nov · A Day Off
getting some crocheting done. And links to some lovely free, fine art desktop wallpapers.
21 nov * Photo, uh, Saturday
22 nov · well
Lazy weekend and a list of the magazines I subscribe to.
23 nov · Bike
my green bike
24 nov · Liars
2 out of 3 people lie about the books they read. ha.
25 nov · Amazon Grocery
nori and miso
26 nov · Free To Be
it's a link
27 nov * Photo Friday
28 nov * Projects Update
Actually doing pretty well.
28 nov * NaBloPoMo Prize
National Blog Posting Month: Prize I am donating, Glitter Pens
29 nov * markers
my Sketch Copic markers
30 nov * Yay
Made it to the end of National Blog Posting Month, successfully!
December 2009
All December Blog Entries

3 dec * First Freeze
photo of frozen spider webs

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