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at the Copic Warehouse
thurs 12 nov 2009

Earlier this week, Maryanne our product specialist, brought the new Copic Certification Instructors in for a tour of the warehouse. It was quite fun to watch the happiness and excitement of these women as they looked at our rows and rows of markers! :)

One of the women was taking photos, and yet again, the back of my head is famous: Debbie's Thinking Inking, Copic Giveaway Scroll on down, right under the pic of Maryanne's "tidy" office (ha.) is a pic of the warehouse... I'm on the left in the grey sweater and the pony tail. a couple of our parttime temps are in black in the right half of the pic, and I can't remember the names of the new Instructors standing near me.

Oh, and the Warehouse Cat... the last photo over there at Debbie's site. That is BeBe, and she's a girl! She is actually part of a group of five or six feral cats at our other building. They are all fixed and fed and have heated rooms for the winter! BeBe is the most friendly, she'll let some women pet her (not men). She spends most days in the warehouse, and as you can see, she has a blanket where she naps on one of the pallets of Sketch Books. :)

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