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thurs 28 may 2009

Significant Other says he's got all the weeds cleared out from our community garden plot! Yay!

He also says our peas are growing! Yay! I can't wait to get over there to see all this, tomorrow afternoon.

And I am looking forward to planting more things. I think we should plant the rest of the wild flowers, and get more. SO was saying that the bees were mad at him as he was chopping down their food source (the weeds were very pretty!).

I thought I wanted to do something fancy for the dog snuggle that will be my next crocheting project. And I spent 40 mins last night playing with a design I wanted to modify. And when it was done, I thought of two reasons why it wasn't going to work! so, um, never mind.

So, I'm going to stick with simple... but play with multiple colours of string, so it's not so simple that it kills me with boredom!

We'll see how that turns out!

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