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fri 24 july 2009

Significant Other has been sick with coughing and sniffling... And now my throat feels weird. Wouldn't it be just normal for me to be sick all weekend, when I'm trying to get things done!

And, oh crazy global warming, it's supposed to be horribly hot here for the next week or so. Maybe even hitting 100°F (38°C) I am annoyed already (because we don't have air conditioning anywhere: at home or at work). Blah!!!

I hate the hot weather. Fortunately, it doesn't last very long up here in mid-Oregon.

7:50pm... SO says, from downstairs, to look out the window, now. I look, Ack, MUST have camera NOW!

Two deers, with velvety antlers, are walking down the sidewalk!

We live in the city... but we have enough green space within the city that the deers and the racoons and whoever walk through on a fairly regular basis. It's nice, but I really worry about them. Most of the wild people have a clue about the cars and stuff, but accidents do happen and it's tearful when they do.

I'm pretty sure the pictures didn't come out well. It's generally a bad idea to take pictures through the window screen! heh. But, if I can clean them up, I'll post them tomorrow. :)

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