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sun 6 sept 2009

Things I like to get done on the weekend...

  Visit the garden once or twice. Usually meet SO there after work on friday. sometimes make a bike ride out there on saturday or sunday, too.

  Make yummy vegan bread. For sandwiches I bring to eat at the day job.

  Two loads of laundry. Only one load is required, but I've had this super huge pile of old clothes and blankets that I've been meaning to get through. I've been doing two loads 'most every week all summer long, and I've still got a pile. heh.

  Upload the scans of the PostCrossing postcards I've received during the week.

  ... and get at least a couple postcards out the door.

  Try to clean out my web-based email accounts. In july, I did a really good job of cleaning up my regular inbox... and if you can believe it, my inbox total is still hanging around 11 to 15 emails. yay me. hotmail and netscape accounts got messy in that time tho.

  Have a few drinks and type emails... mostly to my friends. Occasionally comment on random websites. I amaze myself by how much sense I make when I'm drinking.

;) laughs.

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