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tues 28 apr 2009

I started a new crochet project over the weekend... A new bag to hold my string.

It's my first go at crocheting "in the round". Rather than going back and forth in lines, I'm making progressively bigger circles.

little circles

And I had the worst time getting started on the tiniest circle! It was only three chain stitches big, and when I joined them into a circle, I couldn't figure out where to put the stitches for the next round. it just looked like a tiny pile of string!

So, okay. I started over, and this time I watched carefully as I joined my chain, to see where the stitches are. But they disappeared again into a tiny pile!

Eventually I just marked the chains with these tiny little clippy thingees that I got with my original crocheting kit. It still looked like a tiny pile when I joined the circle, but I just stuck my hook into the loops where the clippies were.

I've gotten a little bit farther than the photo shows, and my circle is seriously curling, darn it. Hopefully it won't matter too much!

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