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Amazon Grocery
wed 25 nov 2009

Yay, the four day weekend has officially begun!

My Amazon grocery stuff arrived today at the day job. My supervisor asks what I got, "Clif bars?" heh, not this time: "Nope, this is Miso and Nori!" I say.

"What?!" laughs. The warehouse manager pipes up, "Nori is seaweed and Miso is soup base."

oh, simple and short and boring answer!

Technically, nori is algae... altho, yeah it sounds a lot more appetizing to call it seaweed!! It comes in thin sheets, like paper, very dark green or black, and shiny. It's the sushi wrap stuff.

I have made sushi a few times. Um, vegan of course, no poor dead fishes here! Sushi is fun, but a bit tedious... all that gathering and rolling. mostly I just tear up a sheet of nori and add it to my miso.

Miso, yum

"Soup base." Miso is fermented soybeans and maybe rice and barley or other grains, there are all different flavors and types. Anyway, it's this brown mushy paste stuff and you just put a spoonful in your water and try to force it to dissolve. I like to eat it with my pasta, but you can put it in all your normal soups and they will taste yummier.

Anyway. I eat miso practically every day. (Yeah, I really, really obsess when I find a food I like!) But it's been a long while since I've had nori in the house.

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