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odds and ends
sun 12 july 2009

Today I finally got caught up with my PostCrossing... I have all 9 of my postcards travelling, and I've scanned all my received pcs and uploaded them to the site! I'm at 99 postcards sent... one more registered and I'll be able to send out 10 postcards at a time! Yay postcards! :)

I was so involved in the postcard thing, that I almost forgot to make bread today. ACK! Well, it would not have been the major tragedy I thought, simply because we still had two halves of a loaf in the freezer. Which is good, because I must have my bread!

I've been making my own vegan bread in the bread machine for several years now... and I will never -ever- go back to store bread. It tastes funny. You can taste all the chemicals and junk they put in and it does not taste good!

When I am focused and organized, it takes me exactly 10 minutes to set up the bread in the bread machine. That includes clean up time. And then, about 3.5 hours later, fresh, delicious, wonderful, vegan bread!

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