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Sat 3 Jan 2009

I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for a while now.

A babysitter taught me to do granny squares when I was a little kid. But I lost my crochet hook ages ago, and granny squares are kind of ugly, anyway. ;)

My Grandma used to make wash cloths, as xmas presents to everyone (tho maybe she knitted these, rather than crocheted). But she can't now because of her Lupus and arthritis. So I thought I would take over for her.

I got a starter kit as a gift from my aunt and uncle, and a Intermediate book with scarf patterns. My Grandma showed me how to do one of the stitches. And I took "orders" from my family as to what colour they want their scarves to be. :)

And I've been practicing... so far I've made three "mouse blankets" out of the different stitches I have to learn.

I am already frustrated, because I want my stitches to be consistent right now. And also, there are just a few basic stitches to learn but I'm already having trouble keeping them straight. And not to mention that my hands get tired after just a couple turns on the mouse blankets!

oof, practice, practice, I guess.

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