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fri 20 mar 2009

Another week has passed me by... and I have concerns about my blog being updated only on the weekends! It does make me feel bereft...

I was thinking about it the other evening. During february I blogged every day. I made it important. But then all of a sudden, when the month was over, I didn't "have" to blog every day and I thought I would get other things done.

Well, nothing extra is actually getting done. maybe a bit more crocheting, maybe. But the blogging still feels important to me, and since I'm not doing it, it kind of throws me off a bit.

Ya know? :/

Anyway. It's friday, and I'm having a couple drinks, but the weekend has not officially started since I have to work a bit on saturday morning. eh.

It's been a strange week. At the day job, we've joked that it's been a whole week of mondays. Just little random things going wrong to annoy us.

At home, Significant Other killed his foot and I've been attempting to take care of him. I do a really bad job of it, tho. I am just not a nurturing person. at all.

On monday, I put in my first order for markers at work. I came home with six colours: lt green, green, lt blue, brown, tan, and a pinkish tan. And black and a blender marker. Also a small wirebound notebook.

The markers are expensive, even with my employee discount (they are artist quality markers)... I calculated it will cost 1,050$ to get one of each colour that they currently sell. ;) and of course, that's not including the other random things that I want: The notebooks, the glitter pens, the multiliners... And what am I going to do when I start needing refills?!? :)

heh. Anyway. I printed up a couple colouring pages and did some colouring this week. Very enjoyable! But I am totally unsatisfied wth my six colours! Must have more!

I was going to spend a certain amount each month. But I think I'll double it up this month. Just to get going on a few more colours! ;)

SO's computer died this week, as well. He's having a tough week!

I'm going to work on it this weekend, and I am fairly optimistic. When I assessed the problem, the other evening, I was worried that the hard drive had crashed. But I think it was just over heated. I'll put a fan on it and see how it goes.

I don't know why... but 100% of the computers in my life have had internal fans that burn out. I just open up the case and point a room fan at it to cool things down. seems to do the trick.

And I'm hoping SO's hard drive will be okay, once it starts running cooler. We'll see how it goes...

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