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Crocheting Chaos
thurs 5 feb 2009

Crocheting is a new hobby for me, I decided to teach myself this year and make some dish cloths and scarfs for family presents. I got a book and a set of crochet hooks for xmas, and I've been practicing my stitches.

Here is Crochet Fiasco: Project 1...

Afghan Stitch

I really really liked the Afghan stitch, which is not a normal crochet stitch and it uses a special, long hook. I was going to make all my dish cloths out of this stitch, because it looked good and it made a very solid piece of fabric.

Sadly, it curled something terrible. I tried to fix the curling by making my stitches really tight. That helped. But that also gave me some serious carpal tunnel pain!

So, Project #1 has been abandoned!

Here's Crochet Fiasco: Project 2...

half double crochet

Looks pretty good, huh. well, um.

For this dish cloth, I am following the directions on the back of the label on the string I bought. To begin, I had to make three attempts to make it the right size... it's supposed to be 6 inches long, and my first attempt was about 5 inches long. My third attempt was 5½ inches and I decided to go with that.

I stitch along, following the directions precisely, being very happy that this one is not curling at all! and I've gotten to the point in the photo. Problem is, at this point, the stupid thing is SUPPOSED to be approximately square. uh huh. Look at that picture, does that look like a square to you? no. not even approximately.

Yeah. So, pretty much I suck at the crocheting thing! But I will persevere!

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