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sat 11 july 2009

Not too much going on today, which makes it a Wonderful saturday in which three hour naps are perfectly acceptable. heh.

When I woke up from my nap, I started working on my paper journals. At some point last year, I decided I would write (and print) (and draw) (and whatever) on normal copier paper, and then bind up the papers at the end of the month into monthly journals with my Bind-It-All.

I love the Bind-It-All: I bought bulk ½inch O-wires for it so I will never run out and can make hundreds of double spiral bound notebooks! My monthly journals include all my Static8 blog entries, and my postcard stats and whatever random articles I feel like printing up from the Internet.

Unfortunately, the monthly journal papers tend to stack up. Because making a journal cover has somehow become tedious. I've got the last three months to bind up, plus three months from last year! sheesh.

june paper journal

I started with june, and that went well enough. It's all bound and pretty now... well, semi-pretty: the printer did start running out of yellow ink as I printed the cover. So. Oh well. The picture shows the june journal, all bound up, on top of my new lap desk (flipped over to show the padded side), Lap of Luxury Lap Desks: the fabric is just so brilliantly colourful!

The problem was may... I had so many photos, I decided to make front and back covers! Sadly, having to deal with so many photos on one page -- the front page has 8 high res pics on it -- that the computer just threw up his hands and said "jeez! I have 256megs of RAM okay?! I cannot deal with this! It's too much!"

poor baby. So now I'm thinking about buying a new computer.

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