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Drawing Day
sat 6 june 2009
Drawing Day 2009

Yay! A drawing day is just what I need after the crazy week I've had. A little bit of creativity to wash the tediousness away. :)

I was just looking at the Drawing Day that I did last year. ha: I drew one of my stuffies, Verdella the Vegan Dragon... and later, after a bit more work, that drawing was one of my first postcards that I sent out to my exchange group...

Verdella the Vegan Dragon

I'll update this blog post as I draw...


Okay. So I may have gotten distracted by my crocheting project. And then we had to go to Saturday Market to get tomato plants and flowers. And then we had to plant the tomato plants and flowers and strawberries and butternut squash and more flowers.

Eventually I did do a couple of drawings... :)

green tomatoes

It's the green tomatoes on one of the plants we bought! I'm pretty excited about having real, really alive plants in our garden. I didn't draw this on site tho... I took some photos, printed one and drew from that.

well. started drawing. Then I remembered that drawing leaves is boring. so I quit and went on to my next drawing...

verbena flowers

Then I decided I didn't really like drawing flowers either. ha. Those are the verbena flowers, which probably won't last very long in the garden, but they're pretty now. (these are the peach coloured flowers. we also got purple ones. I'll post about our garden forays tomorrow, perhaps.)

The thing about drawing plants, is that it doesn't have to be perfect and it will still look decent. When you're drawing faces and people (non-human people, too) if you get one little line wrong, the whole picture looks off. But that doesn't happen with plants. So plants are much nicer to draw.

Evening time...

In front of the tv with my Copic markers.

sea horse

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