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day job
fri 13 feb 2009

At the day job, I finally turned in my W4, which means I am a real employee. Officially! yay.

I am just thrilled to pieces because I totally love this company. I am looking at artist quality markers all day, even tho I'm just shipping them to other companies. Plus these are reusable markers. The environmental side really appeals to me!

And the company recycles, and uses recyclable stuff. And they totally did not laugh at me when I brought up other ideas for recycling!

Well, anyway. I was thinking this week. On paper, I am a part-timer at the day job. But at 7½ hours a day, for all intents and purposes, it's full time. Trouble is, I've been in the mind set of "part-time day job" and wondering why all my projects aren't getting done in the evening!

Somebody tell me to "relax" already! laughs.

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