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sun 10 may 2009

Happy Mothers Day!
To celebrate mothers of all species, please Go Vegan!

I ran into another person who didn't get the connection... In order for cows (or goats in this case) to make milk, they must have a baby. Just like humans, cows and goats don't just spontaneously make milk. They must be pregnant and have a child. That is what milk is for... it's baby food.

Animal milks are so ingrained in our civilization, that we have forgotten this process and no longer associate it with the human process: sex leads to pregnancy leads to baby leads to milk for the baby.

of course, for the cows and goats it's more like rape leads to pregnancy leads to baby leads to murdering baby and a machine attached to breasts leads to mastitis and calcium deficiency and ketosis and the same thing next year and the next and maybe the next and then murder.

Seriously, people: Go Vegan.

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