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Yay Worms
mon 21 sept 2009

oh, the weekend was too short, but I did get some chores done on sunday. Including setting some worms free. Our Wiggle Room had gotten pretty full, so I took it outside and dumped out the dirt (and probably a few hundred worms)...

I had to look to see when we got our worm box, it was 2007. The worm's first year was a little bit iffy. We had to deal with a fruit fly problem. And at some point we had more food than we had worms, and I had to quit feeding them for a couple months.

But since then the worms have been doing a brilliant job.

They get all of our organic kitchen waste. It makes me so happy that we are not filling up the landfills with stuff that can be used. Not only do we have less trash going into the bin, it doesn't have to be taken out as often, since there's nothing stinky in our trash!

Our current system... any food scraps get thrown into a bowl and a plastic bag in the back of the fridge. I take that junk out pretty much whenever I feel like it... maybe every two or three weeks or so. I pull the worm box out, dig a hole on our current food side, dump in our scraps then cover it back up with dirt.

I usually have to add some extra bedding as well... The guinea pigs get shredded newspaper for their bedding, and when I clean out their home, the used shreds go to the worms next. Hows that for recycling? :)

I always put the food on the same side, and I let the other side get turned into dirt. Supposedly the worms slowly migrate away from the dirt and towards the food... But always there are worms living in the dirt side.

When the box gets too full -- it takes a few months for this to happen -- I dump the dirt side. And then I switch sides to dump the food into, so the old food side can turn into dirt.

It's really so cool. :) I wish everyone had a worm box. They are easy to take care of, fun to talk about, plus all that perfect dirt the worms make.

If you're interested...

  Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof the worm bible. :)

  Check out the Extension Office at your local university. We got a class, a set up worm bin and our worms for just 25$...

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