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Week 1
sat 7 feb 2009

Well my Blog Posting Month has gotten off to a shaky start. I was not prepared for February, and didn't really have a plan for topics to write about. And then I had a non-entry... Technically I did put down a post on Wednesday, but I see now, I could have done it better by doing a quick dredge through my photo directories and posting a random picture.

Oh well. It'll go better for the rest of the month!

I am so happy that it's finally the weekend. Can attempt to get caught up with some of my projects...

I had to buy stamps today, and I'm really excited about this new Oregon stamp. Nice artwork! (Artist is Gregory Manchess and the stamp was issued 14 Jan 2009.)

the new Oregon stamp

Of course, having to spend 50$ on stamps makes me pause. 42¢ for US letters, and 27¢ for US postcards... it's the International first class mail at 94¢ that really adds up.

My fascination with PostCrossing will probably not save the Postal Service tho: Mail days may need to be cut.

It was a slow week for my PostCrossing... I didn't get any postcards (update! Two arrived this afternoon!), and only two of mine were registered. Which is actually a good thing, since this week was so annoying. And I only had the two stamps left anyway.

And I need to get back to the evil crochet. I haven't worked on it since I discovered the directions weren't really working out for me (Thursday blog entry). I think I've decided to add a few rows to make it a square and to hell with the stupid directions. It's just a dish cloth, after all.

I can't wait to start screwing up my crocheted scarfs and hats! :P

My daily photographing has been on the lame side. This is because I only remember to get my camera out at the very end of the day! And then "what shall I take a picture of today?" Mostly: Guinea Pigs. Too bad they are completely non-photogenic when I have to use the flash!

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