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copic homework
wed 15 july 2009

My day job: I work at the North America distributer for Copic markers. Copics are artist grade markers which can be refilled (ie, they are not disposable). We have 344 colours, four different styles of markers and we sell other odds-and-ends like paper, sketchbooks and pens.

We have these blank Hand Color Charts free to download, which you are supposed to print up on the paper you usually draw on and fill in yourself, as you buy markers. But we also sell Hand Color Charts that have already been filled out, to stores who want to display true colours but don't want to take the time to fill out the chart themselves.

So, that was my homework. I got to bring home every single Sketch Marker! And the time I spent filling out the charts would be paid in markers!

Oh Sweet Joy

Well. It was sweet joy thinking about it. Actually doing it: eh. It started out okay. It was fairly tedious, and required pretty high focus. But the first five were okay.

stuffies and pillows looking at colour charts

colourful homework!

The next set, I tried doing 11 at a time. I screwed up a chart by putting a darker colour in the wrong space. Ack, but it was okay because I just started. Continue working. For hours. and hours

Then I screwed up another one... I was about 2/3 through that one and Oh Sweet Frustration! I considered tearing up that stupid, stupid colour chart into little itty bitty bits and stomping on the bits and screaming.

So. Doing Hand Color Charts. Not so much fun.

I got 14 good ones and now Marianne wants her markers back. So I took her markers back, and I got paid today and this makes me so happy I can forget all about the stomping and screaming!

All 24 of our glitter pens and 3 wide markers.

sighs of happy.

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