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sat 28 nov 2009

Almost the end of the month! And I've been working on some stuff -- and thinking about some other stuff -- today, so I figured I'd go ahead and type about it.

But first, for those of you who cannot live without some weekly Boo...

Boo with the DVD stacks

  Blog! Oh yeah, blogging every day has gone exceptionally well this month. There are still days when I can't figure out what to say, of course... but I think I'm starting to deal with those better.

  Crochet! I am working on my last xmas scarf, and I'm about ½ done! I think I'll be mostly done with it next weekend, and plenty of time to really jazz it up. Yay!

  Postcards! *sighs* I have decided to put the PostCrossing on hold for a while. I still have a huge stack of addressed postcards that I've not touched, and I haven't even started on my november postcard for my monthly exchange. It's just not as fun anymore now that the scanner is dead in the water (or alive, just completely unaccessable) and the printer is a pain to run (through my other computer).

  Computers! ah the computers. Those evil devices that are annoying me today! :) SO's computer is running well, there's just some tweaking that I need to get to. Today I am working on the Sheep. I finally got through moving all my old files and did a quick virus check this morning. And then I started a back-up.

I am not too proud to admit: I have never ever done a real backup in my life. I have copies of some of my files, but this has never been an organized scheme at all. But with the new computer, I thought I would be a good and responsible computer user and do real backups.

I figured a few hours, maybe 15 or so disks and the pain of being responsible would be over.

Yeah, right.

I'm at 4.5hours, disk #30... and the progress bar is just a bit past the half way point. *Annoyance reigns supreme*

Do normal people EVER put up with this kind of crap?? Well, I have definitely learned my lesson. If I backup SO's computer it will be on a separate hard drive, and I will only backup the files under his username.

  Art Projects in General I guess I abandoned the NaNoJouMo It was fun, I'm just doing too much this month. In the meantime: a couple of other projects have popped into my head! Have to see how december goes. :)

  Reading?? Yep, books and mags. I think I'm finally getting bored with the Uglies series... it's Young Adult, and a fine adventure story. Just on the look out for something new, now!

And, I've finally organized my NaBloPoMo Prize!!! :) You can read about my prize donation here.

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