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Making Vegan Lunch
mon 9 feb 2009

my vegan lunch

Yep, that's the food I put together to eat tomorrow at lunch.

The sandwich is my homemade bread (that I make every weekend in the bread machine) and it's got homemade black olive hummus on it. Yum. I am usually pretty lazy about sandwich fixin's and I mostly eat peanut butter sandwiches... I don't really like peanut butter anymore, but making anything else is so tedious!

But last week I got sick enough of peanut butter that I whipped up my hummus. I just dump a can of olives and a can of chick peas into the blender and add some of the olive juice and some lemon juice.

Also, there's a ziplock of corn chips, and some walnuts. And over the weekend I made some cookie bars! I love cookie bars, but then, again, I hate working in the kitchen so they don't get made as often as I want to eat them! ha.

The Clif Bar is the chocolate mint flavor, my current favorite.

All that goes into my green lunch bag-thing. I've got an emergeny coke in there as well, in case I need a caffeine boost during work. And there's water in the purple bottle. I joke that I put vodka in it instead, since I carry it around all the time. ;)

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