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Grocery Run
tues 3 nov 2009

Hit the grocery after SO picked me up at the day job. So, what exactly does a vegan get at the grocery? Well, this was not a typical run for me, since I just needed a few odds and ends. And yet I still spent over 100$, sheesh!

The thing I went for was coke. Not exactly "vegan", the company has done many crimes against humanity and ecosystems. But I'm an addict. ;) Everyone has their vices, you know, even vegans.

I also needed some fruit for Boo. mmm, tangerines! I hope she'll share with me!

For the lunches I bring to eat at the day job, I got corn chips, and Boca burgers. They were out of walnuts darn it. And an extra box of Clif bars, on sale for 1$ each!

For dinners at home we got pasta, rice, frozen peas, tater tots (yay tater tots), Morning Star Vege Crumbles, celery. And ramen -- which is totally not healthy and full of MSG which I am sensitive to, and yet... I'm an addict, okay? -- Top Ramen, Oriental flavor is vegan.

Some organic ketchup, which I eat on pretty much everything because I'm crazy. Newman's Balsamic Vinaigrette salad dressing. Not that I eat salad, but we use it like ketchup sometimes. Some VegeBase bouillon.

Soymilk, Vegetable Juice, and some Herbal Tea.

Peach tea is my newest thing. I've never cared about herbal tea before, because if it doesn't have caffeine in it, why bother? heh. But I discovered that if I don't drink caffeine in the evenings, then I can actually get to sleep at night! Wow, huh. And it turns out that sleep is more important to me than being chemically happy. So, here I am with the herbal tea, now. I got some pomegranate tea this time too.

That's it, I think. You might notice a lack of actual vegetables and fruits. Yeah. I keep telling myself I should eat more whole foods and less processed crap. Winter is actually a good time to remember this because I love soup!

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