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Mid-Month Project Update
sat 14 nov 2009

National Blog Posting Month

I think the "uh oh, I have too many projects" is still in full force...

  Blog! Yep, getting done daily. Yay me. I do need to get organized with the prizes I'm donating to NaBlo. If I'm still donating them. But check out the list so far... 2009 Prizes!

  Crochet! Problems here. I'm not spending enough time crocheting. And the store is no longer selling the stupid Eco yarn I was using. Arg!

  Postcards! My pile of postcards remains untouched. I'm kind of keeping up with PostCrossing... but only because my account there has been extraordinarily quite. And still no ideas for my november postcard exchange.

  Computers! I meant to do some work on SO's computer this weekend... Haven't touched it yet either. *sighs*

  Art Projects in General I actually have done a couple pages of poetry type thingees in my paper journal, using the NaNoJouMo prompts. And then I skipped a day... and now I've skipped about three days. I am going to try to get back to it tho!

  Reading?? I've been reading in my insomniac moments... but I think my interest in the story has rather extended my insomniac moments. heh.

  And yeah, an "And"! I'm taking an online class that I'm totally ignoring! I've just been hitting the save button... hoping I'll get through the lessons uh, some time next year maybe!

It does kind of feel like I've been letting things slide. eh, that's okay.

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