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sun 5 apr 2009

Had a bunch of postcards for PostCrossing to get out the door this weekend... and had to order more stamps too. I love me some postcards, but those 94¢ international stamps sure add up quickly! ha!

This is my current favorite postcard that I send out to people...

vegan squirrel

... but I've been sending out a lot of photos of flowers lately. I'm eager for some more spring, I suppose.

As I said the other day, I've hit 60 postcards sent, and now I'm up to 62. That's a lot of postcards, and to tell the truth I'm starting to get bored with my current stash.

I've got a decent collection of stock art (bought and paid for), and I will occasionally make a new postcard from that. But I'd much rather make postcards out of my own photographs.

Yesterday, when I was running hither and yon about town, I did carry my camera around with me. But I was too distracted by my stupid errands to actually look around for photo opportunities!

I see stuff to take a picture of, when I Don't have my camera!

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