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sun 29 nov 2009

I can't figure out what to type about today, so I was forced to go through my photos.

Here is Happy the elephant posing with my Sketch Copic markers.

Happy with markers

These are all of my Sketch markers: 39 total. I've also got a couple of original Copic markers (square body) and some Wides.

There are currently 334 colours of Sketch markers (and refill inks) so I've got a ways to go! laughs.

The ones on the right side, the three oranges and three pale blue-greens, are my newest purchase.

I occasionally use my markers in my paper journal. But the paper journal has not gotten much attention in the past few months. After the december holidays, I'm hoping to get more focused on my journal and art in general.

Drawing and Photography and some semblance of fun.


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