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thurs 21 may 2009

Okay. So yesterday my coworkers and I went up to the city and got Copic Certified! The company we work for is the North America distributer for Copic markers. The markers we sell are artist grade and are not meant to be thrown away, ever: when your marker runs out of ink, you just refill it, and if your nibs ever get trashed you can replace them too.

So, yay Copics...

copic notes

(Darn it, I wish I took more photos... but I was so involved in my art class, I just forgot even tho the camera was sitting right next to me!)

This is a photo of my papers and notes at the first break at my Copic Certification yesterday. The teacher (also my coworker) brought some of the stamps she designs, and that's what's on the top couple sheets.

By the end of the day, most of my papers looked more like the page with the green arc... filled up with scribbles and notes and attempts at blending colours and air brushing blasts!

(I will lay out my junk and take pictures over the weekend to show you!)

At the top right of the photo are the demo markers... a case of 36 and I honestly wanted more to play with!! (we currently have 322 colours, coming out with more this summer.) Under my cup of coffee and water glass is the little pouch of the freebies I got from the class!!!

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