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sun 11 Jan 2009

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Another one of my goals for the year is to reconnect with my vegan-ness. I've been vegan for almost 5.5 years, and it's not that I'm in a rut -- well, maybe a little bit of a rut, but I'm just not all that adventurous when it comes to food!

I guess I just want to ... re-examine my options and thoughts. Or something.

Carol Adams

To that (approximate) end, I've started going through Carol Adams little book Meditations on the Inner Art of Vegetarianism. I'm ambivalent about it tho...

I've read the companion book, The Inner Art of Vegetarianism. It's one of those books where I loved the Idea, but the actual writing just did not resonate with me. Adams wants to incorporate "breath awareness, meditation, yoga, journaling, and dreamwork" with "vegetarianism" as a spiritual practice.

Of course, she means veganism. And that is just a minor pet peeve of mine!

The rest of it, except maybe the yoga, sounds fantastic to me. But her book just didn't inspire me. And I've read it several times, each time thinking "well, maybe I just wasn't ready to read it the first time," and each time being as disappointed as the last time I read it!

And, similarly, after 11 days of daily meditations, I am still not terribly interested in what she has to say.


I would design my own vegan meditation book, if I weren't so lazy. I'd call it, Think Vegan, 365 or something like that! And it wouldn't have yoga, but it would have art. Like doodles of animals and stuff.

And it would definitely have the journaling stuff. And little reminders to breathe and meditate and go out and hug a tree and walk barefoot in the grass.

A interesting snippet from today's meditation...

We may be firmly settled into a spiritual practice and yet resisting some aspects of change... Our spiritual path may be to enliven a veganism that we now take for granted. It may be to articulate connections we enact. Our spiritual path requires our attention.
Carol J. Adams

(and yes I changed her "vegetarianism" into "veganism" in the quote above. "Vegetarianism" is such a long, obnoxious word anyway! Plus, it's not what I do! I am Vegan!)

"articulate connections we enact"... Maybe that's what I want to focus on for the year. Maybe I don't talk about my vegan ways to others enough? I buy vegetables and random vegan things automatically, and I don't comment on the fact.


Am I Ready For This?
sun 1 Feb 2009

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National Blog Posting Month, Feb 2009

oof, what a week! The day job this week was from Tuesday to Saturday. Which made last weekend nice and long, but this weekend is uncomfortably short. bah.

I did have a great Saturday afternoon, getting random things done. But now it's suddenly February, and I have to get to typing here every day for NaBloPoMo.

And, yeah, I might be freaking out a little. Mostly because I didn't even finish the projects I had planned for January, and now I'm adding extra projects for February! Ack!

Well. Today's photo is hot bread!

bread right out of the machine

I make vegan bread in the bread machine every weekend.

Making Vegan Lunch
mon 9 feb 2009

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my vegan lunch

Yep, that's the food I put together to eat tomorrow at lunch.

The sandwich is my homemade bread (that I make every weekend in the bread machine) and it's got homemade black olive hummus on it. Yum. I am usually pretty lazy about sandwich fixin's and I mostly eat peanut butter sandwiches... I don't really like peanut butter anymore, but making anything else is so tedious!

But last week I got sick enough of peanut butter that I whipped up my hummus. I just dump a can of olives and a can of chick peas into the blender and add some of the olive juice and some lemon juice.

Also, there's a ziplock of corn chips, and some walnuts. And over the weekend I made some cookie bars! I love cookie bars, but then, again, I hate working in the kitchen so they don't get made as often as I want to eat them! ha.

The Clif Bar is the chocolate mint flavor, my current favorite.

All that goes into my green lunch bag-thing. I've got an emergeny coke in there as well, in case I need a caffeine boost during work. And there's water in the purple bottle. I joke that I put vodka in it instead, since I carry it around all the time. ;)

mmm, cookie bars
mon 16 feb 2009

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vegan cookie bars, yum

Baking is very tedious, but I need to add some extra calories to my lunch. These chocolate chip cookie bars are vegan, of course.

I prefer recipes that are excessively simple, if it gets more complicated than "stir" I won't do it!

I also like recipes that don't call for butter. Vegan butter tastes fine and everything, it's just annoying to buy all the time. Also, it's made out of palm oil, and they are tearing out the rain forests to plant palm tree plantations. Palm tree plantations suck! Where are the orangutans and everybody supposed to live??!


Vegan Cookie Bar Recipe

1 3/4 cups flour
3/4 cups sugar
1/4 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 heaping tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
1/2 heaping cup chocolate chips

stir. press into 8x8inch pan.
bake at 350° for 28 mins.

Yarn Ethics
sun 22 mar 2009

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As a newbie crocheter, I have been a little bit clueless about the string I pick out to use for my projects.

As a vegan, I do not use animal fibers... no wools from sheeps or alpacas or llamas or bunnies or whoever.

And as an environmentalist, I know that 25% of pesticides are sprayed on cotton fields. I also know that "acrylic" yarn is plastic, and plastic is evil.

My first few yarn purchases have included the pesticide cotton and a roll of acrylic. But I'm learning! And as I go exploring, I will discover more string that will satisfy my ethical cravings.

The place where I get my groceries, sells an Eco-Cotton blend. But only in two colours that I really like. It's pre-consumer recycling, which is not as good as post-consumer. And also, the "blend" part is evil acrylic. (Which also means I won't be able to give the worms my string scraps. I don't want to poison my wonderful worms with plastic!)

But online I have happened across organic cotton yarns and bamboo/cotton blends and cotton yarns that have been coloured naturally. Yep, even some Hemp Yarn! ;)

So, now I know a little bit more of what I'm looking for, when I visit the local yarn sections. This is good.

Anyway. The thing that got me thinking about all this was an item in one of the yarn newsletters that I've recently subscribed to. It included "4 free dog sweater patterns", which I thought was brilliant.

I downloaded the two crochet patterns that I was interested in. And then I looked at the yarn that they recommend for the projects.

a wool blend.

Wool? Are you kidding me? It's okay to cloth your tiny, freezing dog with the "fur" of an animal who has been tortured and murdered?

*shakes head* nope. Ban the wool, people! Go Vegan!

sun 10 may 2009

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Happy Mothers Day!
To celebrate mothers of all species, please Go Vegan!

I ran into another person who didn't get the connection... In order for cows (or goats in this case) to make milk, they must have a baby. Just like humans, cows and goats don't just spontaneously make milk. They must be pregnant and have a child. That is what milk is for... it's baby food.

Animal milks are so ingrained in our civilization, that we have forgotten this process and no longer associate it with the human process: sex leads to pregnancy leads to baby leads to milk for the baby.

of course, for the cows and goats it's more like rape leads to pregnancy leads to baby leads to murdering baby and a machine attached to breasts leads to mastitis and calcium deficiency and ketosis and the same thing next year and the next and maybe the next and then murder.

Seriously, people: Go Vegan.

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Vegan Language
sun 26 july 2009

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The book I'm reading and almost done with is, Speciesism by Joan Dunayer. It is excellent and I really like how Dunayer totally picks apart at the language used by other animal rights authors. Specifically, Gary Francione and Steven Wise, whose books I've read and thought I mostly agreed with!

And evidently I need to read Dunayer's other book, Animal Equality: Language and Liberation since being correct (and vegan) with language interests me!

Anyway. You may have noticed the other day that I typed "deers". This usage comes directly from my reading of Speciesism...

To remind readers that any group of nonhumans consists of multiple individuals, I often use uncommon (but accepted) plural forms that end in s: fishes rather than fish, squids rather than squid, minks rather than mink. As noted in The Merriam-Webster Concise Handbook for Writers, hunters, fishers, and trappers generally refer to their victims with plurals identical to singluar forms: two "quail," three "trout," four "beaver." Such usage blurs the victims together, de-emphasizing their individual sufferings and deaths.


wed 2 sept 2009

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I had bought some stuff from Vegan Essentials that arrived yesterday. It was a bunch of lotion and girly stuff... but I don't buy that kind of stuff very often -- it was a year and a half ago that I bought my last bottle of moisturizer -- so I gave myself permission to be happy with my silly girly stuff.

Even tho the androgynous side of me had to cringe a bit. :)

I got some lavender lotion (my standard scent) and some almond lotion (something new and different). A random bottle of shampoo, I just couldn't decide which to get, so it's Asian pear/red tea. And I got apricot scrub, which was just heavenly. I can't wait to treat myself to a full body scrub down. Maybe this weekend.

I also got two notebooks, the paper is made out of sugar cane. I was delighted to see paper at my vegan store, and I was intrigued about the sugar cane.

I haven't tried them out yet. The paper is on the thin side tho, plus it's lined. and I was a bit disappointed about that. But the little notebook is so little it's cute and it makes me smile. So I'll probably use it eventually. For something.

Grocery Run
tues 3 nov 2009

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Hit the grocery after SO picked me up at the day job. So, what exactly does a vegan get at the grocery? Well, this was not a typical run for me, since I just needed a few odds and ends. And yet I still spent over 100$, sheesh!

The thing I went for was coke. Not exactly "vegan", the company has done many crimes against humanity and ecosystems. But I'm an addict. ;) Everyone has their vices, you know, even vegans.

I also needed some fruit for Boo. mmm, tangerines! I hope she'll share with me!

For the lunches I bring to eat at the day job, I got corn chips, and Boca burgers. They were out of walnuts darn it. And an extra box of Clif bars, on sale for 1$ each!

For dinners at home we got pasta, rice, frozen peas, tater tots (yay tater tots), Morning Star Vege Crumbles, celery. And ramen -- which is totally not healthy and full of MSG which I am sensitive to, and yet... I'm an addict, okay? -- Top Ramen, Oriental flavor is vegan.

Some organic ketchup, which I eat on pretty much everything because I'm crazy. Newman's Balsamic Vinaigrette salad dressing. Not that I eat salad, but we use it like ketchup sometimes. Some VegeBase bouillon.

Soymilk, Vegetable Juice, and some Herbal Tea.

Peach tea is my newest thing. I've never cared about herbal tea before, because if it doesn't have caffeine in it, why bother? heh. But I discovered that if I don't drink caffeine in the evenings, then I can actually get to sleep at night! Wow, huh. And it turns out that sleep is more important to me than being chemically happy. So, here I am with the herbal tea, now. I got some pomegranate tea this time too.

That's it, I think. You might notice a lack of actual vegetables and fruits. Yeah. I keep telling myself I should eat more whole foods and less processed crap. Winter is actually a good time to remember this because I love soup!

Vegan Things
sat 7 nov 2009

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November 1 was World Vegan Day, which makes november World Vegan Month.

The word "vegan" was invented by Donald Watson... Here's the original newsletter: Vegan News No. 1 published in Nov 1944, thusly this is the 65th anniversary of the word "vegan".

Yay Vegan!

Random Vegan Links:

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