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mon 6 apr 2009

Walking home in the sunshine today... a bit too much sunshine for my taste. It got up to 70°F (21°C) and I am dreading the summer already!

And I also wondered, since I am walking south in the afternoons, if I will get a tan only on my right side. haha, that would be funny.

Significant Other was saying the other day that Clif bars are the perfect food. You don't have to cook them or prepare them in any way. You just rip open the packaging and you've got most of a meal. Plus they're vegan.

My new favorite "food" is vegetable juice. I don't get V8, I just get the store brand in a plastic jug. And it says "vegan" right there on the front of the label!

I love it when my foods say vegan. I always check the ingredients. The one you have to watch out for is "natural flavoring" because that can be just about anything. "Artificial" flavors are okay, because they are always made in a lab... vegan, just not necessarily healthy.

Just a bit of vegan trivia for you! :)

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