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tues 24 feb 2009

Well, I feel a bit better, but I haven't recovered my desire to do anything yet. ha. I'll probably head back to work tomorrow, at least I can make some money instead of lying around here doing nothing!

I got a postcard today from Finland, and the stamp had Braille on it! And I could actually read the Braille. "#1 LK KL" It's the stamp denomination, tho I don't know exactly what LK or KL mean.

Anyway. I was amused. It's been ages since I've looked at anything Braille, but a few years ago when I was making signs it was my job to proof-read the text and the Braille. Mostly room numbers and "Restroom", but I know all the letters and many of the code thingees.

It's fun learning random things like Braille. But sad knowing that since I'm not looking at it every day, I'm probably losing it.

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