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sun 5 july 2009

Okay. I admit it. I love fireworks.


It's a guilty pleasure, tho. Fireworks and the celebrations surrounding them are not animal friendly -- terrifying to most of the non-human people, not to mention the animals you are eating -- and, of course, not earth friendly either.

On the other hand, US independance day (yesterday) is one of the few major holidays that isn't quasi-religious. And people don't even blink when you ask for a soy dog to go with your corn on the cob.

Ooooo Greeeeen

So anyway. I love fireworks.

My supervisor at the day job loaned me her tripod, and it was absolutely brilliant! I set it up, punched in my camera settings and pointed it in the right direction.

When the fireworks started I just clicked the button a few times. I barely even looked at the camera. So I was still able to enjoy the fireworks. And I got a bunch of kind of decent photos!

Yay. It was fun.

Oooo, aaaaah

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