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swine flu + cats
mon 16 nov 2009

The first week of the month, S, the supervisor at the day job, was out sick with Swine Flu. And now her cats have caught it! So far, I think four of her cats have it... a high fever and sneezing and so stuffed up they have to breath through their mouth. poor babies.

Apparently there's been only one documented case of a cat getting Swine Flu... and I suppose S's cats are cases two, three, four, etc.

We're not sure how many cats S takes care of... ;) she's never given a straight answer and says some 'belong' to her roommate MIL. We are still pretty sure that S is a cat lady, even if we can't get exact numbers! laughs.

Anyway, the one documented cat with Swine Flu didn't die, so I guess most everyone is probably going to be okay.

*Sending healing thoughts to all H1N1 victims*

Please go vegan! Swine flu would not have happened in a vegan world, you know. Go Vegan to save the world from Swine/Turkey/Ferret/Human/Feline flu!!

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