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mon 2 feb 2009

I managed to hurt something in my hip this afternoon on my walk home from work. I was just walking along, a bit past the half-way point of my one mile walk, and boom suddenly there was major pain in walking.

I never actually stopped walking, but for about five or six strides I didn't think I was going to make it home. Then I realized I could take shorter strides and the pain was more tolerable.

I think I messed up a tendon. I can still stand, it's just moving my leg that is a problem. I got home and whined about it to my Significant Other, but it was a couple hours before I really got to freaking out about it...

Sure, I can get around fine right now, but what if it stiffens up over night? I can drive to work, but what if starts hurting to stand. If I can't stand, I won't be able to work. What if it takes a while to heal? What if it never heals? What if I have to have surgery in order to reattach something? I don't even have health insurance!! I'm probably going to die!

laughs! Well, I'm pretty sure some hip tendon thing isn't going to make me die. But I do like to worry about these things!

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