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On the Computer Called Sheep
sun 11 oct 2009

Yay, my first post from Sheep.

I've been working long and hard on Sheep today. First thing in the morning, I got the dial-up working, then the home network. Started installing programs and copying files over...

I've got all of the important stuff installed, updated, registered, and the user settings adjusted. I guess it's not too painful... it's just terribly time consuming. It's taken all day to get maybe 25% of my programs installed, and I haven't even touched any hardware yet!

And I'm adjusting to a new operating system. Vista...

  Annoyance: Every time I do something I have to click through a window that says it needs my permission to do the thing. *rolls eyes*

  Amusement: The "Switch between windows" button that brings up all the floating window layers. *smiles, shakes head* Yes, it's kind of cool, but how redundant do we need to be?

  Annoyance: The translucent window borders. What a ridiculous waste of programing and CPU / RAM resources!

  Amusement: Inkball. Oh, jeez. Silly game. Addictive qualities. Me, waiting for downloads. Yep, this game falls under "evil incarnate"

But yeah. So far so good. And I'm glad for it.

But also: no artwork this weekend. *sighs*

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