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sat 28 feb 2009

I spent this morning searching online for directions for making an interesting but easy scarf... but not too easy! ha.

The scarf in my book was a bit too boring: a square of single crochet stitches, a square of double crochet stitches, repeat until your scarf is long enough. Easy but not very interesting.

And the scarves in my scarf book are a little too complicated. Very interesting, but the directions are way too long!

Thus the search. I found a good one and printed up the directions.

But then I started crocheting something else I had thought up.

Eh. I guess it'll be like my reading, I can't die until I've read all my books... and I can't die until I've finished all my crochet projects.

Ah, the end of Feb, and the end of my daily blogging project. I'm glad I can live up to these little challenges I set for myself. :) I believe that creativity breeds more creativity...

In other words, by taking the time (taking, forcefully or violently if need be!) to do something creative, the muse will pop up in other areas of your life to enrich you and by extension the world. It's like magic dust bunnies, pretty soon they're everywhere.

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