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mon 27 july 2009

Too hot to type that's for sure! ha.

Current outside temperature: 101°F / 38°C
Current inside temperature: 90°F / 32°C

The guinea pigs are downstairs in their crummy little "summer home". (uh, which is actually the biggest guinea pig house you can buy.) It's almost 10 degrees cooler there, so they might survive.

Trouble is, the house never cooled down last night (and prob won't cool down tonight, even more), and we've still got at least two more days of 100°+.


The quote from todays A.W.A.D caught my attention for some reason...

An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth. -Bonnie Friedman, author (b. 1958)

Sometimes on a sunday afternoon, I experience an "unhurried sense of time". Maybe I got all my stuff done, or maybe I'm just satisfied with what I did do. Usually, I sit down to watch some tv. And if I'm restless, I will make cookie bars during the commercials.

I've not made cookie bars in an age, tho. It always feels like I have so much to do. All my projects, you know.

I should give myself a break!

But I'm not going to turn on the oven until it cools down.

like september or so!

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