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sun 22 nov 2009

That was quite possibly the laziest long weekend ever!

There was so much I meant to do! I even had a list.

Yeah, I ignored my list! I drank too much and I just played on the Internet (and crocheted a little).

Yeah, I did have fun! But it's sunday evening and now I feel guilty.


And in my laziness, I didn't even get the mail for the last few days... There was a PostCrossing postcard in the box, of course. And now I am missing my scanner.

I usually scan in the postcards I got during the week on sunday afternoon. But since SO's old computer died, the scanner has become useless. It's Win98 only, plus it's a USB connection. a very bad combination, in my opinion.

So, I guess when I get a new printer, it'll have to have a scanner on it as well.


Also in the mail were a couple of magazines. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to talk about the mags I get...

  The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction I so enjoy this mag, filled with short stories, and I've been getting it for Many years. As I mentioned before, I'm getting the digital version now (due to a lack of space in the tiny townhouse!).

  Smithsonian This magazine has been gifted to me, several times over. I'm not so sure about the history articles, but I love the articles about art and animals!

  Wired um, Wired? Yep, I suddenly started getting this for free. After reading for almost a year, I'm hooked! The articles are almost random tho the theme is supposedly "technology". Yep, random fascinates me. :)

  Earth First! Journal My one environmental mag. I read it to get the truth. And also to remind me that I could be doing more!

  The Artist's Magazine which I mentioned the other day. My monthly dose of ART. Mostly the paintings make me happy, I don't care so much about the "how to" articles, since they are all quite beyond me, tho I like to pretend otherwise. :)

  The Iowan A good portion of my extended family lives in Iowa, and this was a gift subscription.

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