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thurs 9 july 2009

Let me tell you about my inboxes... aka disaster areas.

Last month, I ran across a website and decided to sign up for some freebies... Shop 4 Freebies... They just happened to have a Kiss My Face sample on the day that I visited.

I needed a separate email account, because I knew I was going to get some spam if I kept doing freebies. So I spent a couple weeks cleaning out my Hotmail account. I had mostly abandoned that one, tho I was getting some good newsletters there. I had about 100 emails to go through.

But that got done, and now there are just a light handful in the inbox. Yay.

Now. My real email. The kind that ends with That is the most serious problem. 200 emails in my inbox, 50 of which are unread.

Not to mention the horrifying spam... Today I got 72 emails, only 9 of which were legit. I don't even know why I have to deal with that crap... my free email accounts do perfect spam filtering, I see none of it. But the email that I actually pay for I have to look at dozens and dozens of spams every day?! (well. Granted my hotmail account gets about 3 spams a week, whereas my static8 account gets over 500 spams a week! laughs!)

Okay, anyway. Back to the 200 problem. I've not cleared out my email since january, and that's what happens, I guess.

So, I am going to make it my goal to get that all cleared out this month. I will read and delete the stuff I don't need to keep. I will hit the reply button a few times. And I will move the keepers into their assigned folders.

  Current Email Total: 168

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