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sat 5 sept 2009

Yay, saturday. And Super Yay, long weekend. :)

This morning I worked on my file system for my website. It was looking rather pathetic. And I'm happy now that it's all fixed up. I've added a 2009 tag, finally. go and check it out.

I sent the two  Snuggles I made (1st Snug, monster Snug) to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. They arrived on Friday and there's a baby goat who needs a blanket. :)

The last weekend of August, I was inspired by the blankets my friend made: cat approved blue blanket. So I started a new  Snuggle blanket, that had a white border. But I ran out of white string... so I decided to do some xmas present dish cloths instead:

Crochet Away

And, oh my gosh. I am so glad I write down my obsessive numbers. My first dish cloths took over three hours to make. Then it was 2.5 hours. Then it was 1h40mins. And my first one this time around (orange in photo) was 1h 30m... my second one (yellow and lime) was 1h 15m.


Wow. I am so happy with myself. :) I can almost whip up a little dish cloth in one sitting.

And, speaking of... I have been able to crochet for more than ½hour at a time, and my wrists and hands have been okay. I've been making sure I'm not leaning against anything... sometimes when I leaned against my bean bag, I think it was cutting off my circulation, or messing with the nerves going down my arm. And I think that having my entire arm free has made all the difference. My fingers still get stiff while I'm working, but next day pain is below my threshold.

So... Next: xmas Scarves!

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