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Week 1
fri 9 Jan 2009

Yeah, the first working week of the year is done. thank goodness. How are the resolutions going??

Mine are going great. Except for the fact that I can't fit everything I want into the day. The day job is just part time, but it still manages to take up most of the day. humph.

Plus, I guess I have to re-build my muscles, after two weeks of mostly laziness. So my legs are sore, and I feel a bit run down.

I haven't been updating the blog, but I have been practicing my crochet. Also gotten a few drawings done. It's going well, in other words. :)

And my postcrossing has been going Great! Getting bumped up to 6 postcards "traveling" has helped, but I had two lost postcards expire recently as well.

So, my postcard project is enjoying a revitalization. I've designed two new postcards this week! And I seriously need to get out there and take more photos, so I can make even more postcards! :)

The next level, to increase the traveling postcards to 7, occurs after I've sent (and had the receiver register) 40 postcards. And I'm already at 29!

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