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mon 2 nov 2009

I used to have an "about" button. I removed it in a fit of something-or-other. Since I've got a few extra readers here all of a sudden, thought maybe I'd introduce myself again.

Hello! I'm rift. I'm fem, mid-30s, Pacific Northwest. Live with my Significant Other (SO) and a guinea pig (Boo). I'm vegan and I LOVE being vegan!!!

I've got some hobbies, probably too many but I enjoy them all.

I read... science fiction, animal fiction, nonfiction about creativity, journal-keeping, science, environmentalism and animal rights.

I keep a paper journal... I've got dozens of notebooks and I used to write daily. This year, it's a bit more random, but it's still terribly important to me.

And from my first post, you know about my other hobbies: I've discovered a love of photography! I make and exchange postcards, on PostCrossing and in a monthly trade I'm part of. I've been crocheting for almost a year now. And the Occasional art... I can draw. I don't usually.

I enjoy computers and the Internet as well. I've been blogging for over ten years. I got my first domain in 2000 and now I've got three or four. I've also got three or four computers, plus I maintain the SO's computer(s) as well. And I read ebooks on my Palm handheld.

oh, and I love my day job. I work in the shipping department at the North America distributer for Copic markers. Whee.

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