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not drawing
thurs 16 apr 2009

The reason I'm reading The War of Art, a book that annoys me, is that I would like to start drawing again and I thought the book would get me moving again. But now I've decided that I Hate drawing.

Yep. I hate drawing.

But I love to say, "I drew that!"

a love-hate thing. And I guess it's not so much that I hate drawing. It's more that I hate the moments before I'm actually drawing. When I'm trying to figure out what to draw.

Anyway. I think it was in March that I said I was going to do a drawing month. And I started out drawing every day. Then I missed a few days. Then I started colouring with my new markers. Then I ran out of clip art to colour. And so I quit.

And now I don't want to draw.

Except I do want to draw.

*rolls eyes*

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