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tues 10 nov 2009

Currently Reading

  Uglies by Scott Westerfeld the sci fi book I bought the other day

  A Trail Through Leaves still working on this nature journal book

Currently Listening To

  Talk Talk SO bought this for me the the other day. It's good, but slower than I remembered.

  Rhythm of the Pride Lands I Love the song "One by One"... I should just memorize all the (non-english) words, because I just kind of sing nonsense words to the tune! ha.

Current Computer Happiness
You know what... I just like the fact that I can have a picture on my desktop background again. And the fact that I can have more than one program working. Oh wonderful 6gigs of RAM.

Current Computer UnHappiness
SO's old computer (that he was using) just bit the dust yesterday morning. darn. (Which means the scanner is not usable anymore either. *grumble grumble* ) But it's given me the impetus to get his new computer more organized. Too bad I didn't grab files off the old computer before it died.

Current Postcard
Usually at the beginning of the month I have an idea of what I'm going to send out for my monthly postcard exchange. But nothing has been pinging me yet. Will I have to buy postcards again? bleh. Would much rather make my own! Think, brain! Think!

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