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thurs 16 july 2009

The other day at the day job one of my coworkers didn't know what Twitter was... I don't know, maybe she doesn't have a computer or something, laughs!

Anyway, I told her it was just micro-blogging, and someone else said they didn't understand the point of blogging: "They just complain about all the stuff they're not getting done, and they feel guilty because they didn't do this or that... Why don't they just get off the computer and go do their stuff?!"

I had to laugh! Because I'm constantly complaining here about the stuff I don't have time to do!

*shakes head with a smile*

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Okay. I could pledge to only type about the projects I'm working on or finished with. Trouble is, if I don't type about the projects I don't currently have time for, I might forget about them and never do them!

heh. Well. It's my Scanner personality... I get more ideas for projects than I have time for. And at least I don't feel "guilty" about not working on all my projects, because I am working on a ton of other projects!

But... I am now aware that there might be a problem: my blog might be boring when I type about the things I'm not doing!

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(and I've been playing with my spam settings all week, slowly getting tougher and tougher with the spam filters... today I only had 11 spams in my inbox and 116 in my spam box. I did have to pull two real emails out of my spam box tho, so I'll have to keep a close eye on that for a while. Which kind of defeats the purpose of having a spam filter when you have to check all the spam anyway, but whatever!)

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