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garden (in august)
fri 4 sept 2009

So. The story of the garden. The "weeds" may have taken over in August. I think I mentioned that I cleared out the weeds to find the strawberry plants. And then I had to clear out the weeds to find the cucumber plant. And then I may have kind of given up.

And then we got a notice...

sign of too many weeds

"This garden plot is posted for pending abatement action because it contains weeds or grass over 18 inches tall..." blah, blah, blah.

I'm not exactly sure what "abatement" is, but it sounded bad. So Significant Other and I spent the weekend clearing out the ... wildflowers.

It made me and the bees sad. But I planted some marigolds and lavender. We kept our sunflowers because they were so happy and I just couldn't bear to live without them.

But Then: three of our sunflower plants, the great big huge ones, were destroyed this week. By management, I suppose, since they were right next to the fence.

I was upset when SO told me... And I'm still terribly sad about the precious sunflowers. I was so fond of them. We still have the three shorter sunflowers. Plus the new flowers we planted.

I guess I'll live.

new flowers planted

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