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tues 3 feb 2009

So, apparently I'm not going to die from my pulled hip tendon. I got along just fine today at work, if a bit achey. I might drive to work for the rest of the week tho.

I guess I need to figure out a topic to type about today...

Oh, here's a funny story...

The groups over at NaBloPoMo are totally not active. Maybe a few posts in November, which is the official month, but nothing else. But I still like to join them, just to give people an idea of what I'm about.

I am a member at "vegan bloggers", "Arts & Crafts", "Creative Bloggers", and "Green Bloggers".

The other night, I noticed a group called "Blitzed Blogging"... Cause blogging is just funner when you're drunk.

I agreed about the funner part, and I had had a couple drinks by that time, tho the blogging was running dry. So, I decided to join.

Well. Evidently I was a little too "blitzed" to notice that I hit the wrong button or something. The next day, I realized I was Not a member, so I had to join "again".


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