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busy saturday
sat 4 apr 2009

Loads of errands today. I am a homebody and I hate errands. My only consolation was the fact that I got to wear my Peaceful Prairie sweater all over town. heh.

The one place that I actually wanted to go... to check out our new garden plot at the community garden. It's a bit over a mile away, but I had to drive because Significant Other is sporting crutches these days.

And unfortunately, he wasn't able to get out to the plot because it had rained and the ground was too soft for the crutches.

And unfortunately, I wasn't able to figure out which plot was ours. laughs. I had forgotten the map of where our plot is supposed to be and the actual plots aren't numbered or marked in any way. So I had to guess which way to point my camera. And I guessed wrong.

So, yeah. I'm not going to show the photo of our neighbor's garden plot. It was mostly just mulched down, a few "weeds" growing at the edges. Not very exciting, after all.

Seeing people out at their own plots, the dogs waiting for them at the sidelines, that was nice. I suppose I'll have to go out and buy some seeds or something soon...

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