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wed 15 apr 2009

oof. Tired today. Would like to take a nap right now. But first I gotta type!

Tax Day, huh? I've already got my state refund back, still waiting on the federal. Together, they'll pay for the new bike, which is nice. :)

I have not started a new crochet project, yet. I do have one picked out, but it looks complicated. So I decided to get some reading done this week.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I don't know why I keep this book around. It has incomprehensible war and sports references. And a belief in superstitious stuff, just annoys me, anymore. bah.

And a Charles De Lint book. I forget the title. Had heard so much good stuff about this author, I figured I'd read a free ebook. Unfortunately he writes fantasy, and I like science fiction. And I'm just not very interested.

So. Maybe I should just go back to the crochet!

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