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sat 11 apr 2009

I had to work this morning, blah for that.

But this afternoon, SO took me out to buy a bike!

It's olive green!

Yeah. okay. I paid way too much for a bike that happened to be green *snort*... but it also has fenders (no splashing from puddles!) and a place to put a front basket thingee. And about a million gears which I'll probably never use! And a free 100 mile tune-up!

Yeah. Okay. I still paid way too much for it! laugh.

I'll probably be pretty mad when it gets stolen.

oh well. I'll get pictures at some point. Right now it's sitting in the entry way of our apartment, taking up too much space.

But the whole point of the bike is so I can go out to our garden plot without too much trouble. It's a bit over a mile away, but in a different direction than the day job. The walking back and forth to work, plus standing on concrete all day annoys my feet sometimes, despite two layers of gel pads in my shoes and heavy socks.

Biking a few times a week should help!

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