Blogging the Infinite Static

Friday 27 Nov 2020... Show Off!

These two Northern Flickers were on the other side of the creek, so I wasn't really sure what was going on at the time. But they were talking to each other, and dancing around...

Two male Norther Flickers

Looking at the photos, I realized they were two males (they both have a red mustache, which females lack) ... They are showing off to each other! It's just practice, at this time of year. But..

May the fittest for survival, win! :)


Thurs 26 Nov 2020... Thanksgiving

Some happy Turkeys who didn't get murdered for a crappy holiday.

Wild Turkeys!


Wed 25 Nov 2020... Wednesday Rant

Sighs. The US added more than 1.2 million cases in the past week... 177,541 new cases on average every day, here in the US. and 1,646 people dying every day.

Oregon has been in freeze for a week now, but today we have over 500 people hospitalized for the first time, and a record 21 people died yesterday.

Eugene has broken records for active covid cases on last wed (307), thurs (375), friday (420), saturday (450), sunday (456), monday (469), and we skipped tuesday because it was the same, and today with 473 active cases.

The forest floor, ferns and fallen oak leaves


Wed 18 Nov 2020... It's Wednesday and we're doomed

Well, the US hit 11 million covid cases this past weekend. And it seems like just a couple days ago we hit 10 million. oh. yeah. That's 'cause it was...

US Hits 11 Million Coronavirus Cases, Adding 1 Million In A Week

And Texas hit 1 million cases on the 13th. That's Friday the 13th. And California followed suit on the 14th.

New York has the most deaths of all the states, with 26,189. A lot of people died in the first wave this spring because the hospitals were full -- 18,825 people hospitalized in New York on 13 April 2020 -- and they didn't have treatment options yet. But it looks like Texas wants to challenge all this... 7,841 currently hospitalized and 19,696 people dead.

Poor, stupid Iowa has a 51% positivity rate and they hit 1,000 people currently hospitalized a week ago, on the 10th. And 1,500 currently hospitalized today. And they are Finally doing something about it...

Iowa Governor Reverses Course, Issues Mask Mandate As COVID-19 Cases Rise

Oregon ranked No. 45 among the states where coronavirus was spreading the fastest. But the state has 13.7% positivity rate and increasing hospitalizations: 445 currently hospitalized, 100 more than last week.

And we are doing something about it! You know, something a bit more serious than a mask madate, which we've had in place for a while now. We've gone back to a partial shut down starting today! A Freeze...

Social gatherings are capped at 6 and limited to two households. Restaurants are take-out only. Indoor and outdoor entertainment and recreational facilities (gyms and more) must close. Etc, Etc. There's a good list, and there's a fine or arrest for those who aren't on board!

And the little outbreak in my own town continues on it's merry way. Active cases broke the old record of 288 on Sunday the 15th with 306 active cases. And again today with 307 active cases.

We'll see how long it takes for the shut down to have an effect.

The 7-day average for the US... 159,691 new cases every day and 1,291 people died every day last week.

The current record stands at 187,957 new cases on 13 Nov, according to WoM. Or on the Covid Tracking site, it was 171,376 new cases.

A few states are returning to partial shut downs, but there's no reason why we won't be breaking all the records a few more times!


Sat 14 Nov 2020... Autumn Baby

After the rain and wind of Thursday night, I woke up and the trees outside my window were denuded. Poor naked trees. All the leaves were down in the parking lot.

You know, autumn is my favorite season... But I'm missing the summer already. The tomatoes from the garden are long gone and the house is all closed up and it's too chilly for an early morning walk.

But then I came home from my late-morning walk... and found a baby squirrel lookin' at me!

Young Eastern Fox Squirrel

*laughs* okay, Not a baby... a Youngster, and out on her own. But how cute can you be?


Fri 13 Nov 2020... Steller Jay

Nothing scary today for Friday the 13th! oh well. :)

Steller Jays are our other blue-coloured jay, here in western Oregon. Scrub Jays: blue and white... are a common theme on my postcards, tho I don't post pics here very often for some reason.

But the Stellers? They are so beautiful with their black fading down to blue, with a few decorated bits on their wings.

And they are shy and bouncy. So the few times I do get to see them... they jump too fast for the camera to focus.

But today...

Steller Jay, with a cheeky glance!

*laughs* What a cheeky look! Ima gettin the side eye!

of course, that look could only come from a teenager! :) You can tell this is a young one because they've still got a little bit of gape left at the corner of their mouth.

I fell in love immediately. And they they flew away.


Thurs 12 Nov 2020... Garden

There's a 100% chance of rain, starting tonight and going thru tomorrow! So I wanted to get another patch of the garden forked and weeded and seeded with cover crop.

Yes, I'm still working on that. (Started 20 Sept!) Did I mention our garden plot is 600sqft? Maybe next year I'll rent a tiller or something!!

Anyway. There's little baby clovers coming up in patches here and there. There was also a patch of Nasturtium seedlings, but they died off on the first cold night. It's not quite cold enough to kill off the Borage seedlings, yet. There's also some Love-in-a-Mist seedlings coming up, I think. Not sure what they will do in the cold.

There's another plant coming up in droves that I feel like I should recognize...

a small Dead Nettle plant

I just couldn't place the leaves at all. But today I touched it.

oh, haha! There's no mistaking that wonderfully velvet softness! Dead Nettle!

Purple Dead Nettle is an invasive from Europe, but they are easily chopped down and I don't think they present much of a problem in gardens. And, since it can survive cool temperatures, it can act as a cover crop! Yay!

It's quite pretty, I think, with it's greens and purples and it's little purplish-pink flowers. And if you ever get a chance to run your hand thru a patch of Dead Nettle... Oh, it's totally luxurious! :)


Wed 11 Nov 2020... It's Wednesday

Hospitals are filling up across the country and WoM reports records set for new cases of covid on...

Thursday 5 Nov with 123,952

Friday 6 Nov with 132,836

Tues 10 Nov with 144,807


We are adding 123,371 new cases every day on average. 1,018 people died every day.

The covid outbreak in my town is getting worse again. After dropping to 126 active cases last Thursday, we've been climing again. Today there are 251 active cases.

Our record is 288 active cases, I suppose that will be broken soon.


My brain is producing some serious snark when I am out and see people without masks. It's starting to affect my well-being, so I need to think nicer thoughts. After all, if you're too stupid to believe in science (or apply that science)... well, that's karma that'll catch up with you eventually.

And that's sad. So my brain shouldn't be so harsh. There should be some pity. And that's it.

From Obscure To Sold Out: The Story Of Four Seasons Total Landscaping In Just 4 Days
Apparently Four Seasons has an amazing marketing team!! *laughs*

3 Ways To Get Your Point Across While Wearing a Mask
Good Stuff!

Veterans And Gold Star Families Granted Lifetime Passes To National Parks
What?! This is awesome! Great idea!


Sun 8 Nov 2020... Political Mail

My anxiety about the election kept me from forming coherent thoughts. (laughs) But, now I'm back at it.

I couldn't find an office address for Joe Biden, and I couldn't get his exact home address. So I put down what I knew and I'll trust that the US Postal Service will get my note to where it needs to go.

Because USPS is AWESOME!

postcard to Joe Biden: do NOT pardon trump

Text reads:

Dear Mr Biden,
I know you're going to be busy once you get to the White House ;) But here's something you don't need to do... Please do NOT pardon Donald Trump. I'm sure he'll try to pardon himself - Don't let that happen either. That guy needs to face the music for all the evil he's done.
Thanks and Happy Day,
rift :)


Wed 4 Nov 2020... Rant and something cool

So, as predicted a new record was set for new daily cases. Saturday 31 Oct we had 101,461 new cases in the US, according to WOM. and the next record day... coming soon.

87,492 new cases added every day on average in the US. 874 people died every day on average. New cases exploding, hospitals filling up, and the death toll will continue to rise again.

Still coming down from our covid outbreak here in town, but it's a very slow process... 8 Oct was our highest count, with 288 active cases. Right now, we've got 142 active cases with 18 hospitalized.

And the results of the election are still pending, but it looks like Biden will probably win. But why is it so close? Why are people so loyal to that impeached monster? I just cannot understand.

Cooper Hawk with two non-mobbing Crows

Haha, this Cooper Hawk has a close audience!

Crows mob hawks, but the crows aren't so worried about it right now since they don't have nestlings to protect. But they are keeping an eye on the situation.

Funny how close they are. But great for size comparison!!


Tues 3 Nov 2020... vote.

Today is the day. And I've got some major anxiety about this evening. AND the next couple of months, because that lame duck is dangerous.

So I went out to the river for a good walk. :)



Sat 31 Oct 2020... Thank You

Please DONT Say Youre Welcome! Better responses to THANK YOU

The other month, I happened to run into the generous human who was re-filling their sidewalk food pantry. I gave them a very enthusiastic Thank you for doing this!

And they replied, Of Course!

I'd not heard that response to thank you before, and I really liked it. It acknowledged that they weren't doing this for me, even tho I was the one thanking them. And it implied that their action was inevitable!


Fri 30 Oct 2020... Garden

I've been going to the garden every day this week to water. We've not had any rain, and I'm trying to give my little clover seeds the best start on life... I think they turn the water off on 1 nov.

The lack of rain is distressing because our rainy season starts in October. And we've had nothing but dew and high humidity. Which is something, but not really... the dry cracks in the dirt that I don't water are about 2inches wide!

That damn cat is still hanging out at the Garden, scaring the birds away, and I am very annoyed at his human family for letting him out. I like to listen to the Goldfinches twitter while I fork, and it makes me sad when they aren't around.


Wednesday 28 Oct 2020... Its Wednesday

Looks like TX and CA are competing to get the first 1 million covid cases. sighs.

So, yep. Covid cases still rising, rising in the US. And, yes, WorldOMeter says we got a new record of 81,422 new cases in a day last friday, 23 Oct. (The old high of 79,024 happened 24 July.) All the websites have different numbers, of course, but I think they all hit a high within a day or so. For instance, NPR just says more than 83,000 new cases, they got their numbers from the Johns Hopkins site.

And these numbers aren't leveling off, they continue to rise. So will be hitting new records for the next, what? few weeks?

So anyway. There are 74,299 new cases added every day, on average, in the US. 844 people died on average every day in the US.

My town is slowly coming down from its outbreak... we had almost 300 active cases on 8 Oct, and now we're down to 175.


Tues 27 Oct 2020... All the Countries in the World

Last night, I pulled out my atlas to do some reviewing. You remember I've made it my quest to memorize all the countries in the world.

I'm almost done... I'm currently committing the South Pacific Islands to memory. Several of those I had to look up pronunciation, so I'm taking my time to learn them correctly! But, not all of the islands are actual countries, so it's a little bit easier than it looks, at first glance.

And then I need to go back and catch all the island countries in the Caribbean. And then I'm done!

Anyway, back to my atlas review. I thought I was mixing up Sierra Leone, in West Africa and Sri Lanka off the coast of India. But I had that right.

I was def mixing up a couple countries in Eastern Europe, tho... Belarus is in the north, and Bulgaria is in the south.

Yeah, one of my memory tricks is to think about groups of countries by their first letter. GINS is a good one: Greenland (okay not a country!), Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and then Finland and Russia are easy to tack on to the end!

So you can see how I might confuse the SLs of Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka. And the B countries in eastern Europe!

But I think I got it, now! :)

WorldOMeter, 195 countries in the world

Very close to having all those in my head!

Map of the world


Friday 23 Oct 2020... Garden

This one has been stalking in the Community Garden, this past week...

Kitty in the Community Garden

He is very beautiful, and there's def some mice to catch in the Garden. But the birds have been avoiding the place because of him.

We had our first below freezing night on Wednesday, and the Nasturtium and remaining summer squashes promptly died. Hopefully the Nasturtium didn't crowd out my baby clovers too bad... I need those clovers to live!

The tomato plants are mostly dead now, as well. But look how lovely these last few Brandywines look!

Green Bramdywine Tomatoes on the vine

I had 4 different tomato plants this year... two that I always love: Sungolds and Brandywines. And two new ones: Garden Peach and Santiam.

The Garden Peach was... okay. but the "delicate" flavor bored me quickly and I stopped eating it after the first couple batches. Insipid is a word to use with this one.

The Santiam, on the other hand... set a ton of fruits when it was still chilly in the spring! That was exciting to see and I looked forward to them ripening. And I loved, loved them at the beginning. But, I did get tired of eating them, at some point.

There was a break before the Brandywine tomatoes started ripening. The Brandywines are my favorite, and I wondered if I would get sick of them like the others.

But I did not get tired of eating those Brandywines, once they started happening. In fact, I could eat more, and I miss them even tho I've got a couple ripening in the kitchen!


Wed 21 Oct 2020... usual covid rant

736 people died every day this past week, in the US.
And we are adding 60,016 new cases every day... that number is still jumping up from last week's 51,761 new cases.

The covid outbreak in my town has plateaued, and is not getting better. We currently have 209 active cases and a couple more people have died, bringing our total to 26. On monday we had a high of 19 people hospitalized.

I am watching the numbers for several states, and they've all been going up... more cases, more hospitalizations. And what are we doing about it? As far as I can tell: nothing.

Even in my town, after hitting a high of almost 300 infectuous people on 8 October, then hovering around 220 active cases for a couple weeks since then... nothing. We've been put on a "Watch List" by the governor, and they tell us to wear our stupid masks. But no actual action has taken place to do anything about the problem!

Ridiculous! Worldometers says the US hit a high on 24 July, with 78,971 new cases. It looks like we are trying to break that record.

Propublica published an article about how the CDC has become corrupt...

Inside the Fall of the CDC

It's long and it's depressing. and it just makes me cry for the USA. It is despicable that this happened!

Of course, that impeached monster has corrupted every agency of government... from Betsy DeVos destroying public schools as Secretary of Education to Louis DeJoy destroying the Postal Service. And soon the Supreme Court will be added to the list.

Oregon Junco

Oregon Junco at the community garden.


Mon 19 Oct 2020... Urban Wildlife

Walking home from the garden today...

Momma Black Tail Deer with three offspring on the bike path

A Mom with three children. Not the most flattering pic... Mom's got her tongue out, and poor human is messing up my shot. ha. But it's the only pic I got with all four of them together!

I immediately wondered if Mom had adopted one of the kids. Because 3 seems like a lot to carry to term with crappy urban nutrition.


Sun 18 Oct 2020... River

Walking out by the river today...

Looking across the Willamette River

This is one of my favorite places to stop and listen to the river. The water is tripping over some rocks, and it just sounds so lovely.

I took a pic here, last month as well. The little oak tree in the front was a bit more green back then. :) Thurs 24 Sept, River

American Wigeon

American Wigeons are winter visitors in our area, and this was my first sighting of the season.


Sat 17 Oct 2020... cute little mushrooms

three little mushrooms amongst the clover and green grass


Fri 16 Oct 2020... pic

Ha... This one has been greeting me as I walk out the front door, this week. Not every day, but it's so surprising when she's there! We are about three feet apart in this pic.

Female Squirrel in my front door entry way!

I've encountered her so often, I decided to name her. Grace... courteous goodwill or as the verb do honor or credit to (someone or something) by one's presence I am def honored by her presence! :)


Thurs 15 Oct 2020... just a pic

Great Blue Heron with bridge in the background

I just kinda like this pic... it's a bit more Landscape-y than my usual! The bridge in the background is for train tracks.


Wed 14 Oct 2020... the usual

51,761 new cases of covid added every day in the US this past week.
and 738 people died of covid every day

The new daily cases have sky rocketted this week...

9 Sept36,808 new cases every day
16 Sept   39,309 new
23 Sept42,923 new
30 Sept43,845 new
7 Oct44,822 new
14 Oct51,761 new

And maybe this time the covid breakout in my town has leveled off? We had a high last Thurs 8 Oct with 288 active cases and 15 people hospitalized.

Today we're at 210 infectious people, and it's been steadily dropping. But there are 14 people hospitalized. Our testing postitivity is down from last weeks 8.6%... now at 7.6%. Still higher than the state of Oregon at 5.9%.

Two Lesser Goldfinches at the Community Garden

a pair of sweet Lesser Goldfinches! awww!

(yep, that guy on the left might be familiar if you're on my postcard list!!)


Sun 11 Oct 2020... Spelling

It is not generally known that I am a bad speller, but I don't try to hide it. Since I'm a reader, I know when I've mis-spelled something. Between the spell-check and the dictionary I keep next to my bed, I can usually get things right.

Spelling has always been a problem for me. Some of my not-so-fondest memories from childhood are of me struggling with this problem... I must have been 7 or 8 years old? Studying for spelling tests with my Mom, and then getting so many words wrong, despite all the studying.

I am frustrated with myself, even now, 40 years later!

There are words that I consistently mis-spell... Like consistently!! *laughs* I spell it with an ANT instead of an ENT. Also label usually comes out first as lable, I have to look it up every. single. god. damned. time. (yep, even this time!)

Another good one is accidentally. I pronounce it without the Tally, it's accidently and that's not a word and it's never going to be a word, despite all the stupid people spelling it that way on the internets.

But, yeah, I still think it should be a word!

Accidently or Accidentally
Oh, wow! this looks like an awesome website... just look at all those Confusing Words in the right sidebar! Nice! A good rabbit hole to fall down!


Wed 7 Oct 2020... the rant

Schadenfreude is the word of the day when it comes to that impeached monster getting covid. He spent three days in hospital, where the doctors apparently threw every experimental treatment at him...

And then that piece of shit says Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life.

(I am angry beyond words about this.)

44,822 new cases of covid added every day this past week... still steadily going up, up, up.
698 people have died every day of covid this past week.

And the covid problem in my town hasn't gotten any better... We currently have 262 active cases, a new high. But we hit a new high every couple of days. And our Test Positivity rate is up to 8.6%, horrible!

I Can See Clearly Now, Singer Johnny Nash Has Died At 80

Aww. :( this is another Rain song that I love and know most of the words to. There's a video embedded on the NPR page, if you care to listen. RIP Mr. Nash.


Thurs 1 oct 2020... Draw!

How to Start Drawing

This Pocket Worthy article caught my attention, the other day! But I don't really follow any of the tips, except the "Start Small" one.

I have been drawing ATC or baseball card size, for about a year. I'm keeping the drawings in 9-pocket pages. My first three-ring binder is mostly full, with 30 pages!

a page of ATC sketches

Yep, I draw humans sometimes. I'm not very good, obviously. But I think I'm getting better. or at least most of the drawings aren't hideous. heh.

And the Grosbeak was giving me trouble... I just can't get that big beak right!

Anyway. I usually draw from photos, sometimes my own, sometimes pics out of calendars, magazines, newspaper. I probably should branch out and Draw from life every once in a while, like the article says.


Wed 30 Sept 2020... the usual rant

The Johns Hopkins website shows that the world hit 1 million deaths from covid yesterday. sighs.

Here in the US, we've been adding 43,845 cases every day, and 775 people are dying every day.

And it looks as tho our little problem with covid here in town has topped off. Monday we had 202 active cases and it's fallen to 179 today.

Unfortunately, the test positivity rate has jumped from 1 and 2% that we had thru the end of August, to 7.1%... this is bad! and This is the first time that our percent positivity has been greater than the state [Oregon], which is at 6.3%

And we've had steady containment on the Holiday Farm Fire... they've got it 65% contained, and report only 6 minor injuries!

I can't remember if I've mentioned, but they did find all of the 250 people who were unaccounted for. Just one person died in the fire. Which amazes me, since the fire blew up so incredibly quickly the first night, which was Monday 7 Sept 8:20pm.

As far as I know, they don't know the cause of this fire yet. But I would assume that it was downed power lines, from the terrible wind storm that happened at the time. It is standing at 173,094 Acres and has destroyed over 700 buildings, including around 430 homes.


Mon 28 Sept 2020... Shoes, ha.

Let me just say, I hate buying new shoes. I like my old shoes. I don't want to get used to new shoes. I don't want to spend 60$ on new shoes. I don't want to lace up new shoes.

Unfortunately, with the amount of walking I do... well, the comfortable old shoes eventually fall apart. sighs.

Comfortable old garden shoes

These were sooo comfortable! Yeah, they had holes in the bottoms. Walk thru a puddle and my socks were wet. I didn't even care! Yeah, dirt got in thru the holes in the sides. Still didn't even care!

But last monday, the right heel lost it's attachment. It dragged all the way home. Okay. That's one insult too far. It's time to retire these.

I pulled out another old pair of shoes while I looked to order a new pair. These were not so comfortable. A bit tight, and they gave me a blister on my toe.

And I didn't realize how close to falling apart...

Crappy old shoes

Yesterday, as I was leaving the garden, the tread fell off the left shoe.

*laughs* Well, this is ridiculous! I had to walk on my tippy toes in order to keep the inner lining in place!


Thurs 24 Sept 2020... Out!

After working very hard at the Community Garden plot for three days, trying to break up the concrete which is the dirt... there was actual sweat involved and a pulled muscle and everything! After all that, it rained on the tiny section of cover crop seeds and I rewarded myself with a trip out to the river.

I was actually giddy that I was walking in a beautiful setting, and not forking myself to frustration!!

Unfortunately I didn't really get any good photos. Sometimes it happens like that, just gotta go out again another day! No problem, that! :)

Red Wing Blackbird Nice place to listen to the river

There were Red Wing Blackbirds bouncing around all over the place.

and a favorite place to stop and listen to the river!


Wed 23 Sept 2020... the rant

Deaths in the US have gone down, but cases have gone up... 731 people died every day, and we've been adding 42,923 new cases every day.

And the Johns Hopkins Covid Dashboard reports 200,000 dead in the US, as of this morning.

Serious issues in my town... our active case count is 125, we've been bouncing up steadily with no end in sight. Newspaper says small gatherings are to blame and there are now three assisted living facilities involved. We hit 1,000 total cases yesterday.

White Crowned Sparrow

White Crowned Sparrows are winter visitors in our area... and this is the first sighting of one this season!


Mon 21 Sept 2020... Garden Work

The food coming from the garden is def starting to slow down. The Cucumbers gave up the ghost ages ago. A couple of tomato plants died in the cool and smoky weather. Still some Brandywines ripening, tho. And a couple of Crooknecks are still on the vine, and some tiny Patty Pans, too.

I've got my cover crop seeds, and a promise of rain on wednesday night... Let's see how much of the garden I can clear, till and seed!

I started in the back corner, where I know the dirt needs some serious help. Letting the cover crop grow the longest there, will do it good!

I cleared the weeds with no trouble. Grass goes to the community compost, as does the bind weed and the other creeping vine that makes a bajillion seeds that I've not identified yet. And borage stays since it will break down quickly and return nutrients to the dirt.

But when I tried to fork the soil... haha, it was like concrete! Even tho we had gotten good rain before the weekend, the dirt was hard as a brick. sighs. But this is exactly what I meant: this dirt needs Help!

Well, I finished and seeded a tiny 2 square feet and then had to call it quits for the day! *laughs*

It's a start. I don't remember how long it took me to complete the cover crop last year... 3weeks? a month? I'll have to look it up!

Blue sky Cosmos


Sat 19 Sept 2020... rip RBG

I was shocked and devastated to hear of the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, last night.

Our world has lost an amazing woman. And the US has lost a significant power for good.

I am terrified about her replacement in the court.


Fri 18 Sept 2020... Rain!


Thurs 17 Sept 2020... Maybe...

There's a 100% chance of rain tonight. So this might be the last of the wildfire smog photography.

When I headed out this morning, the visibility was so much better and the air quality was at 260. Still "Very Unhealthy" but not "Hazardous"!

I was happy to see a little group of Bushtits. They are too bouncy for my camera... I can't focus before they are several branches away!

Raggety looking Bushtit in the smog

But then a little breeze kicked up. And suddenly the air is smoky and yucky again. Probably up in the 400 range again...

Wildfire Smog at my leaning tree

The smoggy tree near the center of the photo is my Leaning Tree. A White Oak, almost 2 miles from home, at the end of the bike path, going east. One of it's branches swoops down and is horizontal right at a good writing desk level. :) Yep, I've been known to pull out my little "Idea Journal" that I carry in my jacket, to write there for a few!


Wed 16 Sept 2020... the usual wednesday rant

6,735,588 USA cases of covid, adding 39,309 new cases every day.

199,561 people have died, 913 every day this past week.

(Numbers are from the 1pt3acr site, and are slightly higher than the numbers from the Johns Hopkins site, which were 6,609,770 USA cases and 195,962 USA dead.)

And my town has a bit of a problem... we've got 65 active cases right now. And 14 people have died, half of whom have died in the last couple of weeks! Yikes! What the heck is going on??!

And my state hit 500 dead on Saturday. :(

HHS Official Michael Caputo Admits Warning Of 'Sedition' At CDC, Riots If Trump Wins

So, this guy is obviously not right in the head. Like, maybe we need some Mental Health time. And maybe we need to not be in charge of millions of dollars of advertising money for an agency that needs to be saturated with science!

Okay, this got my goat...

Trump administration has not paid USPS for COVID-19 postcards featuring Trump's name

uh huh. I remember that postcard. In fact, I scanned it in at the time. The file name I gave it...

20200327_AreYouFuckingKiddingMe.jpg *laughs*

Looks like I might need to subscribe to a new magazine...

Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden


Back to local news, the Holiday Farm fire, just east of town is now 6% contained. It covers 166,503 Acres and we now have a whopping 767 fire fighters!

Female Anna Hummingbird

Aww! Sweet girl at the Community Garden! :) Plus you don't hardly notice the wildfire smog in this photo. The air quality was at 320 when I took this pic!


Tues 15 Sept 2020... Update

Web site update

It occurred to me that having separate current pages for the newest blog posts was stupid. *laughs* It was fine when I was actually catching up with the older posts. But I quit doing that. And it's dumb to maintain all those separate pages.

So! This is the place! if I bother with filling in some older posts, I'll be sure to let you know! :)

The Knee

I am starting to walk more... further and more often. Did I tell you? I walked 4.5 miles on Saturday!! Yay!

Since I've gotten used to riding my bike down the bike path, I really enjoy going out to the Tsanchiifin Walk. I'm still finding different birds there!

And then I ride the bike a bit further out! The bike path ends about 5.5 miles away from home... I've not quite gotten to the end, yet, but got to around 5 miles today!

There's more prairie, and not as many trees. But I can hear Red Wing Blackbirds singing, so that's something new and different. :)

Smog Photography

Well, let's see... today the air quality is at 330. Still in the Hazardous category. But still looks better than it has been.

Smog at the creek


Mon 14 Sept 2020... still smoggy, but...

Okay, this is just a fun photo...

Goldfinches in the Basil

I count 12 Goldfinches! I've made this pic a bit bigger than usual so you can see them all. (Right-Click for "View Image". Then hit the back button to return.)

And I think they are eating the seeds of Basil! I had no idea it was such a popular meal!! I'm not a huge fan, but apparently I need to have a good patch of basil next year!! :)

Smoggy sun

This morning's Air Quality is 475 (Hazardous is 300 to 500), but it actually looks a lot better than it's been.


Sun 13 sept 2020... the air

sad sunflower in very bad air quality

Yep, this is the air I'm going out into. Air Quality is 423 this morning.
Hazardous is 300 to 500.


Thurs 10 Sept 2020... Smog Photography

Okay, this Smog Sun didn't turn out as well as the one the other day with the tree leaves... But this is a new endeavor, so you have to cut me some slack!

bean vines and blossoms with a wildfire sun

Here's a cute smog squirrel for ya...

invasive Eastern Fox Squirrel in the wildfire smog


Wed 9 Sept 2020... Covid Rant and Local Wildfire

752 people died every day this week in the US and we're adding 36,808 new cases of covid daily.

My town has 57 active cases, bringing our total count to 803. Three people died recently, unprecedented, bringing a total of 10 people who have died.

And the wind storm of Monday night has kicked up a horrific wildfire, east of town. It's huge and completely uncontained, so they're evacuating the eastern edge of town. They don't have enough fire fighters, since they're spread all across the state, and helping California.

Scary stuff. I live on the western side of town, so I can't imagine that I'd be in danger. But so many hundreds of people escaping the fire... :~(

Crow in the wildfire smog


Tues 8 Sept 2020... Update

There was a good wind storm last night. That was exciting. And this morning we woke up to a dark red sky and ash covering everything.

The responsible wildfires aren't new, but the wind direction is. Up until now, we've been very lucky about avoiding the wildfire smog. But now we've got it in droves.

Yucky wildfire sky

I walked 3½ miles today!

I blew out my knee at the beginning of August. After two weeks of trying to take it easy, it felt better and I started walking again.

But after a 4 mile hike up the hill, the knee was inflamed again. Back to square one.

So when the knee started feeling better again last week, I didn't take the bait! I continued biking and only walking short distances.

I started walking a bit over the weekend. Oh, it's nice to walk without having to think about pain! But I'll try not to push it. Tomorrow I'll bike, instead of walk, and hopefully I'll keep the knee in one piece.


Wed 2 Sept 2020... Covid Rant

The USA hit 6 million covid cases yesterday, according to the Johns Hopkins website. Some of those people have gotten well, of course... but how many have to deal with serious complications? How many Long Haulers will there be?

And in my hometown, cases are peaking again, with 46 active right now. There is an outbreak at an assisted living center.

And in personal news, my partner just got his first covid test today. So exciting. He's negative.

What the hell?

U.S. says it won't join WHO-linked effort to develop, distribute coronavirus vaccine


Mon 31 Aug 2020... Continuing Tsan


sun 30 aug 2020... Garden and RND


Sat 29 Aug 2020... Listening at the Tsan...

Yep, I biked out to Tsanchiifin Walk yet again today... hoping to meet some new birds.

Yes! There were some! Strange new song, strange new bouncing around in the tree. And suddenly flying away, before the camera can focus. heh. oh well. maybe next time.

Far away I hear another new bird: "La La La, Chew Chew Chew". huh, that's interesting! I hope I get to meet them soon!

A Spotted Towhee was calling their rusty door, "creeeeaak". Several Goldfinches twittering, along with some Chickadees "dee dee dee"ing.

And this scruffy one...

Juvenile Song Sparrow

I knew the species when I was taking the pics, but I'd forgotten when I was going thru my photos. Separate from my experience, I couldn't figure out what this bird was!

Female House Finch? hum, doesn't really match up. So, not female... is juvenile! Ahhh! The stripes on the face are so faint, that's what tricked me!

A juvenile Song Sparrow. And then I remembered what this one was saying as I took her/his portrait, "jeep. jeep."

Birds say so much! Sure, it's fun to learn their spring time songs. But knowing their communication words is much more important!


Fri 28 Aug 2020... A Frog!!

Yay! Wildlife success at my new Tsanchiifin Walk, on the 2nd day I've been...

Pacific Chorus Frog

Oh my gosh, so tiny! This Pacific Chorus Frog was teeny tiny!! Around ½ inch! (Adults are normally almost 2 inches.) I can't say she was a baby because of course baby frogs are actually tadpoles! *laughs* But dang. So cute.

Plus she let me walk around so I could have the sun behind me. So patient and kind! :D

So, she's a girl... you can't see it in this pic, but males have a dark vocal sac on their throat. My other photos show that her throat is entirely creamy white.

And it looks like she's starting to change into her autumn brown colours! Summer frogs are bright green, Winter frogs are grey and brown.


Thurs 27 Aug 2020... the knee and the bike

At the beginning of the month, I blew out my knee. I took it easy and after two weeks, it was cured.

Getting back to my usual walking, I started out slow: I walked less than a mile, for a couple days. I walked 2 miles, no problem. A couple of 3 mile days.

And then I walked up to the Hidden Trail. It's a four mile walk and the trail is short but steep. And it killed the knee.

So, I'm back where I was. Except now I don't have any hope: as soon as the knee gets better, I will still have to take it easy. And for how long should that be? *shrugs*

At some point in this saga, my partner fixed up my bike. I've been biking to the garden every other day... to water and bring home veges.

the bike

Biking doesn't bother the knee at all! There's no pain, other than the usual ache, when I'm riding. And I don't think there's any extra pain in the afternoon, either.

So I've decided to experiment with a longer bike trip... Yesterday, I headed out with the bike to a park on the bike path about 3 miles away.

oh it was good to see different things!

But the park itself, Tsanchiifin Walk, was rather boring. *laughs* This is to be expected...

The park is a wet prairie, which means it's a shallow pond in the winter and a grassy prairie in the summer. I much prefer to walk in forest or along water. And since I am familiar with those ecosystems, I also know what kind of wildlife I'll encounter, and their behavior!

I am not familiar with the prairie. I don't know who I will come across, and I don't know what signals to look for if someone is nearby!

This is fine. And good. I can learn.

the view at Tsanchiifin


Wed 26 Aug 2020... Covid Rant

USA has had 5,907,397 covid cases as of this morning, we've been adding 43,095 new cases every day this week.

181,468 people have died so far, our current rate is 1,000 people every day.

My town has dropped down to 14 active cases, after hovering at 35 to 40 for several weeks!

That impeached monster is touting his latest miracle treatment, and has forced the FDA to push blood plasma.

*rolls eyes*

97,000 People Got Convalescent Plasma. Who Knows if It Works? treating 98,000 people with plasma and not having conclusive data if it worked is problematic, and we should have a more robust data set before we give 98,000 people a product Yeah, no studies, no science. :/

Oh, and the CDC and HHS have also become compromised and corrupt...

Officials change virus testing advice, bewildering experts
Good idea! Let's NOT test people who have been exposed to covid! Yeah!

??? um. GAH!


Fri 21 Aug 2020... New Dragonfly!


Thurs 20 Aug 2020... Little Free Pantry

The park behind our apartment complex got a Little Free Pantry installed recently!!

At the beginning of July, I learned that we were getting a Little Free Pantry. And at first I was excited because the boxes had some amazing art on them.

But then I discovered that the group who is working to get these food boxes set up... is Vegan!!

Burrito Brigade
providing nutritious vegan meals to hungry individuals in Eugene and Springfield, and has since expanded to Portland.

Yay! This is just all kinds of awesome, all the way around!

Little Free Pantry #23 in Eugene Oregon

Our Little Free Pantry is #23 in Eugene. And our artist is Wendi Kai...

Moon Maiden Tattoo: Wendi Kai's paintings
Aww! she's arted a vulture!! All her art is beautiful!

Anyway. When I first learned about the Little Free Pantries back in July, I had just finished re-reading Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men.

There is a ton of info in that book, including the hardship of not including menstruation products in any services for the homeless, refugees, people in jail, and kids in school! You'd be hard pressed to find free products even in specifically womens' spaces like domestic violence shelters or Planned Parenthood.

It's crazy! Like crazy-crazy, not just plain crazy!

And when I learned about the Little Free Pantry, I knew exactly what I wanted to contribute to it! :D


Mon 17 Aug 2020... Political Postcards

I have been sending weekly postcards to Moscow Mitch ever since Representative John Lewis died. I've been requesting that he get the Voting Rights Advancement Act passed in John Lewis' name.

He's not responded, or done anything. so I keep sending postcards to him.

I try... I try my best. To be respectful in my writing. I do not call him Moscow Mitch. I use cheerful language. I say please.

But, I must admit, some snark has wiggled into my writing.

After I wrote this week's postcard to MM...

postcard written to Mitch McConnell about the Voting Act and the USPS

(heh.) I decided to have some words with the Postmaster General...

postcard written to Louis DeJoy the Postmaster General about mail

Begone, DeJoy!

Update (Tue, 18 Aug 2020)...

Post Office Chief Suspends Controversial Changes Until After Election

I assume this is a good thing. But I also assume that guy is a lying sack of shit... so who knows.

Oh, was that out loud? I'm sorry. but...
(Updated Thu, 20 Aug 2020)...

There have been several reports of mail sorting machines being broken down and tossed. Wai! How much money is he just throwing away? How much efficency is lost without those machines? why, why, why?!


Thurs 13 Aug 2020... Knee

So it's been a week and a half since my knee started hurting.

I've TRIED to rest it by staying home and not walking... but it kills my soul. So I've been walking a little, not every day, and less than a mile.

It is getting better. I'm still taking aspirin and ibuprofen constantly, but it's easier to get around the house. And the walking pain is no longer "oh no I'm going to die." It's more like "well this sucks." heh.

And you'd think, oh, not walking 3 or 4 miles in a day means I get an extra two hours to do stuff! So what have I been up to?


Yeah, like I said, my soul is dying here!

But, my little walk around the neighborhood today lifted my spirits...



Wed 12 Aug 2020... Covid and rnd

The USA has 5,262,241 covid cases as of this morning and we've been adding about 54,692 new cases every day.

167,028 people have died of covid, at a rate of 1,064 every day.

And my town is still hovering at 35 active cases, a level we've been at for a couple weeks now.


Florida Sheriff Orders Deputies And Staff Not To Wear Face Masks any individual walking in to any one of our lobbies ... that is wearing a mask will be asked to remove it.

Because? ...

We can debate and argue all day of why and why not, Woods added. The fact is, the amount of professionals that give the reason why we should, I can find the exact same amount of professionals that say why we shouldn't.

Oh, Florida. There's this thing called Science.

And from the other end of the emotional spectrum...

oh thank goodness. That impeached monster had rolled back the protections of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act back in Dec 2017...

Yesterday a judge upheld the intent of the MBTA... a law which protects more than 1000 species of birds and has been on the books since 1918!!

Victory! Federal Judge Rules Administration's Bird-Killing Policy is Illegal

The process of suing to get the government to follow the laws -- or not change laws randomly -- is tedious and time consuming. And why should we need to?? But the monster has a scorched earth policy... so I'm sure this scenario will play out again.

And, finally...

Yay, Kamala Harris!

We need more than a victory on Nov. 3; we need a mandate that proves the past few years do not represent who we are or who we aspire to be


Tues 11 Aug 2020... ABCs of the geography project

A project that I started this year is memorizing all of the countries of the world and knowing where they are on a map! I started with Central and South America, then got Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and now I'm into the rest of Asia.

It's kinda funny to say, but I love doing this! Sure, it makes me feel smart. And also, when something happens in the news, in some random country most Americans have never heard of, I'm all, Oh! I know exactly where that is!

*laughs* okay, that might just be me being smug! But, seriously, having this knowlege really does make me feel good that my brain is still working!

Another game that I play, now that I've got over half the world memorized, is naming countries alphabetically! The distribution across the alphabet is a little bit surprising to me.

For instance, there are a bunch of countries that start with the letter E -- Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, there are 8 altogether. I is another surprising letter, also with 8 countries.

There are 3 F countries -- Finland, France, Fiji.

And 3 J countries -- Japan, Jamaica, Jordon.

And 3 R countries -- Rawanda, Romania, Russia. This one seems odd to me, you'd think there'd be more Rs!

There's one Q -- Qatar. And one O -- Oman. A couple Ys, and a couple Zs.

And there are zero Ws!!

Technically, there's Western Sahara, which is disputed territory mostly controlled by Morocco. And there's Wales, but that is part of the UK. (And of course, there are probably other places like this that I don't know about!)

Map of the world

And, yeah. Since I'm well into Asia, I realize it won't be long until I run out of countries!! ack!

But there's a bunch of islands in Southeast Asia.

And it turns out I was pretty sloppy when I only memorized the bigger islands in the Caribbean.

So there's still stuff to keep me busy with this for a bit longer!!


Friday 7 Aug 2020... Sunchoke

Our left side neighbor, at the Community Garden, has been a no-show this year. But she did plant a winter cover crop which has done well. The Fava got nice and tall, went to seed and is now dying back.

In the back of her plot, I am interested to see some Jerusalem Artichokes or Sunchoke. I've never grown or eaten them... so I was excited when I saw one of the tall plants had fallen over into our plot!

Yep, I took it. There were a couple, small tubers that I nabbed, and asked google what to do with them.

You can eat them raw or treat them like potatoes with roasting, steaming or boiling. Many people love them and after the first frost they will have a sweet nutty flavor.

Also thrilled to learn that this plant, a species of sunflower, is native to North America and was cultivated by the Native Americans.

I cooked up the smallest ones with my pasta. Literally, three bites... I have learned my lesson about trying new veges! ie Fennel Root, meh. Dandelion Blooms, yuck. *laughs*

I liked the texture of the Sunchoke, but they didn't have much of a taste. I guess you have to wait for the frost. And they don't store well, so I'll have to eat the other one soon!

They do store perfectly in the ground tho... so I'm really interested in growing them in my own plot, next year. Stealing from my neighbor, wasn't very nice of me, after all!!



Wed 5 Aug 2020... Doom and Gloom

The USA has 4,879,399 reported cases of covid, and we've been adding 60,088 every day. (Yay, We're Number One!)

159,582 people have died of Covid in the US, 1105 every day.

My town has 40 active cases today, we've kind of leveled here for a week or so.

This opinion article kind of struck a chord with me...

The Cult of Selfishness Is Killing America By Paul Krugman

What they call freedom is actually absence of responsibility.

With great freedom, comes great responsibility.

Wear your mask!


Tues 4 Aug 2020... Knee

I have somehow managed to blow out my right knee.


I don't think I specifically injured it. But when I walked to the garden, yesterday, it was a bit annoying at the beginning, tho I was able to ignore it after a half mile or so.

And today, every single step was painful.

Contemplating a life without walking in nature, terrified me. But even taking a few days off, frustrates me to no end!

I guess I'll do it... I'm taking aspirin and I'm set up with cold packs... but, gah!


Fri 31 July 2020... so close

This Goldfinch in the Cosmo flowers is so close to being a good photo. This is the kind of thing that makes me really really wish I could draw and paint!!

Gold Finch in the Cosmo flowers

So close. *shakes head*


Mon 25 May 2020... Garden Birds

I've been so happy to see Bluebirds using one of the nesting boxes provided at the Community Garden this year!

Male Western Bluebird

Funny thing is... they were not using this box. But because it was so close to the nesting box they were using, the male thought it his duty to keep anyone else from getting into this box! The Violet Green Swallows were very interested in looking at this box... and oh the screeching battles!

The Bluebird won... nobody got to nest in this box.

(Well. Okay. Screeching is a bit of an exaggeration. and yeah, battles is def an exaggeration! heh.) (But still... the Bluebird won!)

But on the other side of the Garden, arguably closer to the active Bluebird box...

Violet Green Swallow

*laughs* a pair of Violet Green Swallows were quietly using another nesting box! Apparently in peace, without the screeching. :)


Sun 24 May 2020... Peaceful

Four Black Tail Deers on a hill...

Four Black Tail Deers

Right-Click and View Image to see the 4th. :)


Sat 23 May 2020... Epson ET-7750 EcoTank

I have been having ongoing problems with the printer, and I finally decided to do something about it today!

Epson ET-7750 EcoTank printer

I bought this Epson SuperTank printer May 2019. It was $650, pretty spendy, but I really wanted to continue printing 11x17 papers like I did on my old decrepit Canon printer.

The Epson has worked great and I'm thrilled that I don't have to give it new ink cartridges every month! It comes with bottles of ink, which you use to refill the reservoirs. A bottle of ink is supposed to last about a year with "normal" business use. Mine have lasted around um, 8 months, I think? Yeah, I am definitely not "normal"!! :D

I went on holiday during December, and I didn't print anything for about a month. When I came back, the printer had multiple issues.

The print heads would clog up randomly. Mostly it was the magenta, occasionally the cyan or yellow. Somehow, the printer knew about the clogging and would substitute with black.

It wasn't a huge deal at first because it only happened once or twice a week and it would fix itself after one or two prints. Or I would run the print head cleaning routine. Occasionally the "deep" cleaning, but I know this is a terrible waste of ink.

Over the last few months it's gotten progressively worse, and now I am running a large "unclogging" printout every single day before I print the things I actually want to print.

Printing is not fun anymore! Wai!

The other problem is that once I do get going with good printouts, occasionally there would be a huge blob of black ink streaking across one area of the printouts. It was so much ink, it was 3 dimensional. Now that I have worked on it, I know this was ink from the print head cleanings I was doing...

So, yeah, I worked on it today. I'd been procrastinating this for a long time. The printer is barely a year old and I was sure I would break something.

But I got in there and cleaned out a LOT of ink. Lordy, there was ink everywhere. So that's where the blobs were coming from.

Cleaning the print head is tricky. It's permanently attached, you can't just pull it out and run it under the faucet like a normal printer.

That's what I want to do, and I study hard to see if I can unscrew something to pull it out. I unscrew a lot of things, and yank hard on some other things. nope.

(and somehow none of the plastic bits broke, and I got it all back together!) (and yes, this is my nature and this is exactly why I was worried that I would break the thing, once I got into it!!) :)

You have to gently run a paper towel under the print head and then just rub it back and forth to get as much ink off as possible. repeat, repeat, repeat!

And that seems to have done the trick. I am back to printing whenever I feel like it! And the prints come out with all the colours needed and none of the black blobs!

And I love to print things again! Yay!


Fri 22 May 2020... Another Bug!!

huh, I've not seen a Lady Bug like this one before...

Convergent Lady Bug on a leaf

oh, haha... the Convergent Lady Beetle is among the most common lady beetle species throughout North America. Not around here, obviously!

The Convergent is native to North America... while the most common lady bug around here, the Seven-Spot Ladybird, is native to Europe and Northern Africa. how crazy is that.

Seven Spot Ladybird, invasive in North America

Here's a not great pic of a Seven Spot...


Thurs 21 May 2020... Bug!!

Oh, Wow!

Crane Fly on a Camas Lily

I always called these interesting creatures Skeeter Eaters, but that's wrong! They are Crane Flies...

Mosquito Hawk? Skeeter Eater? Giant Mosquito? No, No, and No

From the above link, apparently, scientists think Crane Flies are interesting creatures, too, but there's so many species of them, they haven't all been studied! There are over 15,000 species and hundreds of subspecies! There's interesting behavior, there's interesting larvae, pretty much interesting everything!

Ha! Bugs are so cool!

(but I think Skeeter Eater is a much better name than Crane Fly, even if they don't eat anybody!!) :)


Wed 20 May 2020... Covid Doom and Gloom

So, Monday morning, we hit 90,000 people dead from covid in the US, and it looks like we are on track to hit 100,000 before the end of the month.


1,330 people in the US died every day, on average, this week. (a little bit less than last week.)

It may not be obvious from my weekly rantings, but I am utterly ashamed of how the US has handled the pandemic. We had programs and people in place that would have kept people alive. We could have come out in a much better position, and then we would have been helping other countries in the world.

Instead, we have that idiot impeached monster. Who dismantled the programs and fired the important people. Who ignored science and refused to do anything.

And, Dear World, I am so so sorry that it happened like this.


Tues 19 May 2020... pic

Beautiful clouds behind a flying vulture

We have had some of the best clouds this year!

And that is a vulture. heh, being mistakenly mobbed by a couple of crows.

Vultures are neither predator nor prey. They are kind of outside the food web, but such an incredibly important part of ecosystems!


Mon 18 May 2020... Turtle!

More wildlife from the RiverBank trail... a turtle!!!

Red Eared Slider

Her shell is beautiful!

Unfortunately, she's an invasive Red Eared Slider. They are native to the South in the US and Northern Mexico. They are popular pets which means they get released into the wild when their caretakers get overwhelmed.

In our area, they displace our native Western Pond Turtles. And I haven't seen any of these, lately. sighs.


Sun 17 May 2020... Rose Garden

The Rose Garden here in town was closed yesterday. They are replacing the gravel pathway with a more accessible paved path, which is awesome.

But it's a crime to close the Rose Garden at the very beginning of the season!! Yep, I jumped the construction fence and took a few pics.

I'm such a sucker for roses!

Sunsprite Roses

Easy Does it, Florabunda Roses


Sat 16 May 2020... Goose Families Cont

And then you've got those odd ball families! ... who I love the best! :)

The photo is terrible, since I had to shoot into the sun and didn't get a chance for a different angle...

Mixed species goose family

Right-Click and "View Image" and then hit the back button!

Two Canada Geese, it looked like the first one may have had angel wings. One hybrid something or other. One Swan Goose. And two children, you can't see the other in this pic.

Ha! So curious! Who are the biological parents? Are they all related? Or just helping out the angel wing Canada Goose? So many questions!


Friday 15 May 2020... Goose Families

I've been trying to get to a walk along the Riverbank for weeks. The last two weekends, when I've been able to actually get out there, it was pouring down rain! Now, I don't mind walking in the rain. You may have heard, even, that I love it!

:) But it's tough to take pics when it's pouring, and the wildlife is usually hiding, anyway.

So I was happy for a sunny day, when I didn't have to go out to water the Community Garden plot!

I got out to the Wildlife Refuge and ... Oh the Goslings! The Canada Geese have babies all over the place!

Adorably, the families are all separated by the ages of their children! The littlest goslings have the third run-off pond to the right of the path. The older ones are hanging out on the lawn of the big apartment complex, just beyond the Refuge. And there was just one family with almost full grown kids, they were by themselves on a hill I love to stand on to catch a glimpse of song birds. ha!

Three Canada Goose goslings

When Mallard ducks have babies, there's the Mom and there's the babies... and there may be one male nearby or there may be three males nearby! Or none! I don't think male ducks really care about being a dad.

But all the Canaada Geese families clearly consisted of two parents along with all the babies.

Canada Geese, Mom, Dad, two babies


Thurs 14 May 2020... just a pretty pic

House Finch on the lawn with purple flowers

Happy House Finch... but I don't know what those little purple flowers are!


Wed 13 May 2020... Sighs.

Today there are 4,291,081 Confirmed cases of covid in the world and 293,241 people dead from it. (according to current Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard)

In the United States, there are 1,404,683 confirmed cases and 83,314 dead people. (according to current 1pt3acr Global COVID-19 Charts)

Yep. The USA has 32.7% of all the covid cases in the world. By the way, the USA has only 4.25% of the total population in the world.

Also. 1,593 people in the US died every day, on average this week. Every day.

Yeah, not so much of a rant today. More just reporting the numbers with a sigh of resignation.

The pic is blurry, but how sweet...

Two Black Tail Deers


Tues 12 May 2020... Swallows

There are a couple places to watch the Swallows swooping up bugs along the bike path. It is so fun to watch them, especially when they swoop close and make a circle around you!! It's surprising and joy-full to see a little bird zing right past!

We have three different species of Swallows... Tree Swallows, Violet-Green Swallows and Barn Swallows.

The Tree Swallows and the Violet-Green Swallows are hard to tell apart when they are flying... they both have white on the bottom, and, even tho Tree Swallows are blue on top, you can't tell the colour difference when you are looking up at the sky at them!

But, if you catch them at the right angle, Violet-Greens have some white on their lower back. When they're flying, it looks like there is a band of white, altho I don't think the white sides actually connect across their back.

Barn Swallows on the other hand are easy to pick out from the group! They are rusty / buffy red underneath, and that flash of red always gives them away. In addition, they have a deeply forked tail that you can glimpse sometimes when they are flying past you!

For the past several years, the Barn Swallows have been missing from the bug gathering along the bike path. But this year, in many places, I've seen Barn Swallows. Sometimes even more Barn Swallows than the other Swallows!

Anyway, I love to watch them all. But I don't bother pulling out the camera, there's no point! I'm sure Swallows do sit sometimes, but they are usually too busy for down time!!

Here's a Tree Swallow. :)

Drawing on black of a Tree Swallow


Mon 11 May 2020... Morning

I have been sleeping with my window open, and the singing birds wake me up every morning!

Usually it's a Robin. He's a bit far away, so this is a gentle wake up. Robins song goes "Cheery, Cheerily" over and over. I've heard other robins change it up with some trills and other cool sounds. But my Morning Robin is a traditional fellow, just "Cheery! Cheerily!" :)

The past week or so, a family of Crows has been waking me up. They are right out the window, and so they are pretty loud and I get an abrupt wake up.

There are 2 Crows who say the usual "Caw, Caw" and the third crow says other stuff in kind of a rough, deep voice. I really wonder what's up with him! What's his story?!

This morning, I happened to wake up at 4:30, still very dark, and I could hear some other bird just quietly talking to herself. Not the regular song, just chirps and twitters. Kind of sweet and I fell back asleep to that.

Every once in a while, I hear a bird singing in the middle of the night. It makes me wonder if they have nightmares and then they comfort themselves with a song, or maybe their branch buddy helps by singing...

Little birds do have scary things in their every day lives sometimes, so I'm sure they get nightmares sometimes, just like we do. But, they must have good dreams, as well. After all, they get to fly every day! How much better, their dreams must be! :)

Female Bluebird

*** Update ***

laughs! My friend sent me this YouTube link to a kid's song! It is hilarious. And, ya know? There are some mornings, where this is my sentiment as well!

Billy Kelly - Repetitive Bird


Sun 10 May 2020... Another Pretty

A gathering of pretty plants

oh my. The textures! and the dots of colourful rhododendrons!


Sat 9 May 2020... Native Flower

Red Columbines blooming in front of ferns

It surprises me to see a non-Purple Columbine! But this Red Columbine is native to the western US and Canada.


Fri 8 May 2020... Just a Pretty

Pale Purple and Yellow Irises

I just think this is a lovely colour combination!


Thurs 7 May 2020... Blue

Silvery Blue Butterfly

I didn't get a very good angle on this amazing blue butterfly, but what a fun, furry body with striped antenae!

I think this is a Silvery Blue Butterfly.

Blues are a whole set of completely unrelated butterflies that all look basically the same! You've got the Dotted Blue, the Northern Blue, the Greenish Blue, the Boisduvals Blue, and the Acmon Blue. Not to mention the Spring Azure, and the Eastern- and Western- Tailed Blues!

Ha, it just cracks me up that the people who are naming butterflies can't be more creative!!


Wed 6 May 2020... Testing, testing, testing

Average number of tests done daily in Oregon (the last week of april)
== 1439 tests per day

Average number of tests done daily in Oregon (for this past week)
== 2032 tests per day

Yeah, I'm sooo glad our testing rate is going up. </sarcasm>

To compare... Washington state is to the north of Oregon. They supposedly had the first covid case in the US, but they got on top of things right away.

Average number of tests done daily in Washington state (in the past week)
== 5234 tests per day

And to compare again, California to the south of Oregon has had some major hot spots, has lots of money, and is doing okay testing...

Average number of tests done daily in California (in the past week)
== 24,310 tests per day

yeah. An order of magnitude more than Oregon.

I have been trying to avoid the news about the anti-lockdown protesters. Mostly because it makes me want to shout "What is Wrong with you people?!" GAH.

Forget Me Nots


Tues 5 may 2020... The Roly Poly

Last spring, I kept coming across Lady Bugs. I took their portraits whenever I saw them. And one of my all time favorite photos was a pic I took in mid-April of a Lady Bug in a Camas Lily. (hm. You can request a postcard. :)

This spring, I keep coming across Roly Poly Bugs!

Roly Poly Bug

I gotta say, it's difficult to get their portrait because they are always walking. And as soon as they see me and the camera, they start walking Away! *laugh* But I also gotta say, when I do get a decent photo, I am amazed at the little colour variations on their shell.

Roly Poly Bugs are invasive in the US. They are from Europe. But I'm not sure if they are causing any problems in the ecosystem here.

They eat decaying plant matter! So if you see them in your garden, it's a good thing! They aren't eating your plants, they are making food for your plants! :)

They are not bugs! ha! They are crustaceans!

Their shell has seven plates. Seven pairs of legs. A pair of antennae and a pair of simple eyes. Simple eyes just means they have one lens (rather than compound eyes)... similar to our eyes!

They breath with gills so they must have a humid environment.

They live 2 to 5 years!

Male Roly Polies have longer antennae... but I've not taken enough photos to tell the difference.

Roly Poly Bug


Mon 4 May 2020... Ducklings

The latest batch of newborn ducklings.

11 Mallard ducklings with Mom and Dad

I just love the word ducklings. And I think we should apply the -ling part to other species.

So we could call babies humanlings. Foals are Horselings. Kittens are Catlings.

See?! It works! Buglings, Sharklings, Kangaroolings, Robinlings, Sea Turtlelings! *laughs*


Sun 3 May 2020... A New Bug!

Ceanothus Silkmoth

oh dang it, this is a terrible photo... I wish she was closer to the ground. And I wish I wasn't looking straight up at her. And I wish I could fix the colour. Because these are apparently beautiful moths.

So, she's high up in a tree and hanging down from a leaf. Here's the same photo, but I've turned it upside down so it looks like she's standing upright and it's a little easier to understand what you're looking at.

Ceanothus Silkmoth

Check out those amazing antennae!

Anyway! This is a Ceanothus Silk Moth... (pronounced Sea-uh-No-thus) native to the western US and up to Canada. And she is huge! Their wingspan can be up to 5inches across (9 to 13 cm)!

Some much better photos, here, and oh my goodness!! look at these awesome caterpillars... *swoon*

Ceanothus Silk Moth: A Beautiful Moth From A Color Changing Caterpillar (what a great page!)


Sat 2 May 2020... pretty, but...

English Hawthorn blooms

This is a variety of English Hawthorn, very pretty but also very non-native. Which is a bummer, because this tree is growing along the creek near my home in a city maintained park.

The Pacific Northwest does have a native Hawthorn, the Black Hawthorn. The leaves are very different from the English version, and I'm not familiar with them.

Not yet, at least! :)


Fri 1 May 2020... Daily Drawing

I started a daily drawing practice with ATC sized paper last year. I did take a break in Dec and Jan, but I'm drawing 5 or 6 days a week since then. (I try not to get obsessive about the every day part!)

In the beginning, I was serious about drawing from my own photos. Then came drawings from calendar pages. Then I changed things up with some human faces! The occasional botanical attempt, again from my own pics, because I love the shape of leaves and flowers.

And now, again, I have tried something new. Some botanical illustrated design...

I'm very terrible at it, but this example is kind of along the lines of what I want to make for myself...

flower design

This is the design on a seed packet for pollinators.

When I try to (free hand) copy other people's illustrations... oh man, my drawing is disgraceful!

*laughs* I don't know why. Probably something to do with me not really knowing what I'm doing!

So, instead, I am looking at my own photos. Looking at the shapes and curves and colours. And attempting to draw my own thing, not trying to copy, but trying to ... set elements into a pleasing configuration. :)

And I am actually super proud of these two drawings that I've created.

Two botanical illustrations


Thurs 30 April 2020... Garden Failure

Okay, I need to face facts. I planted seeds in the garden plot in March and thru April. I watered the dirt when it was dry, and then I watered the weeds.

A few snap peas are coming up, but nothing else. Nothing.

If I want beets, I am going to have to put seeds in a pot at home and hope for the best. Leeks, too. Chives, lettuce, carrots, yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers. Cauliflowers? Arg, I put all the Cauliflower seeds in the ground!

Why? Why did I waste time and energy... and hope... on planting seeds? So stupid, it's never worked before, why oh why did I think it was going to magically going to work this year?! I could have potted the seeds in mid-March and planted those and been on my second round by now!

Arg. I wish I were a real gardener!

But I'm still going to pretend. This week, I spent major time forking out a patch of grass and some invasive Creeping Buttercup.

And today, at home, I put a bunch of seeds in pots!

Hope Springs Eternal!

Crimson Clover

I had a cover crop over the winter of Crimson Clover, and I left a patch to see what the mature plants look like.

Kinda pretty, with that hot pink shading down to red. :)


Wed 29 Apr 2020... Covid Complainings

The world hit 3 million covid cases on monday and the US hit 1 million last night. How is it even possible that the US has such a significant proportion of covid cases in the world? Oh. Yeah. That impeached monster in the White House.

The two different numbers on the deaths haven't resolved yet, so who knows about that.

59,233 US dead reported at 1pt3a
52,525 US dead reported at The Atlantic tracker

Deaths per day in the USA

  1pt3a tracker
wed apr 22 2568 2471
thu apr 23 2539 2241
fri apr 24 2265 1744
sat apr 25 2223 2072
sun apr 26 1699 1776
mon apr 27 1219 1184
tue apr 28 1390 1163

And I am actually scared to cough when I'm outside! Even when I'm walking and no one is around, I try not to cough!

And ordering meat processing plants to stay open... um, how are they going to stay open when everyone is sick??! so stupid! (and not vegan, but that is beyond the point.)

So what is the correct rate of testing? Someone said 50% of the population, every week!

Sounds about right to me!

But. I haven't seen Day One of any testing. Have you?!


Tues 28 April 2020... Everyone Loves Someone...

Everyone Loves Someone Who Had an Abortion

Oh my gosh, the art work in this video is AMAZING!

Please go watch it!!

It's 5mins long and the message is important, too...

The National Network of Abortion Funds believes that compassion is a radical act and that love and acceptance are part of activism.



Mon 27 April 2020... Just a happy bird

Song Sparrow

(Song Sparrows are my favorite!)

(Because they like to pose for me!)



Sun 26 April 2020... False Solomons Seal x2 types

From my happy hike...

Starry False Solomons Seal, leaves and flowers

This is Starry False Solomons Seal, Maianthemum stellatum. I just adore the shape and layout of the leaves and the beautiful tiny flowers just make this plant so amazing!

And from my hike today...

False Solomons Seal, leaves and flowers

This is the ordinary False Solomons Seal, Maianthemum racemosum.

The Starry version is sometimes called Little and this is the full size version, altho you can't tell the difference in the pics. You just have to take my word for it... The Starry is little and cute, and the regular False Solomons Seal is bigger and beautiful. :)

The flowers of the False Solomons Seal are usually in a tighter clump, but this one is more spread out. The blue dots in the background are Forget Me Nots.

Both versions of the False Solomons Seal are native across North America. Forget Me Nots are invasive here... this version probably comes from Eurasia, but there are many species from New Zealand!


Sat 25 April 2020... Wood Sorrel

Wood Sorrel with pink blossoms

Wood Sorrel making happy pink blooms on the forest floor!

Oregon has a native wood sorrel, Oxalis oregana, called Redwood Sorrel or Oregon Wood Sorrel. I assume that's what this is, but I'm not sure what the difference is with the eastern US version, Oxalis montana.


Fri 24 April 2020... Happy Hike

I had a great hike at my favorite hilly forest yesterday. So many things to delight me!

The Wood Sorrel is blooming, and the Rhodies are getting a good start as well. Crapppy pics of a Sapsucker and a Turkey. Some awesome botanicals: Starry False Solomons Seal, Camas Lilies, and Osoberries!

But maybe my favorite... A chipmunk was up from hibernation!

chipmunk on a snag


Thurs 23 April 2020... Book Reviews

Another one of my projects that I'm really bad about keeping up with, is reviewing the books I read. This is vaguely important to me, but I've not been doing it consistently for years... Whatever non-system I had, fell apart in 2017 when I only reviewed 10 books. I usually read around 35 books a year.

But this project is always at the back of my mind, and last night I wrote a few reviews for books I've read this year. [and later today, I wrote a few more!]

My 2020 Bookshelf at GR

It's good to do this! I should do it more often! :)


Wed 22 April 2020... Wednesday Testing Rant

An article in the newspaper says that Oregon has one of the worst testing rates of all states in the US. We are in the bottom five.

Of course. Even tho Washington state, to the north, had the first covid case (maybe) and even tho California, to the south, has some major hot spots.

But Oregon can't get tests because??? why? Because we are poor? Because our governor isn't doing anything? why?

Apparently my constant rants about TESTING, TESTING, TESTING! aren't working. gah. Can't we get some stupid covid TESTS here already?!

ah. And Part 2 here...

I have been watching the numbers on a couple different websites. They have been pretty comparable until this week when they split in a major way and without any commentary...

* this is deaths per day in the USA... my own counts every day rather than the "offical" counts on either website. (which -- I've noticed -- have changed!)

  1pt3a tracker
wed apr 15 2367 ??
thu apr 16 2546 ??
fri apr 17 6217 1779
sat apr 18 2390 2045
sun apr 19 2023 1779
mon apr 20 1928 1684
tue apr 21 1809 1719

1pt3a = Coronavirus at 1point 3acres

tracker = from The Atlantic

Yeah. So that 6,000 deaths reported by 1pt3a on the 17th (officially recorded on the 14th, by that site)...

I really thought the other website would slowly catch up with that number. But that's not happening! The two websites are now reporting a major difference in total deaths in the US...

Total dead today in the US == 45,606 (1pt3a)
Total dead today in the US == 40,147 (tracker)


But in better news, the number of people currently hospitalized in New York has fallen under 10,000. Everybody has been worrking so, so hard, and they will continue for a long time... but I'm sure that seeing the hospitalized numbers come down is a relief.


Tues 21 April 2020... photo

A chair and a music stand in the forest

I saw this in a nearby neighborhood and it made me incredibly happy.

I wonder what instrument they play! I wonder what music they play! Do they play out here every day? I wish I could participate!!


Mon 20 April 2020... Winter Visitors part 2

White Crowned Sparrow


Sun 19 April 2020... Winter Visitors

(not a great pic)

male and female Hooded Mergansers on the water

I am still seeing a couple birds around who are traditionally winter visitors. These Hooded Mergansers at the creek near my home, and some very vocal White Crowned Sparrows at the Community Garden.

Technically, we are probably right on the line dividing their "non-breeding" range and their "year-round" range. But I've never seen either bird hanging out here in the summer... I wonder if they are experimenting with a new home!


Sat 18 April 2020... Farmers Market and Garden

So. There's nothing growing at the garden plot, even tho I planted seeds galore. Maybe I'm just impatient, maybe it's just too early. Or maybe I'm just a terrible gardener.

So when my partner mentioned that the Farmers Market was still happening without the Saturday Market... I was thrilled! I could get my vege starts, like I usually do. And I would plant them and they would mostly live, like they usually do! And I could continue to pretend I'm a real gardener, after all!


The market was interesting. The stalls were all spread out, taking over some of the usual Saturday Market space. All the vendors were wearing masks. About ½ the customers were.

I don't have a mask that works, yet. I wear eye glasses, so a bad fit means fogged up glasses. It's scary when you can't see!

So anyway. I tried not to browse. My regular farmer wasn't there, which makes me worried. And the selection at the couple other vendors who had vege starts was lacking. I picked out a good looking Sun Gold Cherry Tomato plant and got out of there. I'll get more plants later.


Friday 17 April 2020... Crossword Wiz?

I get the local newspaper every day. I like to read the comics and I read the first section of news to keep informed.

And I love to do the Sudoku! And for about the last year or so, I've also been attempting the crossword.

I am really not very good at it. I judge my progress by how many words I can get every day. Monday is the hardest for me, I usually only get about 4 or 5 words. Thursday is the easiest and I might get 20 or 25 words.

But last week, I started getting almost 30 words most every day. And this week, I've gotten 40 words a couple times!

I'm not sure that I will ever finish a crossword puzzle... But 40 words is a lot closer to that than 5! :)


Thurs 16 April 2020... Oh the joyful Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms and blue sky


Wed 15 April 2020... Less and More Doom and Gloom

The world hit the 2million mark of confirmed covid cases today. But it kinda looked the the USA was getting better...

I'm happy to report that I was wrong about the USA hitting 2,000 deaths in a day last Thursday... it actually didn't happen until Saturday, and then it started going down dramatically!

Well. Until today that is. Sighs.

(known) Deaths per day in USA, due to covid
  • 8th Wed morning: 1,874
  • 9th Thurs: 1,919
  • 10th Fri: 1,930
  • 11th Sat: 2,067
  • 12th Sun: 1,839
  • 13th Mon: 1,513
  • 14th Tues: 1,553
  • 15th Wed: 2,367

I was actually starting to get hopeful that we had gotten over the first wave. Oh well, maybe next week.

And why are we still listening to that monster, Mr. Absolute Authority?! Why are we still letting him talk?

And I hate to harp, but TESTS, TESTS, TESTS! More, faster, more. How long does it take?!


Tues 14 April 2020... Ducklings!

The first batch of baby Mallards at the creek. So tiny, they must have been born this morning! There's 8 in this pic but 11 altogether!!

Female Mallard with 8 of her 11 ducklings

Go for it, baby! ...

Three ducklings



Mon 13 April 2020... Drawing Currants

Three drawings of Red Currant flowers

I keep trying. I think I've done about six or seven ATC drawings of these stupid Red-Flowering Currants...

I really want to just go "swish, swish" with my markers, and have my drawings come out magically perfect! *laughs*

I used Copics for the colours. The third attemp def benefits from the coloured background, and white gel pen to define the center cylinder part.


Sun 12 April 2020... Eagles Part Two

So the actual interesting thing about the two bald eagles I saw yesterday... One of them was an immature adult.

Immature Bald Eagle

Yeah, okay. There's a stupid stick right in front of her face! bummer, but that's okay. Because you can tell it's definitely a Bald Eagle because her face has the same shape as the adult. So much white on her body tho... oh, okay... She's probably a three year old. Check out this link:

How to Identify Bald Eagles (you can scroll to the first illustration to see "Plumage in Four Parts")

Eagles are dark their first year. Get lots of white their second year, and then their head gets whiter in their third year. The top of her head is definitely lighter!

Then, of course, Bald Eagles get their white head when they're four years old.

So. Why is a full grown Bald Eagle hanging out with an immature 3 year old? Did they just happen to run into each other and decide to converse for a while? :)


Sat 11 April 2020... Wow, Eagles!

Today I was walking out at the river. There's a wildlife area at the beginning of my loop after you cross the river on the walking bridge... but strangely, there were only Canada Geese at the ponds.

Where are my coots? Where are the Wood Ducks? Not even a Mallard to be found!

Maybe I just went at the wrong time. Maybe all the ducks are nesting? Probably the winter visitors are flying back to Canada to begin their own nests. But where is everybody else?

Well. I did find some flowers to take a photo of... non-native Spanish Bluebells underneath the native Snow Berries.

And that's when I realized the camera battery was close to dead. Not even a bar left, it was flashing red. ack.

And so the walk became more about the exercise! I did stop to listen to the river and the birds singing. I always do that, but it's good to hear happy birds.

On my way back... oh no! Several people on the path, pointing and looking up at a tree. Bald Eagles!! TWO Bald Eagles!!

oh my gosh! I said a little prayer to the Battery Gods as I evaluated the shot and the light and the background and everything that could go wrong with the focus (branches!). Deep Breath! Turn on camera and hit the zoom at the same time...

I got five photos before the camera died. and Hot Damn, they are all almost decent pics!

I wonder what kind of offerings the Battery Gods accept. Because I owe them big time!!

Bald Eagle


Fri 10 April 2020... Good Hike

Yesterday I had such a great hike... the birds were bouncing around, the blooms were beautiful, yay Nature!

The Wonderful Wild Turkeys, A stunning Red-breasted Sapsucker, a Robin standing in the spotlight, a Stellar Jay being stellar, and of course Song Sparrows in full song!

And then I got home and looked at the photos. oh lordy. It was a bright, sunny day. And in the dappled light of the forest, the camera just says, NOPE! No way, No how, Not gonna do this.

ha. Oh well. I can let it go, this time. Because, look! I found a bug!

a bug sitting on some Forget-me-nots

She was so fuzzy, I assumed she was a bee. But bees have two sets of wings... so I think she's a fly...

And check out that long proboscis and those big ol' eyes. I think she's a happy Bee Fly! How exciting!!

Bee Fly resting on a leaf

And see the little dots of pollen? Doing her job as a pollinator!

But, oh nature, red in tooth and claw, little Bee Fly babies eat Solitary Bee babies for dessert. sighs...

Bee Flies, A Pollinator with a Bad Reputation

The circle of life, huh.


Thurs 9 April 2020... Dandelions

Yesterday I was at the Community Garden Plot, digging up the last of the winter cover crop. Between my back muscles getting a good work out, and hearing my Hummingbird Supervisor singing at me, I also noticed several dandelions blooming in the plot.

I attended a presentation at the end of January about edible plants. And dandelions are good for you.

So I nipped off all the blossoms and tucked them into my back pack. I figured I could add them to my pasta and I thought the guinea pigs might enjoy them as well!

Holding picked Dandelion blossoms in my hand

The piggies greeted me as I came home and I washed my hands and got the blossoms out for them. haha... Daughter Dawn took one sniff and ran away. Piper didn't think that stuff was food, so she just looked at me. ha.

I dropped the two blossoms in their food dish and did other things. But in a few minutes, Dawn comes up for more sniffs. And she decides the blossoms are food! She chows down on her serving, and eats her moms serving as well! What a Pig! ;)

And later, I'm fixing pasta for my lunch. And I toss in a handful of dandelion blossoms at the end.

Yuck! The presentation guy said that protein would cancel out the bitterness of dandelion sap. I had added extra peanut butter to my regular pasta, thinking this would help. nope. Still a little bitter, and the texture was weird.

Of course, the texture of a full blossom is something to get used to. And I don't think I would mind that... if it actually tasted okay. which it doesn't!

*laughs* It's good to try new things!


Wed 8 April 2020... Doom and Gloom

I just can't get over this brief in today's newspaper...

Feds: US death toll will be less than projected

The coronavirus death toll in the U.S. likely will be less than the projections of 100,000 to 240,000 issued by the White House task force a week ago, the nation's surgeon general and head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say.

That is absolutely my expectation, and I feel a lot more optimistic because I'm seeing mitigation work, said Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who on Sunday warned that this week would be the outbreak's Pearl Harbor moment. He lauded public health officials in California and Washington state, where the confirmed cases curves have flattened, with providing a blueprint for the rest of the nation.

CDC chief Robert Redfield told KVOI radio in Tucson, Arizona, that social distancing of the type ordered by nearly all state governors will tamp down the outbreak: I think you're going to see the numbers are, in fact, going to be much less than what would have been predicted by the models.

um yeah. I don't know what world they're living in. But my world has over 1,000 people dying every day in the U.S. for a week now. (Current total is 12,936 dead in the US.) And we are on track for 2,000 people to die today.

I hate to tell you, but those numbers -- that are slowly creeping up? They add up.

And, yes, social distancing seems to be flattening the curve in some places. But then there's Florida. And certain other southern states. and they already have a couple thousand hospitalized with covid. And remember, when hospitals get overwhelmed, the death rate goes up.

So, sure, it's very nice to have these studies with super conservative death totals.


But then, ha, is my Doomer brain just dismissing science? *laughs* maybe!

But do we have a lot of trust in the CDC? When they have already failed us so spectacularly??


But, Science!!


*** Added Information ***

Is the most-used model of the covid-19 pandemic in the US absolutely worthless?

Pink Rhododendrons and a blue sky


Tues 7 April 2020... Pink!

Fawn Lilies in Pink!

Pink Fawn Lily


Mon 6 April 2020... Spring Migrations

Not only are the Turkey Vultures back in town... the Tree Swallows are as well!

Yesterday at the river, the Swallows were zipping and zooming above the water and up in the sky. Swooping for bugs! It was a glorious thing to see!

I wish I could show you photos. I just pointed the camera at the water and clicked. Yep, there are a couple of blurry blobs in the frame! But it's not enough even for an identification. They could be Violet-Green Swallows, for all I know!! Def not Barn Swallows, no flash of red.

But, regardless of who they were, I enjoyed watching them for a while!


Sun 5 April 2020... New Bird, Blurry Pic

I was walking on the RiverBank path this morning. I had decided to walk the most beautiful part of the path... It's lovely, but the wildlife doesn't happen much in this area. Too many humans, I suppose. That's okay. Sometimes it's good just to walk next to the river!

On my walk back, I saw a flash of yellow off to the side of the path. Oh, it's a goldfinch, I thought and kept walking. But his behaviour made me pause. I looked back and he was still standing near the ground on a dandelion stalk.

That's weird. We do have a couple other birds here with some yellow. I wondered if my initial assumption was correct.

I came back to him and took a few pics. He flew over and stood on the ground and picked at something for a while. huh.

Lesser Goldfinch and a dandelion head

When I got home, my first glance at the photos, oh, that's a goldfinch. But I had to look more carefully! Paging thru my field guide...

Lesser Goldfinch. and they eat dandelion seeds!

ha! Dandelions! Look at that!

So exciting to learn about nature. :)


Sat 4 April 2020... Spring Heart

Fallen camellia blossoms arranged in a heart shape on a lawn

Aw! This Camellia blossom heart on someone's lawn near the Community Garden certainly brought a grin to my face and a spark to my imagination!!!


Fri 3 April 2020... Health Care

huh. So Texas wants us to go back to the dark ages. It has classified abortions as non-essential and has banned them. A federal court upheld the governor's decision.

ugh. Let me tell you something. Abortions happen. They have always happened, throughout human history. And they will always happen, whether or not they are legal.

We will always need abortions! Why? Because people are not perfect. Accidents happen. Not only that... all birth control has a failure rate.

When abortion is illegal, rich women will be able to get abortions. They are able to travel elsewhere to get a safe abortion. It's the poor people who suffer. In the back alleys, or attempting to self-induce.

People die when abortions are made illegal. Which is beyond tragic, because abortion is one of the safest medical procedures there is. And it's safer than bringing the pregnancy to term because maternal mortality in the US is terrible.

A little side note. This is the first time I have blogged about this subject, but I am actually very passionate about reproductive health care. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to be public about birth control on my website, because I kind of want this to be a happy place.

But times change! And like I said... this is what I am thinking about, and I feel it's important to journal our truths!


Thurs 2 Apr 2020... Spring Blossoms

Tree Blossoms

Tree blossoms on a rainy day.


Wed 1 April 2020... Wednesday Doom and Gloom

*** Rant Mode ***

You know, I kind of worry that people are thinking that the social distancing and sheltering in place is the cure. I know that monster said We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. But!

People! It's not a cure! Everybody is going to get sick. Everybody! We just don't want everyone sick at the same time. 20% of people sick with covid have to spend time at the hospital. See New York City... This morning 15,904 people with covid are hospitalized there.

And with more people in the hospital, the death rate goes up.

okay. Oh, and one other little thing. When is that monster going to do the Defense Production Act to get us some damn masks and ventilators??! WHEN?

okay. also...
ER doctor who criticized lack of protective gear says he was fired
What are we... China, now? *cursing*

yeah. And you know how the US has more confirmed cases of covid than China? A lot more. We passed China days ago. New York, alone, is set to overtake China in the next few hours.

Okay. That's enough!

And, yeah, I am ranting. But also, these are the thoughts I am thinking. And I think our journaling in these historic times is important. If only, when we ourselves, look back.


Tues 31 March 2020... Just a pic

Fawn Lilies and ferns

Fawn Lilies with some ferns.

These are such lovely little flowers. I just can't get enough of them!! I'm such a sucker for star shapes! :)


Mon 30 March 2020... Walkin in the Rain

Every once in a while, it's pouring down rain when I want to go for a walk.

No problem! I put on my rain jacket, leave my camera at home, and I walk in the rain!

And because no one else is around... yeah I might sing or whistle a little. I'm terrible, you don't want to hear me!

A favorite raining song from my childhood... released Nov 1980... I was 8yo :) They must have played the heck out of that song, because I have the lyrics memorized!

Eddie Rabbitt, I Love a Rainy Night

Showers wash all my cares away
I wake up to a sunny day
Puts a song in this heart of mine
puts a smile on my face ev'ry time


Sun 29 Mar 2020... Nature

Spotted Towhee standing on a branch full of lichen

This is not the most flattering angle for this Spotted Towhee. *laughs*

But check out the lichen on the branch! Dang that is cool. And that big green thing that kind of looks like a leaf? That's some kind of lichen as well! (Right Click and View Image then hit the back button to come back.)

You know what? I think I'm going to start calling myself a naturalist. I don't know what the qualifications are to give yourself that title, but...

I love all the animals, down to the snakes and toads.

I love all the birds, of course... even starlings.

Bugs! I love bugs! Spiders, creepy-crawlers, Ants! um, Silverfish kind of freak me out for some reason, and oh, Cockroaches are a little icky... But I still think they are all interesting!

All kinds of plants. Interesting leaves, beautiful blooms.

Moss and Lichen! Yes!

Okay, maybe not slime and mold. But that's probably just because I don't know anything about slime and mold! It's just a matter of time before I find some cool slime!!



Sat 28 Mar 2020... Geography

Remember my little geography project from the beginning of the month? (Thurs 5 March if you'd like to scroll down.)

I started by memorizing the seven countries in Central America. And now I've got the countries in South America. The big islands in the Caribbean. And I've got a good start on Africa.

Africa is a little intimidating. There are a lot of countries! So I'm dividing them up into rows and sections.

And then I don't know how to pronounce some of them! Eritrea? It's Air-uh-Tree-uh!

Anyway. It's actually a fun little project.

Blank Map of the World from 2000, wikipedia

How many countries can you name? :)


fri 27 mar 2020... Veganic Gardening part 2

Humans need to support wild ecosystems in any and every way possible. And that basically means, whenever you do landscaping or flower gardening, you plant "100%" native plants.

Most of our thousands of species of native bees, here in the US, co-evolved with specific flowers and plants. It is super important they have enough of their partner plants... and humans have been paving everything over and bringing in exotics which become invasive.

I've read two books now, that have me uttery convinced.

A New Garden Ethic: Cultivating Defiant Compassion for an Uncertain Future

The Humane Gardener: Nurturing a Backyard Habitat for Wildlife (And incidently, this is a gorgeous book. It's printed on heavy, good quality paper and there are beautiful colour photos on almost every spread. Wow!)

I don't own a yard, but I can make some changes at my community garden plot. I just need to get some education.

oh, the education is kind of painful.

I let the Borage self seed because it's easy to recognize and get rid of as seedlings, it's easy to pull out as an established plant and it breaks down quickly to return to the soil. And, what I thought was the best? It attracted bees! Not just (invasive European) honey bees, but I'd see bumble bees and other bees out there too! It's a pretty plant and it covers unused areas in the garden very well.

Unfortunately, it's native to the eastern Mediterranean. Wai!

And the pretty Love-In-A-Mist that also re-seeds itself happily? Native to southern Europe and northern Africa. Gah!

The fennel I planted as an experiment last year? Native to southern Europe and Asia Minor and considered invasive in the US. I guess I shouldn't have let that go to seed. I did that on purpose, even! Dang it!

There are a couple of flowers in the garden that are Almost native. I'm not sure if that counts for much.

Oregon Sunshine is native to eastern Oregon and up to British Columbia. (I'm in the Pacific Northwest, so just a couple hundred miles - and a mountain range - away from the native area.)

Sunflowers are native to North America! And plenty of birds and squirrels make use of the seeds. So this is a good one to keep!

There are several species of Columbine native across the US, and I'm not sure what mine is. oh. It looks like I may have gotten the one from Europe. sheesh.

I can do better! And every new native plant I bring in, will help the bugs and will help the ecosystems.

The last batch of vege seeds that I ordered included a real native flower. Showy Milkweed is native on the western side of the Mississippi in the US and Canada. And in the Pacific Northwest, Western Monarchs are going extinct. So, I'm looking forward to planting all of those seeds to help the butterflies!

That's a beginning. I will keep on the look-out for more natives to plant!

Volunteer Lettuce

Some volunteer Cherokee Lettuce growing in the garden plot right now. I let the lettuce go to seed last year. The Gold Finches loved eating the seeds, maybe others as well. But they missed a couple! :)

Letting your veges go to seed is a good way to support wildlife, even when the vegetables aren't native to the area.


Thurs 26 Mar 2020... Veganic Gardening

My garden is Veganic! Vegan + Organic...

The Organic side means no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

But the Vegan side means no animal products and not killing pests at all...

Animal products are in a lot of fertilizers. Cow manure is a major ingredient in many fertilizers. Blood Meal, Bone Meal, Feather Meal, Urea Fertilizer, Fish Meal, Bat Guano. These are all commonly used non-vegan fertilizers. In fact, pretty much, unless the bag of fertilizer says -Vegan-, it probably has a dead animal or animal product in it. ugh.

And then there are organic pesticides. But as a vegan, I'm not out to kill anyone! And the thing is, when you use poison (even organic poison) to kill one annoying kind of bug, you are also killing a bunch of other bugs. And the more bugs you kill, the more birds you kill.

Not only are birds killed directly by pesticides, and not only are birds killed by eating poisoned bugs, but also... birds need bugs to live. And we are killing bugs by the zillions with our pesticides.

Something like 90% of song birds feed bugs to their babies. Without bugs, baby birds starve to death. Dead baby birds makes parent birds depressed.

Ecosystems are crashing. We will be left with nobody but the cockroaches and some invasive plants.

So please, please, stop using pesticides.

To be continued...


Wed 25 Mar 2020... covid Ramblings

Somebody needs to shut up that monster in the White House... America will again and soon be open for business - very soon GAH! Shut up!
Right now, a couple hundred people are dying every day in the US. Why don't we understand that this is just the beginning?? It's going to get so much worse. GAH!

I'm down to my last bag of soy curls. I'm bummed that I didn't notice I was getting low until it was too late. dang it. I love soy curls. Apparently, a bunch of other people do too.

Green Gardening with Ann Lovejoy
AL writes beautifully, and somehow even the posts about covid leave me less agitated and more at peace.

Why soap is still our best weapon against the coronavirus
This is an interesting and informative YouTube video! Soap is soap! Length of video is 13:54 and includes a great hand washing demo with fake germs that glow under black light.

This week our local newspaper removed the Sports section. And replaced it with a Nation's Health section.

I saw my first portable hand washing station today. Our city started putting these out a couple weeks ago. The one I saw was in a great location... at a bus stop outside a grocery store!


Tues 24 March 2020... Another Native Plant


Fringecup... Tellima grandiflora.

Just some cute little leaves on the forest floor, right now. But they will have 2foot tall flower spikes in a few weeks.


Mon 23 Mar 2020... Garden

I started planting some seeds at the garden yesterday because after weeks and weeks of no rain, there was a "100%" chance today!

uh huh. It did sprinkle a couple times. Barely got the side walk wet, tho. Well, it's a start. There's more days of rain in the forecast.

Beets, Leeks, Lettuce and Snap Peas. All those that can stand a bit of cold yet. I don't really pay attention to "last frost dates"... I just plant stuff when I feel like it. It mostly works out.

Except this is the first time in 10 years that I have been serious about planting seeds. Usually I buy vege starts at the Saturday Market Farmer's Market. I have tried to plant Snap Pea seeds... the slugs munch them as they come up. That's what's been deterring me from planting seeds! We'll see how it goes.

We've had about ½ the rain we're due this season. The severe lack of rain has made the dirt hard and there are crispy cracks splitting the earth open. There's still wet soil underneath, but the top is looking like mid-summer. And I could tell that the dirt I disturbed to plant the seeds was going to dry out immediately.

Poor little seeds. I hope we get enough rain this week to fix all that.


Sun 22 March 2020... More Plants

My Hidden Trail also has a native plant area which labels many plants. A good thing too, because this thing was blooming all over the place...

Fawn Lily

Fawn Lily! And check out these leaves!

Fawn Lily

The white and purplish painted on them, very striking!


Sat 21 March 2020... Plant Identification

Last week, when I visited Skinner Butte, I was excited about the blooming Trillium. But the forest floor was also covered with this...

Pacific Waterleaf

Very interesting looking leaves!

Fortunately, I hike in a couple places that put markers on plants. And I found this one at the Rhododendron Garden! Except the common name was mis-printed. Waterleaf looks nothing like this!

They had the scientific name as well, and I discovered Pacific Waterleaf! Yay!

But there is not much information about it. Wikipedia literally has seven sentences. ha!

This page had the most information about it...
Pacific Waterleaf at Native Foods Nursery
and mentions it's edible... hum, with just a single website saying that, I'm not sure I'm going to munch on it! *laughs*


Fri 20 Mar 2020... Happy Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow in song


Thurs 19 Mar 2020... Leaning Tree

My leaning tree

This tree is, oh, about 1.75miles from my home. a good walk. I think it's a White Oak.

And that dip in the branch? Right where the shadow is? It comes to about standing desk height!

Today I stood there with my little book and wrote a journal entry.


Wed 18 March 2020... just a note on the Gloom and Doom

Forget Me Not flower blooms

I had a dream last night that I was watching yet another YouTube video about washing your hands. As I watched, this person was doing something very different and I realized I had not been cleaning my hands properly at all!

Haha! And now that's the thing I think about as I wash my hands for 20 seconds. I am doing it properly! I am covering all with suds! :)


Tues 17 Mar 2020... Garden


Working in the garden again today... I'm hoeing the winter cover crop. And it feels a little bit sacrilegious to be killing clover on Saint Patrick's Day! :)

I had been at it for a bit when I realized I was being watched...

Anna Hummingbird

haha! Yep, same same as last Friday!

I think I'm going to call him my garden supervisor!


Mon 16 March 2020... A List

Soothing and Happy Things...

Reading a good book

Going out for a walk

Drawing or Colouring

Making soup

Watching a kids movie

YouTube meditation music and nature sounds

Taking photos of flowers and listening to the birds sing

Playing and Interacting with pets (Guinea Pig cuddles!)


Sun 15 March 2020... nope

*** I deleted today's Gloom and Doom post. I decided to limit myself to one day a week for that kind of content.

Northern Flicker on a moss covered branch


Sat 14 Mar 2020... Skinner Butte Spring Time

Oh my goodness, I had the best hike today. Funny thing is, going up Skinner Butte is def not my favorite. Far from! The trail is too short, there's very little wild life, and the top viewing areas have too many humans (sitting in their cars).

But today! The Trillium was blooming! The entire understory of the forest was greening up. New leaves on the Snow Berries, False Solomon Seal coming up. Other plants that I need to look up and learn about!

And the Robins were singing. and the Flickers were Que!ing. And a family of Stellar Jays were goofing off near the trail. Yay Spring!

Stellar Jay in the forest


Friday the 13th of March 2020... Anna Hummingbird

I started working at the garden plot this week, and look who came to sing to me today...

Male Annas Hummingbird sitting on an old sunflower head

:) It was cloudy, but every once in a while I could see the red-violet flashing off his face.

I asked him if he had any babies... it's well into nesting season here. But he said, Who Cares! haha, Hummingbird males are the worst fathers. They don't do anything to help, lazy bums!


Thurs 12 March 2020... Oh the things you will find!

Fun at the DMV. I am getting a new driver's license and the first thing they ask as I walk up to the info desk, Do you have your birth certificate?

No. I admit, I was confused about what documents I needed to bring... My specific situation was not listed. So I assumed that my old driver's license would count as a Government Issued Document. ha.

But I got 90% on my written test, so I'm happy about that. Of course, I panicked on a couple of how many feet away questions and those were the ones I got wrong. Exactly how I knew it would go down, even tho I studied so hard! arg!

I walked the long way home, and wondered where I could have put my birth certificate. I am not an organized person (tho I pretend to be, occasionally!) and my filing system is piles (and a couple boxes, with piles in them!) in my closet.

I went thru the first pile of important stuff. I know it's important because there are some calendars that other people have made for me, and I treasure these! There was also some old lawyer stuff. Some cash, including a 50$ bill! and some government bonds! ha! awesome! This little adventure is paying for itself!!

No birth certificate, of course. Okay. Next pile. I am absolutely certain the birth certificate is not in this pile. Absolutely. But I pull it out anyway.

And discover another pile right behind it. hm, this pile looks more promising! I start going thru it. How many years of tax stuff are you supposed to keep?! Oh, hey, the title to my car! I could have used that last year when I sold my crashed car to Geico! oh well.

And, at the bottom of the pile, a nice envelope from the State of Indiana! Yay! Birth Certificate.


Wed 11 Mar 2020... Current Events: COVID-19

Yeah, so I'm pretty sure everyone has figured out that the USA hasn't contained anything. And tho the confirmed cases hit 1,000 some time last night... that number is artificially small because we've not been able to test like we should.

(Yeah. And Do Not get me started about the effing test kits.)

And the CDC is reporting even smaller numbers because they can't be bothered to update their stupid web site but once a day, with yesterdays numbers. (Currently showing tues night's cases: 938. The real total right now is 1,289.) I guess their web site people have better things to do.

But, we don't have to worry about any ambiguity or uncertainty any more... Everyone in the U.S. is going to be exposed to COVID before too long. Everyone.

Oh. You're still going to worry? hm.

And Do Not get me started on our For-Profit health care system, either.

huh. I just realized that I don't have anything unique or important to add to this discussion. I'm just here to complain about the incompetence.

And this is what you get when I challenge myself to daily blogging. This is what is on my mind, if a little too persistently, so this is what I'm typing about.


Tues 10 Mar 2020... Daily Drawings

In mid-September last year, I started a mostly daily practice of drawing. I am keeping it small, ATC sized, and I am filling 9-pocket pages slowly but surely!

I did skip drawing in December and half of January. But I got back at it and have been pretty consistent... and am currently filling my 12th 9-pocket page!

I mostly draw with my favorite mechanical pencil. But occasionally I draw with various pens, or I pull out my Copics.

At first I was drawing from my own photos. But when I traded out my wall calendars at the beginning of the year, I saw some serious drawing fodder! I am happy I get a good variety of freebie calendars!

Cat series of drawings

And sometimes I get on a roll! :)


Mon 9 Mar 2020... flowers

Lenten Roses


Sun 8 Mar 2020... Raptor

I walked to pay a visit my friend Miss Leucistic Mallard, out on the bike path. And look at who else I found...

Cooper Hawk

A beautiful Cooper Hawk!

And yes, I have done my research on Cooper Hawks and Sharp-Shinned Hawks! They look exactly the same, except Sharp-Shinned are a little bit smaller than Coopers.

Fortunately, there are other subtle differences... The easiest one to judge is the tail, so make sure you get photos of the ventral (underneath) side of the tail feathers!

Sharp-Shinned Hawks tail feathers are all the same length. So when they have them splayed out when they are flying, it looks squared off.

Cooper Hawks have shorter tail feathers on the outside edges. So when they are splayed out when flying, their tail has a rounded look.

Thing is, when either hawk is sitting in a tree, they've got all their tail feathers folded up, on top of each other. So you've got to look closely to see if there are some shorter feathers in there, or not.

Hawks are really hard to identify. So I'm glad this Cooper Hawk has come around often enough for me to get a handle on her species!


Sat 7 Mar 2020... Signs of Spring

American Robin

Robins aren't really signs of spring... Altho they do migrate down from Canada in the winter, American Robins live in the United States all year 'round.

But look at the buds on the trees! Spring is on the way!


fri 6 mar 2020... Leucistic Turkey

Leucistic Turkey

Yep, another bird with leucism!


Thurs 5 March 2020... geography

Sometimes I toss and turn at night instead of sleeping. And last night I was thinking about a clip I saw the other day that kind of upset me. It was a clip about how stupid Americans are, altho they were actually focusing on a certain political group...

Jimmy Kimmel, Can You Name a Country?

good lord. People [living in the United States] can't even identify the United States on the map! This is not good! I get that it's been a while since you've been in school. But you should know your own country! (not to mention all the US states, if you live here!)

So, I'm lying there in bed, tossing and turning, and worrying about the state of education. I can place a couple dozen countries off the top of my head. And I could probably name a few more if I were looking at a map.

But I only know a couple countries in South America and Africa. I blame my college education for that! haha...

I have always been interested in maps, and I was looking forward to taking Geography in college. ugh. Terrible! As in, BORING! You had to memorize a bunch of facts for the class, and does anyone care what the number 1 export for a country is? No one cares. I'm sure of this.

Anyway. That college class really killed my curiosity. But my love of maps has been creeping back in recent years, fueled, of course, by my postcard obsession.

I own an atlas! And I pull it out when a book I'm reading mentions a country... in much the same way that I use the dictionary to look up a definition! And like the dictionary, sometimes I just page thru the atlas. Looking at stuff!

So. Last night, I got up and looked at my atlas. I decided I would start memorizing some countries!

I'm starting with Central America. Just seven countries...

G-B. El-H. NCP.

Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama.

I am trying not to be a stupid American. sighs.


wed 4 mar 2020... Currant Events: COVID-19

Okay. I may have mentioned I'm a Doomer. I believe that civilization will crash within my lifetime.

I don't think that COVID-19 will end civilization. I do think it will be one of those events that people will point to and say, That was the beginning of the end.

That Monster in the White House has really crippled our ability to respond quickly or well to a pandemic. by defunding CDC and other global epidemic programs. Some major mistakes have already been made in the US, and those little red dots in North America keep getting bigger:
John Hopkins COVID-19 Global Tracking

Yeah. I don't think the United States has the ability to contain COVID-19... I think that local efforts will be awesome, but because the federal government can't get it's act together, things will fall apart pretty quickly.

Sighs. And don't even get me started on the whole test kit thing!

Red Flowering Currant


Tues 3 Mar 2020... Another Leucistic

Leucistic Mallard

This girl has been hanging out at a bridge across the bike path a ways from my home. She's been there a couple weeks now, and this photo is from today.

I am certain that she's a Mallard. But she's significantly bigger than the wild mallards she's hanging out with. Which makes me wonder!


Mon 2 March 2020... Botanicals

White Cherry Blossoms

I am such a sucker for cherry blossoms! I will stand in front of a blooming tree and take hundreds of photos. Trying to get just the right clump of flowers, just the right colours and blurs in the background, just the right angle, just the right... etc! ha!

But I'm coming to realize, it's not just cherry blossoms... The very earliest photo postcards that I have saved on my computer (from 2008!) are flowers. There are a couple drawings and birds from those early days, but there's also flowers, trees, leaves, vegetables from the garden, rain drops on a house plant leaf, and a bit of tree moss!

I love all things botanical!

Why did it take me so long to acknowledge this? I don't know, but I've been taking photos of plants for a very long time... and not really talking about it. But not really thinking about it either!

I mostly send out animal and bird photo postcards these days. I get the idea -- and maybe it's my own prejudice -- that people enjoy seeing pics of animals more than flowers or leaves or trees?

Huh. But I do know I'm going to go thru my photos with a different eye, from now on. Pick out and highlight the plants!

Be more bold about plants with my postcards? hm, we'll see.


sun 1 mar 2020... Leucism

I met a very intersting person yesterday! An American Robin with leucism...

Robin with leucism, lots of white feathers

Leucism is a genetic condition in which some or all of a birds feathers are white or pale. Here are some other birds, I guess any bird species can have the condition... Why Is That Bird Part White? Leucism!

As usual, this is not a good pic but on a side note... I LOVE the textures in this pic! The splaying pine needles in just the right direction. And the thorny things on the branches behind. oh my!

laughs. I am silly, I know! :)


Sat 29 feb 2020... Happy Leap Day!

February was a pretty quiet month around here, despite my intentions to blog more often. humph! I've decided to challenge myself to daily posting in March... I need to stir up some trouble and I may as well type about it too!

LetterMo 2020

In February, I participated in LetterMo. Well. I send mail every day, anyway, so I tried to bump up my efforts a little bit. I sent out at least three postcards or letters every day!

I had enthusiasm, but the printer was having trouble. What a surprise, huh? And then I thought I fixed it, but it didn't stay fixed. Still not surprised. and *rolls eyes* (expensive piece of junk!)

I am also drawing on an ATC scale most every day. I started this project mid-Sept last year, and tho I did skip most of December and ½ of January, I am back at it in a serious manner. I am approaching 100 drawings and feel proud of that.

So! Blog posts for March will include these subjects and more. Stay Tuned! :)


Fri 14 Feb 2020... Happy

Moss on a tree stump in the shape of a happy face

(Natural formation? of moss on a tree stump at the edge of the Ribbon Trail.)


Tues 28 Jan 2020... Deers on Hidden Trail

I love this photo. It's not a great photo. I love it because it taught me something!

I had always assumed that we had Mule Deers here. White Tail Deers are an eastern species, Mule Deers are a western species. Right? ha! When I first looked at this photo, I decided to research Mule Deers.

And I discovered I was wrong!

Three Black Tail Deers

  • Mule Deers have big ears that come to a point.
  • White Tail Deers have ears that are rounded at the top.

Okay, Mule Deer ears!

  • Mule Deers have a large white patch on their rump.
  • White Tail Deers have some tufts of white outlining their tail

Um. White-Tail Deer rump.

And a few other interesting anomalies!

Mule Deers are greyish brown, White Tails are reddish brown.

photo deers are greyish: Mule Deers.

Mule Deers have white or light colored face. White Tails face is the same colour as their body, with white points.

photo deers have a brown face, but the white points are not prominent at all: White Tail Deers?

*Laughs* Finally, I looked up what kind of deers live in Oregon.

oh. Black Tail Deers!

Bahaha! of course! I just didn't know! :)

It's good to learn new things!!


Fri 24 Jan 2020... The Hidden Trail

I've been exploring the neighborhoods to the south of my home. I like to make a loop, rather than turning around and going back the same way... so I've been studying the map before I leave the house.

*laughs* There are so many dead ends, curves, circles, and unnamed streets, I still get lost! I'm thinking about just printing up a map to take with me!

But if I had done that, I might not have noticed this little thing. I was just at the end of my loop, and was headed towards the ½ mile circle street before heading home.

I looked the other way... up the dead end street, just wondering. And I heard water. I walked a few meters up the street and found a little creek, being directed under the street.

And there was a little paved path, going up the hill next to the creek, going right between the houses.

Trail next to a waterfall

oh my gosh! This narrow strip of nature is Amazing!

I didn't go up very far, I had already walked a couple miles and had over a mile to go to get home. But I couldn't wait to explore it another day!

And when I got home, I tried to google it. Nothing. There is nothing about it. So weird. It's hidden... And it's a secret!

And I think that's why I got stuck, working on this blog post. I think the Hidden Trail has a blessing on it to keep it hidden! Not a curse! A Blessing! ha!


Wed 22 Jan 2020... Happy Things

To combat the rut I'm in, I've been walking in a different direction. When I walk from home, I always head towards the bike path...

To the east, is the Community Garden and along the way there's lots of green space for wildlife to pop up from. But this is the path I've walked a thousand times.

To the west, it's nice to walk thru the neighborhood occasionally, but few photos happen there.

To the north, are shops and businesses. I go that way when I need to, but the road to cross is pretty dangerous.

And to the south are some very nice neighborhoods. The road to cross is much easier, and I haven't been potientially squished by a stupid car on that street yet.

It's nice to walk someplace new, but there aren't many photo opportunities. A couple people have bird feeders in their front yard, but the birds aren't interested in me. Even the squirrels are running away from me.

Oh well. I did see a couple things today that made me happy.

  • A lady walking a super cute little white dog who had black spots shading down to brown. Little dog was so friendly and happy, she made me happy too!

  • A couple of ladies, drinking coffee on the porch, having a jolly laugh about something!

  • A woman walking with her phone, and singing along with the song that was playing. We grinned big at each other!

Eastern Fox Squirrel sitting on a road sign


Mon 20 Jan 2020... Another Pause?

Sheesh, another ten day pause here, when I want to be blogging every day. I'm in a rut, and the political situation in the US is getting me down.

So here's a funny story for you...

I was walking down my street towards the bike path and I hear a crow yelling. I look up and see a turkey vulture up in a tree, who is being mobbed by this one crow.

I am interested because Turkey Vultures migrate, and mid-January seems way too early for them to return. And Crows do mob hawks, because hawks will invade nests and eat eggs or babies. It's not nesting season, of course, but it's also silly to mob a Vulture. And, sure enough, the Crow flies away after a couple swoops.

I snap a few pics and go on with my walk along the creek.

But when I get back home and look at my photos...

Bald Eagle sitting at the top of a pine tree

Um. Yeah.

Even the non-birdy-est person on the planet could tell that is not a Turkey Vulture!

haha! Out on the street, looking almost straight up into the sky, that bird was just a silhouette. And, really, there's no reason a Bald Eagle should be sitting on a tree on my street! No Reason! :)


Fri 10 Jan 2020... The Pause

A bit of a pause here on the blog... I've been sick. Down with a cold. I'm feeling better, but I'm having trouble re-building my momentum and enthusiasm for my projects.

I have been reading, tho. And one of my New Years Resolutions is to keep up with my GoodReads reviews. And hopefully even catch up with the couple of years that I haven't written reviews. (I quit reviewing on a regular basis in 2017.)

And I was happy to update my GoodReads Shelves! I've finished two books, so far, and will be adding a 3rd soon: RiftVegan 2020 book shelf

I would also like to spend more time organizing my mail log. I think I have a good system, I just ignore it sometimes. :)

I also started a couple of almost daily practices last year that I would like to continue.

  • Blogging
  • Many of my blog posts center around a photo, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts about nature and conversations with wild animals!

  • Drawing
  • I just need to get back into the habit of doing tiny drawings every day. Since I don't draw very often, every stupid little sketch feels "precious". yeah, like Gollum "precious". My goal is to get away from that feeling and to "let go" of my drawings.

  • Make and Send Mail Every Day
  • Of course, this isn't a new thing. But I want to mention it anyway, since I've been struggling to write postcards, here lately.

sleeping heron on a tree branch, head tucked

A napping Great Blue Heron. and how I've felt while I've been sick, just wanting to hide my face from the world.


Wed 1 Jan 2020... Review and Revise

Happy New Year!

Well, this is going to be a pretty unusual year in review. I didn't work for much of the year -- I was laid off from my awesome job of 10+ years in March and I decided to take a temporary retirement! So I got to do a lot more of all of my favorite activities!!

Walking in 2019
A serious car accident at the end of January sidelined me at the beginning of the year. I was bed-bound and then house-bound with pain for a month, and a broken foot kept me down for a while after that and then tight tendons made walking painful for many months.

The places I've walked are pretty limited (because of mild problems with driving): my neighborhood and out to the community garden, the Ruth Bascome Riverbank trail, and the Ridgeline at Hendrick's Park. But I really upped my game. I walk 4 miles most every day and walk 5+ miles once a week!

Photography 2019
in 2018... 11,570 pics, avg 964/month
in 2019... 15,124 pics, avg 1,260/month

Walking is Photography! Since I walk every day now, I take a lot more photos! Going thru all those photos has been a problem, tho. It takes time to pull up each photo and pick out the best for printing, and the interesting for the blog.

Mailing and Postcards
I sent 915 bits of mail in 2019, averaging 76 per month... a significant step down from the 104 per month I sent out in 2018.

The GoodReads group I host had gotten overwhelming in 2018, and I redesigned the way we exchanged postcards there. I lost a lot of regular members, which makes me sad. But it made my life so much easier, and I rediscovered joy in sending out my postcards!

I've been sending more cards and letters. I took on a new postcard project. and I revived my poor lonely PostCrossing account and sent 44 postcards there.

I hosted 62 swaps at Swap-Bot and participated in 131 swaps all together!

My good but temperamental and expensive printer finally gave up the ghost in April. I bought an Epson SuperTank to replace it. It was spendy, but I hope it won't be an ongoing expense like the Canon was (buying new printheads all the time). The new Epson prints fine, but has recently developed major issues with ink smearing. Probably because it doesn't like the heavier photo paper I use for my postcards. damn thing.

Community Garden 2019
The garden was a major disappointment this past year, ironic since I had extra time to spend working there! A cold spring and a cool summer messed things up, and no plants were productive. but probably I'm just a terrible gardener! ha. Experimented with Fennel, me and the Guinea Pigs like the leaves as salad, but I don't like the bulb part at all. Also planted a cover crop for the winter for the first time. That's going well, at least!

Writing and Drawing
I took a couple HTML and CSS classes over the summer, and started typing here on a mostly daily basis in October. I am really happy about that and want to continue. There's some major back-end stuff that I need to work on, and I hope to get to that soon.

I'm also thrilled that I started drawing most every day in August, and then re-starting mid-Sept.

Intentions for the New Year will be a separate post, since this one got so long!


Friday the 13th 2019... Elks

I'm on the front range in Colorado (east side of the Rocky Mountains) and it's fun to look at the local wildlife!

Several male and female elks in a field

And every time I go outside, I see a raptor of some kind... Far away or standing in a tree off in the distance. Eagles or hawks or falcons.

No photos of them yet, but it makes me happy to know there's a good population of predators!


Thurs 12 Dec 2019... Colorado

I'm in a whole different world... can you tell?

The face of a llama


Sun 8 Dec 2019... Delta Ponds Again

And another dark and dreary day... Not expecting any wildlife, I started taking moody landscape photos.

fog over the Delta Ponds

But I come around the corner, and there's a ripple in the pond. I stop to look... And it's a Mink! And she's close enough, I might get a decent photo?

Mink hiding in the brush

Well, no, not a decent photo... but way better than any other photo I've gotten of a mink! So it's awesome! ;)


Friday 6 Dec 2019... Delta Ponds Duck

A happy surprise at the Delta Ponds this morning... it was so dark and dreary, I wondered why I bothered to bring the camera: far away wildlife will just look like the fog!

But there's a new white Mallard at the Ponds, and he's paddling right for me! And climbs up on the bank and walks right up to me!

White Mallard

What a sweet heart! And beautiful blue eyes. But he lost interest quickly when I didn't produce any treats. :)

Mallards have all kinds of natural colour combinations! Nearby, on the river, I've seen a pair of almost black mallards. The white ones are the result of domestication. This one is probably an escapee! Yay!

And the tail curl indicates that he's a male...

White Mallard


Thurs 5 Dec 2019... Sparrow

Just a cute little house sparrow, livin' in the city!

House Sparrow standing on barbed wire


Wed 4 Dec 2019... Daily Drawings

I kind of got side tracked from my projects Thanksgiving week. The blog was irregular and not actually uploaded many days, and I skipped several days in a row of my daily ATC drawings.

I got back to it today, and pulled out a new 9-pocket card holder page. I've filled 6 pages, which means I've got 55 little drawings!

Before drawing today, I glanced over my previous pages. I tend to do my pencil sketch, and then either leave it or do a little shading with pencil. So today I decided to try to do a simple pencil sketch and then colour it.

Golden Crowned Sparrow drawing

I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

I draw a lot of birds, but I hate drawing feathers. I'm trying to figure out how to indicate them with a couple of swoops or dribbles of colour. Yeah. I'm not quite there, obviously.

But I think the overall impression is okay!


Tues 3 Dec 2019... Teals

Hooded Mergansers and Green-Winged Teals are regular winter visitors at the little creek that runs down the hill from our home.

I've not kept records, unfortunately. But it seemed like the Mergansers were early this year, and the Teals are late. Today was the first time I'd seen Teals at the creek...

Male Green-Winged Teal


Mon 2 Dec 2019... Five Mile Monday

(oops... I've not been very consistent about the updates here lately.)

Today's 5 mile walk actually turned into 5½ miles because I went out to see Pluto!!

ha! The Riverbank path has a science installation of a scale model of the Solar System. Over the weekend, I walked down to see the Sun and inner planets.

Scale model of the Sun at Alton Baker park in Eugene, OR

The Sun is 4foot 6inches (1.39 meters) and Earth is a little speck 492feet away (150 meters) and Pluto is an even smaller little speck 3.7 miles away (5.9km).

Wait! Pluto?! I didn't even know about Pluto! On my regular walk along the RiverBank, I pass Uranus and Neptune. Turns out Pluto is on a side path I'd not been on yet!

And that's where I walked today. The loop turned out to be longer than I thought. Thus the extra 1/2 mile!


Sat 30 Nov 2019... Squirrel

Eastern Fox Squirrel looking from a tree trunk

This squirrel caught my eye because his tail is SO red!

The Eastern Fox Squirrels do not have a lot of variability here... since they are invasive, they probably don't have the broad genetic base that they have at home.

East of the Rocky Mountains, Fox Squirrels are black, grey and yellow, grey and rust, black and brown with a white stripe on their face! (That last is pretty funny looking to me!)

Our Fox Squirrels are just grey and orange.

Plus one with a red tail. :)


Fri 29 Nov 2019... Happy Buy Nothing Day!

(Yep, I celebrated by buying nothing!)


Thurs 28 Nov 2019... Happy Thanksgiving

Out to my favorite hike, Hendricks Park and I knew it was going to be a good walk because a Song Sparrow was greeting me right at the entrance of the Rhody Garden!

Song Sparrow on dried flowers

After my turn thru the Garden, I headed up the hill to the hiking trails. About half way down the West Trail, I run into one of the regulars. Usually we just grin at each other, but this time he asked me what I did with my photos.

Ha. I wasn't sure I wanted a long conversation, but I told him I turn them into postcards. He said he sends postcards, too. Huh? Yeah, they're cheaper and you don't have to say very much. ha, okay!

I said, well I wish I had a pen and paper, we could exchange addys. But I'm wearing a new winter jacket and I've not filled my pockets properly yet. oh he says, I've got that. He pulls out a pen and a piece of scrap paper and hands it to me!

It feels weird telling someone in real life about my online name, but I write down rift vegan and my PO box... A stranger in the woods is not getting my home address!

Are you vegan? he asks when he sees my name. Yep. Oh, me too. ha, okay!

He gives me his real name and real address, and we continue on together. He chats and asks questions. And I pretend to know how to do small talk.

I point out some wildlife and he points out some plants. In fact, we went past a forest restoration area on the Oak Knoll trail and he mentioned that he helped plant it, a couple weeks ago. Snow Berries, some Ferns, and new to me: Osoberries.

And it turns out, he works on the newsletter for the Friends of Hendricks Park. He encouraged me to think about sending some photos.

ha, maybe! They definitely need a Wildlife of the Park section in their newsletter! :)


Wed 27 Nov 2019... no snow

They were all predicting snow. It would have been fun, but I'm fine that we didn't get any!

There was a dusting at the top of the hill to the immediate south of us, tho...

Snow and Frost at the top of the hill

They said the snow level dropped to 1100 feet... I need to figure out what the elevation on the hill is. hmmm...

Looks like our home is around 430feet, our street goes up a steep hill and across the road it hits 500feet. The nearest hill goes just above 1000 feet, and yep, I think that's the hill I'm looking at from the bike path. Interesting!


Mon 25 Nov 2019... Geese at Five Mile Monday

The place where I park for my Five Mile Mondays, is right behind a big soccer field. And today there was a huge gathering of Canada Geese!

I looked around for someone special to take a pic of... and here's a single Greylag Goose...

Greylag Goose hanging out in a flock of Canada Geese

And their son or daughter?

Greylag Hybrid

Mostly Greylag, with some Canada Goose influences.


Similarly, there is a single Canada Goose who hangs out with the Greylag flock.

Just like with humans, we love who we love!


Sun 24 Nov 2019... Reading

Someone recently reminded me about the Burroughs Medal, an award for Nature Writing.

I'm not sure when I discovered it, but I had read a couple books from the list, which I mostly enjoyed, and it seemed like a good idea to read more.

But then I read a Burroughs winner that broke my heart. I read this book in 2016, and it still brings tears to my eyes. Here's my review:

It's taken a while, but I've decided to give the list another try. The Lovely and the Wild is the 1969 winner of the Burroughs Medal, and it's available in Kindle form.

I started reading it yesterday. Kind of a slow start, there's a 50page intro. But now we are into the animal stories... and I'm loving it!

She lives in Ontario, Canada, so I'm not familiar with all the eastern birds and critters. But I can definitely relate to how she follows everyone who gathers around her bird feeders.

It's illustrated by Glen Loates, and oh my gosh, I love the style!!

Sketch by Glen Loates, of a chickadee landing on a snowy pine branch

The drawings are obviously based on the text, and they are just beautiful. I wish I could do that!


Sat 23 Nov 2019... Squirrel

I love to come across our native Western Grey Squirrels out in the forest.

The non-native Eastern Fox Squirrel has most of our urban areas under their own control. A Western wanders through the neighborhood every once in a while, but they are more common in our larger parks.

And I think it's the young Western Greys who have the overwhelming curiosity about the humans on the trails!

Western Grey Squirrel looking down from a fir tree branch


Fri 22 Nov 2019... More Ducks

One more, in the cast of characters at the Delta Ponds... Wood Ducks!

Wood Duck

They are year round residents. And -- like cormorants -- also stay just out of camera range. meh.

But check this out!!

Coot Feet are blue and funny looking

Coots don't have webbed feet because they are not ducks, they are related to Sandhill Cranes. But look! Their feet are so funny looking!


Thurs 21 Nov 2019... Cormorant

Walking past the Delta Ponds again today. And you know, it's a lot more fun looking at ducks, now that I know most of them!

Cormorants are not ducks. They are big, aquatic diving birds. And Double-Crested Cormorants spend the winter here.

I don't really pay much attention to them. They are easy to identify, and are usually pretty far away. Here's a typical photo...

Delta Ponds

haha. This was my GR PC Feb, and I love this pic! So artsy!

But the other day, I almost got a decent photo of a closer Cormorant. It's still pretty blurry, but Oh My Gosh! Look at her eyes!!!

Cormorant with aquamarine eyes

Wow! Do they all have eyes that colour? I wish they came closer more often!


Wed 20 Nov 2019... got away

And then there's the wildlife that gets away, without a portrait taken!

Today was too dark and dreary for photography, but I was having pretty good luck with the birds, never mind the blurry photos. A Robin stayed for a couple pics, and a Junco as well. And then a woodpecker... was it a Downy or a Hairy??

I decided to stop and watch a Heron. But she was watching someone as well. I couldn't tell what she was seeing, but she was staring hard at the opposite bank of the creek, craning her neck every once in a while. And the nearby ducks were interested as well. What the heck?

A flash of movement, and a splash... and it could only have been a mink. And she was gone in an instant, probably panicked by the Heron. Minks are pretty small compared to Herons, after all... especially Herons with that look in their eyes! :)

But I was a bit bummed for missing out on a cute little mink face.

But it reminded me about the otter that I saw last week. Who I did get a portrait of. A bad portrait, unfortunately... it was another dark day, and the otter wasn't giving the camera time to focus.

Otter in the creek

But it was super fun to watch her... she was as interested in me as I was of her. She'd pop her head up to look, then duck down under the water and swim to get a different angle. hehe.

Until she got bored and headed down stream.


Tues 19 Nov 2019... Heads Up

My five mile walk of yesterday was at the Ruth Bascom Riverbank path. I had just crossed Owosso Bridge, to come back on the West Bank side. There's about 3 blocks where the path goes along a street instead of next to the river... I guess the city couldn't get the land for the path. Which is a bummer, but it's an okay neighborhood to walk thru.

A biker is coming towards me. Careful! he says. There are two turkeys!

That makes me laugh with joy. Oh my gosh! Thanks!

I go a bit further, and sure enough, around the corner...

Two wild turkeys in a neighborhood front yard

Awesome! I love turkeys' cute sad faces! (and also great to see recycling happening!)

People notice my camera, and I always appreciate the heads up from my fellow path users about wildlife!

Several years ago, a lady with a happy little black dog, Licorice, told me about a Great Blue Heron perching in the Douglas Fir that she points out. We meet again, not long after, and I tell her I was able to get pics of her Heron. Her name is Joyce and we still occasionally cross paths!

A couple weeks ago, a lady with a Chihuahua, Little Man, told me about two Egrets. We actually went looking for them together, since she had just seen them just a couple minutes ago. But they were gone. We went our separate ways, but on my way home I saw both the Egrets! Yep, we ran into each other again, and her name is Diane.


Mon 18 Nov 2019... exercise

I walked 5 miles again today! I guess monday is going to be my five mile day. :)

Most other days, I walk 4 miles. Occasionally, I will just walk 2 miles around the neighborhood and then stop at the gym to do some weights and 30 minutes of elliptical.

Yeah, I keep pretty active. And I'm really proud of myself for getting up to 5 miles, too...

I've had a very difficult time recovering from the broken foot of January. I was still in the walking boot when the doctor "released" me in March. She just threw some printouts at me for my therapy exercises.

Your tendons and ligaments tighten up and stop working after being immobilized for a while. Since my doctor abandoned me, I don't know if my tendons were really bad, or what. But the therapy exercises HURT. a lot. But eventually, I was able to walk thru the pain. And eventually, I walked further with the pain. And eventually, I thought I would always have pain when I walked.

In September, I was starting to ignore the pain. And in October... I was better! Just some twinges, every once in a while. And I've been walking further and further and further!

Thus I get excited about 5 miles! :)

Great Blue Heron


Sat 16 Nov 2019... Mushroom

A little bit of rain on Friday morning, after a long dry spell, brought out the mushrooms.

Close up of a mushroom

My partner even brought home a beautiful orange mushroom, saying he was going to cook it up and eat it.

Ha! I put the nix on that. He's such a troll, I never really know when he's joking!! :)


Fri 15 Nov 2019... Starfish

Yesterday I showed a sketch that included a starfish. It reminded me of ecological collapse...

A few years ago the starfishes on the Oregon coast were found with arms that looked like they were melting or turning into slime. I don't think the scientist ever figured out what was wrong, whether it was a virus or a prion or what. The disease caused massive die-offs in about 40 species of sea stars.

Sunflower Sea Stars were the only remaining predator of Purple Sea Urchins. Humans had already decimated the sea urchins other predator in the 19th century: Sea Otters, murdered almost to extinction for their fur. And now the Sunflower Sea Stars are gone as well.

Purple Sea Urchins, with nobody keeping their population in check, have in turn decimated the Kelp Forests off the coasts of Oregon and California. The kelp is gone and the sea urchins literally cover the sea floor and are starving because there's nothing left to eat.

Learn more:


Thurs 14 Nov 2019... Adult Colouring Books

About a month ago this book showed up in my mailbox. I pre-ordered it in May, and had forgotten. So it was a pleasant surprise.

Johanna Basford's illustrations definitely charm me and I have several of her other books... Not that I've taken the time to colour any! haha. I just like to look at her art!

I have done a couple of my daily drawings, based on her work. I think they've turned out okay, but it does take longer to work on them since I have to decide where to put what.

ATC drawing in the style of Johanna Basford ATC drawing in the style of Johanna Basford

haha, I know: the one looks like horns!

The book also has Garden and Forest sections, but I like organic and abstract of the Ocean drawings.


Wed 13 Nov 2019... Write For Rights

(Sorry about the non entries of the last couple days. Just lost my mojo, temporarily.)

December 2011, I discovered Amnesty International's Write For Rights campaign. I became an Urgent Action writer for AI after that, but the Write For Rights holds a special place in my heart!

Writing for AI is all about sending letters of protest to governments or authorities. The major difference between UA writing and W4R writing is the letters of solidarity! This is the part that I really love!

Sending a card for support to the person who is in trouble -- maybe they are in jail for their human rights activities, or maybe a family is waiting word from someone who has been disappeared -- makes all the difference in the world.

The letters of protest are easy too... if you go to the Write For Rights page and scroll down to the half way point, it says "Now, Write a Letter". Just under that is the yellow bar to download a PDF of the ten cases this year.

That PDF includes the address and sample text for each letter of protest. And then has more information and how to send your message of support. Some of these are messages on social media, some are a forwarding address kept by Amnesty International.

I like to send my handmade cards based on my photography... Even better when I can match info from AI with one of my photos! For instance, Marinel Ubaldo loves nature, so I'll be sending her one of my chipmunks! :)

P.S. If you live in the UK, please check out Amnesty International, UK because there are a couple different cases you can write for: Migrant Women and Young Trans People. Both VERY important!!


Mon 11 Nov 2019... Walking

(Today I walked 5 miles for the first time!)

(Exercise is good.)


Sun 10 Nov 2019... Reading

(Today I read my book all afternoon and all evening!)

(It's great sci fi.)

Semiosis by Sue Burke

Semiosis is any form of activity, conduct, or process that involves signs, including the production of meaning. A sign is anything that communicates a meaning, that is not the sign itself, to the interpreter of the sign. The meaning can be intentional such as a word uttered with a specific meaning, or unintentional, such as a symptom being a sign of a particular medical condition. Signs can communicate through any of the senses, visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or taste.

~ Wikipedia


Sat 9 Nov 2019... Forest Restoration

One of the trail junctions in the middle of the forest at my favorite local hiking spot, has had signs up during the summer. They would be doing forest restoration there. And finally they have.

I recognized a couple of the shrubs they planted in the area. Snow Berry, which is common in large patches all across the hills...

Forest Restoration, Snow Berry

And Oregon Grape, which is also the state flower. :) The leaves look like holly...

Oregon Grape

And then the ones I don't know yet:

unknown Forest Restoration plant

unknown Forest Restoration plant

and then there were several cages which just contained some sticks! I suppose the deers or the bunnies like to munch on whatever is in there! I'll have to wait and see what develops in the spring.

Forest Restoration area


Fri 8 Nov 2019... day of chipmunks

Sometimes when I go out in the forest, there is no wildlife to be found. I thought today was going to be one of those days and I started taking photos of the plants. Which is just as good, but not as exciting. :)

But I walked up Oak Knoll, this trail always has somebody cute to photograph! If only a single Song Sparrow. Today there were chipmunks everywhere!

chipmunk on a branch

There are 5 or 6 species of chipmunks who live in our area, and there isn't any way for an amateur to identify them. bummer.

This one is looking pretty round.

Chipmunks do hibernate, tho not in the bear way. Chipmunks wake up every couple days to munch on the nuts they have stored in their hidey hole.

I'm not sure if they hibernate here tho... since we have mild winters, they might stay active thru the season. More direct research, forthcoming!


Thurs 7 Nov 2019... Drawing Project

I have been making ATC sized sketches almost every day for just over 7 weeks now, and I just started filling my fifth 9-pocket card protector. I began this project on 16 Sept which means (math: 7.5 weeks is 52 days, and with 37 drawings is 70%) I've been drawing about 5 ATCs per week!

*** Sorry about all the numbers there. Here's where we actually begin! :D ***

Of course the surprising thing is... I'm still at it! And you know what else I'm still doing?! The daily blog!

The two projects kind of lend themselves to each other... I've been better about going thru my photos every day, since I usually like to have a pic here. Which means I also check my photos for the printable ones, and I will do test prints of the borderline photos. And when I have extra photos laying around, I can grab one to sketch it!

I like looking at other people's work space, so here is mine today:

my workspace

Yep this is where I write my postcards and notecards, you can see a few stamps in the background.

And yep, I work on the floor. I really like to spread out when I'm working, and a big desk would not fit in our tiny townhouse.


Wed 6 Nov 2019... Leaves

I was going thru my October photos, looking for some Autumn Leaves for a Swap-Bot swap I'm in. Yeah, I do take some pics of leaves... I love the colours or I love the shapes! And I just love leaves in general.

Here's some fern fronds that really caught my eye...

Fern closeup


Tues 5 Nov 2019... Song Sparrows

Song Sparrow

Just a photo that makes me really happy. Song Sparrows always put a smile on my face and in my heart!

I am not sure when I started taking notice of Song Sparrows. But a photo I took in December of 2016 has become a significant one... I am still sending that one out as a postcard to welcome new members at my GoodReads group!

Song Sparrows have a lovely song, of course! And since they live here all year, I usually hear them every time I go for a walk. Madge Madge Madge, put on your tea kettle ettle ettle is how my Audubon field guide has it, which kind of captures the rhythm of it.

But it's their contact call that I pay attention to most of all. Jeep. Jeep. Jeep. And they are probably bouncing around in the under story, so don't look up!


Mon 4 Nov 2019... More Ducks

Still trying to get interested in ducks. And it is nice that they aren't all Mallards! Mallards are fine, but when that's all you've got to look at, they are boring! :)

Wandering thru the Delta Ponds today, I saw the both the ducks I had identified here... Coots! and, shoot, I couldn't remember the Wigeon. I think I need a bit of interesting information to go with the duck to help me recall their species. For instance: Coots aren't real ducks.

For Wigeons, hmm. There is an American Wigeon and a European Wigeon. And sometimes a European is found hanging out with the Americans, and sometimes an American is found hanging out with the Europeans. That has a nice balance to it.

Here are a couple new ones I found today... A Northern Shoveler with a funny looking bill:

Northern Shoveler

And a Pied-billed Grebe, cute little face, but no tail!

Pied-billed Grebe


Sun 3 nov 2019... brr

Frost on Columbine leaves

Frost on my Columbine. It is really not supposed to be this cold. It's supposed to be well above freezing.


Sat 2 Nov 2019... Houseplants

I got a pleasant surprise when I opened the back blinds this morning to let in some sunshine... one of my African Violets is blooming!

African Violets

This is a clone of one of my Grandma's plants... she had loads sitting on the dryer in the kitchen.

I don't take care of my houseplants very well. Fortunately, African Violets thrive on neglect! ha.

I've got a few houseplants that have survived my haphazard care... Spider Plant, Chinese Evergreen, two different Pothos, an Umbrella plant, a Peace Lily and a Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia, but I never remember how to pronounce it!). Oh, and a couple of Begonia cuttings.

All of these plants were given to me by family or work buddies!


Fri 1 Nov 2019... Poetry

The last book I read was a science fiction novel, A Memory Called Empire [it was okay, not great] and poetry was an important part of the culture. The people there memorized long poems in school and poetry contests were part of every day conversation as well as national entertainment.

Today I started re-reading a book. I read and enjoyed A Tale for the Time Being in 2013. [I rated it 5 out of 5 stars.] I've just been thinking about it lately for some reason. It's got a little bit of poetry, but the story is written so well it almost reads like poetry itself.

I'm not really a poetry person. I like things to be straight forward, and sometimes when I encounter a poem in a book I don't want to take the time to figure it out... or even read it. yep, sometimes I just skip it!

ha! Shameful I know.

But reading Empire, I wondered why I was never forced to memorize a poem in school. My partner can recite parts of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. But me? I know a few one-liners: Quoth the Raven Nevermore, and Hope is the thing with feathers, and Oh, the Thinks You can Think! :)

And I wonder. Maybe I'm impoverished. Maybe I should find a poem to memorize.


Thurs 31 Oct 2019... Happy Halloween!

two spider webs

Looks a bit like a monster's face, doesn't it?! :D


Tues 29 Oct 2019... Health Care for Halloween

I have not talked about it openly here, yet, but I'm a huge advocate for reproductive justice, Planned Parenthood and independent clinics, birth control and abortion.

So I was absolutely delighted when I saw Mama Doctor Jones put out a YouTube of her Halloween costume... She's going as a uterus with a copper IUD!!

ObGyn makes DIY Feminist IUD

It is so brilliant... and she's got her overies on her wrists!!

It's a 12½ minute video, but she shows flashes of herself in the costume at the beginning, if you don't have time to watch the whole thing.

Anyway, it made me laugh. :)


Sun 27 Oct 2019... Ducks

I am very interested in all the new, unidentified song birds I come across in my wanderings. I try to take as many pics as I can, even blurry pics are fine when I don't know who I'm looking at. And I try to Look as well as photograph and note any behavior that will help.

And when I'm home, the field guides come out! The blurry photos are studied and maybe I consult All About Birds, Cornell. And the little bird is figured out and my happy knowledge has been increased!

Not so much with ducks, tho. I just don't care as much, for whatever reason.

So every time I visit the Delta Ponds, and I see those somewhat cute little dark grey ducks, with the black heads... They've got a funny looking face, and are instantly recognizable because of their constant diving... And I don't know what species they are!

American Coot

American Coot! All About Birds says Coots aren't actually ducks! They don't have webbed feet and are related to Sandhill Cranes. Very interesting!

And the American Wigeon...

American Wigeon

A winter visitor in our area.

And that's interesting because Hooded Mergansers and Green-Winged Teals are also winter visitors and today was the first time I'd seen them this season!


Sat 26 Oct 2019... Garden Birds

I love this time of year at the garden... autumn brings all kinds of birds to munch on stuff that's gone to seed. But there are also interesting new birds that are migrating thru!

A House Finch, in his winter waning red glory...

house finch

And a Junco with... I don't know what this red-violet plant is, but it apparently self-seeds and grows freely across the community garden. The birds love it, and I want it for my own garden plot. If only I knew what it was!

black eyed junco


Fri 25 oct 2019... The Garden Experiment

I brought home a couple leeks from the garden today.

I hate onions, but I really like leeks. We don't grow leeks at the garden very often. Because I don't remember how much I like leeks!

Leeks are great in soup... I slow cook some barley and lentils and chop up the leeks with some celery and carrots. Yum. But it's good to throw leeks in when you cook up pasta or rice, too!

I should grow more leeks. That's one plant that is easy to grow because the slugs won't munch on them! And then, they don't mind the cold, so they can stay in the ground in the autumn until you're ready to eat them.

Anyway. I try to experiment with something new every year and this past year's experiment was Fennel. I'd never grown or eaten it before.

So, Fennel? thumbs up and thumbs down! haha!

I do like the leaves, they are wonderful just to munch on when wandering thru the garden. Very refreshing! and they're good in salad, but you have to add quite a bit to actually taste it. A happy bonus: the guinea pigs also like to eat the leaves! :)

But Fennel root? meh. You can treat it like celery, but when I nuked it with my pasta there were always tough parts that made it yucky. I didn't cook it enough to figure out how to remove the potiential tough parts.

and I didn't cook it enough because it wasn't tasty enough to bother!

I left 3 fennels to go to seed in the garden... it's supposed to self-seed easily. And we shall see what I do with the results next year. Maybe the piggies will like the root more than I do?


Thurs 24 Oct 2019... Foggy Birds

I've really been hoping to catch a Black and Orange bird to use as my October postcard... I saw both the prime candidates yesterday, but the heavy fog made the ambient too dark for the camera.

A Towhee...

Spotted Towhee

And a Varied Thrush...

Varied Thrush


Wed 23 Oct 2019... Trees and Fog and Light

I went for a hike at my favorite place here in town. Hendricks Park was up in the clouds! Not much wildlife was out...

... but the trees are actually quite lovely.

~ Westley to Buttercup at the Fire Swamp

Oak tree branches in fog

trees in fog

sunshine breaking thru the fog and trees


Mon 21 Oct 2019... Sudoku and word games

I enjoy doing sudoku. My local newspaper carries it every day except sunday, with monday being easy and the puzzles getting progressively harder thru the week.

Monday is so easy in fact, that I handicap myself by not making any marks. Still, it only takes me 5 minutes. Tuesday I only make outside marks, and it takes a little longer.

Wed and Thurs, I use marks and it takes 15 or 20 minutes to finish. Fri and Sat... ha, sometimes I abandon these because I'll get stuck and it's taking too long to find the one little thing that will tip the puzzle over so it will fall like dominoes! When I do finish these, it can take 30 or 40 minutes.

Occasionally I will screw up. It's mostly about going too fast because I'm timing myself, and not noticing that there are two 5s in the same row! arg. Sometimes I notice relatively quickly and I can back track and finish. Other times I abandon.

I also try my hand at the crossword, but I'm terrible at it. For instance, in today's crossword, I got 4 words. yeah.

I wish I were better with words! But so often when I have to think of a word, my mind just shuts down.

You know that game Scattergories? You get a letter and you have to think up words starting with the letter for like 12 categories. Girl Names. Kitchen Devices. You know?

Scattergories icon

I effing hate that game. I can usually fill out 1 or 2 of the 12 blanks, maybe 3 or 4 if I'm very lucky. And my brother fills out all of them. And he even argues passionately about his questionable answers! It would be funny -- how bad I lose and how brilliant he wins -- except I take it so seriously!

I don't know why. Probably because I always have such high hopes when we start playing. This Time I'll be able to fill in a respectable amount of blanks! But it never happens.


Sun 20 Oct 2019... Chickadees

I love Chickadees! But 99% of the time, I ignore them.

I hear their little chicka dee dee dees every time I go outside. They are named for their alarm call... The more dees they add, the more dangerous the situation. A Human on the bike path might get 2 or 3 dees, but a prowling cat gets a long line of dees.

I listen to their dees. Chickadees say a lot about the environment, after all. But I don't try to find them. And I certainly don't bother to turn on the camera for them.

They are impossible to take pictures of! They bounce around way too quickly and the camera won't focus fast enough. I've tried. Lord, how I've tried. And that's why I ignore them now!

But today... I was actually trying to take portraits of a couple of Downy Woodpeckers. And some Chickadees got in the way.

haha, not really.



Sat 19 Oct 2019... photos

I was going thru my photos today, picking some out for a swap I'm in.

I really need to do this more often... to pick out the better ones. And to see if any are print quality. And to just remember all the cool things I get to see!

House Finch and Tree Sparrow

A House Finch and Tree Sparrow in the rain.


Fri 18 Oct 2019... Cover Crop

After three weeks of very hard work at the garden, I've finally got most of the plot Weeded and Seeded!

Actually, it was a bit of a surprise to finish this morning. While I had started out working 5x5foot (1.5 x 1.5 meter) sections, the soil towards the back of the plot was not as easy to work with. The past week or so I've only been able to finish 3x3 sections.

But when I saw how close I was, I just kept going. My back was in spasms and I was getting a blister on my thumb... but I kept going! ha.

And it's only a month late. Yeah. You're supposed to have your cover crop planted a month before the first frost date. So all this should have been done on 15 Sept. eh.

No worries, baby clovers are being born!

Clover Seedlings

heh, along with baby weeds of all types.


Thurs 17 Oct 2019... Jays

I got a bird postcard in the mail today.

Eurasian Jay

I had never seen this bird before and I had all kinds of questions! ha! I studied the picture carefully...

Definitely a Jay. That face, that look? Definitely.

I flipped the postcard over and had to search for the info. Almost obscured by some happy bird washi tape :) but I didn't have to peel anything up to read it... Eurasian Jay.

How beautiful! And I'm sure they are just as bold and obnoxious as the Jays in the US!

Blue Jays are well known to the East of the Rockies in the United States. On the Western side, we have Scrub Jays and Stellar Jays, both of which are also blue (and frequently get called "blue" jays by normal people). (ha!)

Scrub Jay

Jays are beautiful and interesting. They are always yelling about something. And they love peanuts in the shell... people feed them and this time of year all the Scrub Jays are holding one, to be buried in an undisclosed location! :)


Wed 16 Oct 2019... birds

I was walking home from the Community Garden this morning, and there were three Vs of Canada Geese flying towards me. The first V was the smallest, and I counted one arm. About 20. The second V was bigger, maybe 30 or 35 on an arm.

The last V wasn't a V anymore because the Geese were changing places and moving around. It was a long line, with little jags coming off it. 80 or 100 Geese?

I'm not sure, but I stopped walking to watch them fly by.

And all of a sudden, I'm almost crying.

Here I am, in awe of a couple hundred birds. When 200 years ago there were so many Passenger Pigeons that they darkened the sky when they flew by. How many gajillions of birds does it take for that to happen?

Martha, the last Passenger Pigeon, died in captivity on 1 Sept 1914.

And North America has lost more than 1 in 4 Birds in the Last 50 Years, a net loss approaching 3 billion birds, or 29% of 1970 abundance. Fifty years.

It's the same with bugs. Plummeting Insect Numbers 'Threaten Collapse of Nature' insect abundance (as measured by biomass) had declined by more than 75 percent within 63 protected areas in Germany—over the course of just 27 years.

Humans are killing everybody.

And I'll cry, watching them cut down our sick trees. And I'll cry for the dead squirrel at the side of the road. And I'll cry for the curled up mouse on the path, killed with poison. And I'll cry for the raccoon mama with her infected hand, and I'll cry for her teenage kids who are wandering around without her a week or so later, looking pathetic and skinny.

I don't tell these stories, because who wants depressing?

But this is what we are doing. And we should face it every once in a while.

Geese flying overhead


Tues 15 Oct 2019... Deer Zoomies

(Continued from Saturday's post...)

Blurry pic of the deers doing zoomies, but I'm amazed that I got all three in the same frame! They are totally having fun!

three mule deers, two running one standing

haha! Once they calmed down, I did take a couple decent photos. Here's another fun one...

squirrel behind a tree and a deer looking towards him

I have no idea why the squirrel is using the tree to hide from the doe, instead of hiding from me! And the deer is obviously wondering the same thing!!


Mon 14 Oct 2019... reading

I skipped the blog post on Sunday... I had started a good book on Friday, and by Sunday afternoon I was deep into it. I just didn't stop reading until it was done. And then it was bed time! :)

Isn't it awesome when you find a book like that?!

This one was The Book of Flora which is the third book in the series which began with The Book of the Unnamed Midwife.

I wondered when I started reading it, if I needed to re-read books 1 and 2. I should have, but I kept reading #3 anyway! Ha, it's funny how long it took me to remember who the main character was, from book 2!! *laughs*

I'm re-reading book 2 right now, and it's fascinating how well the stories in book 2 and book 3 fit together... the author must have been working on them together. Which delights me and makes me jealous: I can't even figure out what I'm going to do tomorrow, and the author has all these characters' lives laid out in detail.

illustration of an open book

But that's the great thing about reading, huh? All those other lives, other adventures, other worlds. The magic of... differences!


Sat 12 Oct 2019... Hike

Oh my gosh, I had such a great hike this morning!

I got there and headed to the Rhododendron Garden... and just across the way there's a deer Running! They quickly disappear behind trees and I'm left wondering what in the world scared the deer so much in this park. a human with a big dog??

haha. nope! The deer comes bouncing back! She sprints this way and that. And, oh, here comes another deer! And another. And... how many are there anyway? The three or four are all bouncing around and acting like it's silly time.

I laughed out loud watching them! They noticed me, but didn't invite me to play. heh. But they did let me walk up to them pretty close. :)

I haven't looked at my photos yet.... I'm nervous that there won't be any good pics.

drawing of a deers face


Fri 11 October 2019... Drawing Project

I've shown you a few of my August Daily Doodles, where I was drawing on a calender page. I took a little break from drawing, but then mid-September I started some ATC sized drawings. It's not been daily, but it's part of my routine now.

The August Doodles were on a sheet of matte photo paper. I chose that because I knew I would be using my Copic markers, and the colours really pop on that paper! Unfortunately, I discovered it is quite impossible to use an eraser on photo paper... it smears and leaves ugly marks. I tried all my different erasers: gum, vinyl, that grey kneaded thing, a black one. All the same crappy result. Bleh!

I had cut up a page of photo paper for my first few ATCs as well. But then I remembered I had a little stash of X-PressIt Blending Card left over from work. So I cut a page of it up for my next batch of ATCs... oh my, it erases beautifully!

But, since I'd been using the Copics on the other paper for so long... the new paper felt and looked odd. So the past week or so I've not been colouring my drawings. But I've been getting good practice with shading and markings with pencil.

ATC Drawing of a Great Blue Heron
ATC Drawing of a Goldfinch on a Sunflower

I've been using my own photos for reference... yeah, you might recognize that Goldfinch from the 3 Oct post!


Thurs 10 Oct 2019... Climate Change

Another cold morning, but it just makes me appreciate the hot shower even more!

The hot shower is one of those "every day" type things that I absolutely treasure. It's going to be the one thing that I'll reeeally miss when civilization crashes. If I survive.

Yep, I'm a Doomer! I believe civilization will crash within my lifetime! And it'll probably be climate change that does the trick.

PostCrossing Blog: October Writing Prompt

In October, write about the impacts of climate change in your region or country.

Eugene is about 60miles (100km) from the Pacific Ocean, so we will not have to deal directly with the sea level rising.

Excessive rain may bring local flooding. Our home is a little ways up a hill, so that's good. But there may be landslides coming down on us from further up the hill.

The trend for our area is less and less rainfall. And hotter summers. Which is a major bummer for our trees.

Our Douglas Firs are slowly dying, from the warmer summers. The same with our lovely Big Leaf Maples.

Our Oak trees are sick as well... in fact, they cut down two from our apartment parking lot today. That was a depressing thing to watch. Now, instead of happy leaf shadows, the sun pounds down.

And then there's the bark beetles, killing our drought stressed pine trees.

Basically, our temperate rain forests are done. And we are just noticing the beginning of the end.

autumn leaves

Happy Autumn Leaves.

Oh, except... you see the brown on the pine tree? Yep. Dying.

Sighs... You know, hot showers aside, I also really like oxygen. I suppose we'll have to get along without it.


Wed 9 Oct 2019... Walk and RSS

Pretty chilly this morning and I bundled up for my walk! And you never know who you are going to run into when the seasons are changing...

A Mink!

a Mink

Unfortunately a very blurry mink. I didn't get any good photos. What else is new.

And then one of our winter visitors, a Golden Crowned Sparrow...

Golden Crowned Sparrow I do like sparrows, "little brown birds".

And yeah, it suddenly occurred to me that I should probably be marking my photos. Because it's the Internet, you know. :)

Oh, and while I was not posting real stuff on Monday and Tuesday, I was actually doing blog stuff... The RSS feed now works again. Yay!

What's that? You don't care about RSS? Yeah, I don't know why RSS isn't more popular. But if you read blogs that update randomly (*waves hand*) and if you don't like advertising (*waves hand*) you should check out RSS feed readers!

I'm using The Old Reader. It's free, with a paid premium version.


Tues 8 Oct 2019... nothin' part 2

illustration of Sun Gold Cherry tomatoes and a Great Blue Heron

What? Again?!



Mon 7 Oct 2019... Nothin'

um. It's monday. I don't have anything organized to say.

illustration of a sea horse


Sun 6 Oct 2019... Autumn Juvenile Birds

Oh my goodness, what an adorable little bird...

Juvenile Cedar Waxwing with Hawthorn Berries

This is a juvenile Cedar Waxwing.

I had no idea what this bird was, when I was taking her/his portrait. (But it was pretty obvious, once I zoomed in on my photos!)

A couple weeks ago, I got dive bombed by a couple birds chasing each other. I followed them down the path and discovered a whole flock of them, bouncing around in a cherry tree. And, again, I had no idea what species the birds were, as I was taking their pictures.

Juvenile American Robin eating a wild cherry

Turns out they were juvenile American Robins. (sorry, bad pic to show you! She's holding a wild cherry, but her face is partially hidden behind a leaf.)

What's with all the juveniles, here in autumn?!

Both Cedar Waxwings and Robins can raise more than one batch of nestlings during the summer. And these crazy kids are probably the successful result of those later broods!

And, our Robins don't migrate, they are year round residents. So they don't have a stressful flight that needs to happen right away.

It looks like Cedar Waxwings do migrate, but they might not go very far. So, I'd assume it wouldn't be too hard for the kids to get there.

I do worry, but probably the birds know what they're doing!


Sat 5 oct 2019... Garden

I have been working very hard at the garden this week, getting ready for winter. We are required to cover our plots for winter, and we usually haul in leaves. But this year I want to try a cover crop.

Every other day, this week, I've walked out to the garden. I choose a section, about five feet square. I pull up all the garden plants and the borage. The Borage breaks down quickly so I throw it along the edges of our plot. And the garden plants go to the community compost pile.

Then the work: Loosening up the soil and picking out as many grass roots as I can. This is incredibly hard work.

But then the fun part! Scattering the clover seeds! I rake them in, lightly... they are small and so they're supposed to stay close to the top of the dirt. And then I walk over the section, to kind of push any extra seeds down into the dirt.

I've been working a little over an hour, on the days I go. And dang, I am getting exhausted... because I don't let myself rest on the other days. I still go for my hilly hike or my 4 mile walk! ha.

But I keep going out to the garden, even reluctantly. I really want this cover crop, so the work has got to be done. The garden plot is large, and even working five foot sections it will take a while to get it all done. But, I can see that the seeds are sprouting already, in the first section I did, so that's gratifying.

And I have some happy company while I work...

Two Goldfinches on a sunflower head

The Goldfinches flutter here and there, all around the garden. It's a joy to listen to their voices and watch them when they come close.


Fri 4 Oct 2019... Landscape Photography

Another one of the swaps that I participated in this summer was an ongoing photo series that had a variety of topics. Of course, I felt like I excelled at the Real Photos "Nature" and "Critters" and "Floral". Unfortunately, I had to skip the "Architecture" swap since I don't really take pics of buildings.

But then there was the "Scenery" photo swap. I am terrible at landscape type photos. I know what good landscape photos look like... Ansel Adams! And I know that when I attempt to take photos of the land, there is just something missing. I can see how beautiful the day is, but I just can't capture that, for whatever reason.

So I signed up for the "Scenery" swap in order to challenge myself.

heh, and I think the weather didn't cooperate at all. Like there was one non-rainy day, or something like that, before the deadline. *shakes head*

But anyway. I was thinking about Scenery and Landscapes again today because the sky was just so amazing. so I made some attempts. eh... The sky is interesting, but the photos are just bleh!

trees and sky at Delta Ponds

trees and sky at Delta Ponds

But this one, maybe? captures more of the soul of the place?

The Willametter River at the base of Skinner Butte

That's the Willamette River and Skinner Butte, a hill that's in the middle of downtown Eugene.

I love how the morning sun is really putting definition on each of those trees in the mid-ground... You can tell, each one of those trees is a character, an individual. You've got round ones, you've got tall ones, you've got the spiky ones.

And those couple that are almost turning red, it's almost a focal point. Not quite but almost.

That's the thing that bugs me: I have to have a focal point in my photos, and most of my landscape pictures don't have one. And I don't know how to find that focal area when I am out taking pictures.

Something to work on!


Thurs 3 Oct 2019... at the Community Garden

Goldfinch on sunflower

Oh my gosh, I love this photo...

The focus is not great, it's a little bit blurry. Which is really a bummer because it makes printing it up as a notecard or postcard very problematic. Heck, I even cringe a bit to blow it up this large for the website!

But I just love the round sunflower heads, and the design of the florets radiating out! And of course, happy goldfinch, who was chowing down on the sunflower seeds. :)


Wed 2 Oct 2019... Hiking

I go for a long walk every day, without fail.

I'm pretty bored of the walk in my neighborhood. I have calculated that I've walked the bike path to our Community Garden over a thousand times. So there are a couple of nearby parks that I drive to, once or twice a week.

My favorite is Hendrick's Park. I take a swing through the Rhododendron Garden, and that's where I find most of the wildlife. There's a Native Plant Garden as well, where I learned about Vine Maple and Ocean Spray and Solomon's Seal.

And across the street is a hiking area. It's a relatively small area of forest and hills, surrounded by the city with neighborhoods on all sides. But it's big enough for Mule Deers and Turkeys.

None of that today, tho. There were some birds who stood for their portrait, and I do love that! But it was the mushrooms that were catching my eyes today...

Mushrooms growing on a downed tree

Mushrooms growing on a downed tree

So lovely and interesting!


Tues 1 Oct 2019... Creative Stuff

I have not been very productive with my time, and for October, I'd like to change that. My goal is to post here every day!

Over the summer, I was very active on Swap-Bot. In addition to the weekly notecard swap I host, I was also participating in about three to five other swaps every week. I was pretty much sending out mail every day or every other day.

I enjoyed it... I work well when I have a deadline. But I was in so many swaps, I had to get stuff out right away. Yeah, I had to be organized! And that took a lot of energy, and suddenly, I wasn't having fun any more.

Two drawings, zen tangle square and crochet square

So I dropped all my swaps at the end of Aug... But there was one last one that I was working on. A Daily Doodle exchange. We filled out a calender page, each square was less than 1.5 inches. Some of my drawings were pretty good! And I remembered how much I like drawing!

So I have continued. I'm now drawing ATC size, not quite daily.

ATC: Artist Trading Card, the only rule is the size... 2½ x 3½ usually in portrait orientation. Here are some examples at Illustrated ATCs. I am not nearly as good as any of the artists there, but that's okay!

So anyway, it's very possible that I'll be uploading some of my drawings in the next month, instead of typing away all the time! :)


fri 30 aug 2019... camera

I have had my camera for about a year and a half. It's a Panasonic FZ1000, and I've never really been happy with it.

Screenshot of Static8

I've owned a short line of digital Panasonic cameras and in the past, and have LOVED them. The auto focus is very very intuitive (a stick in front of that bird? who cares?! the camera always focuses on the bird!!) and the photos are fully saturated with great colour.

My current cam has... issues... with light. It can't deal with too much light. If there's not enough light, very often it refuses to focus on anything. Dappled light in the forest? Sheesh, why even bother?!

The thing is, I am very invested in simple point-and-click. I have never been interested in figuring out the manual settings. With wildlife, I don't have time to mess with it! And I take enough photos that I do get a decent one sometimes.

But taking photos of sunflowers, the other day, I got angry. I was looking up at these beautiful flowers, with the sky in the background... Sunflower Yellow and Sky Blue is an amazing colour combination!

But my photos were showing a pale sky and flat colour and I was sick of it.

I consulted google. One of the first websites I found said:

I have found that the auto exposure algorithms used by the FZ1000 quite often lead to a shutter speed or ISO setting which differ from that which I regard as ideal.

And then...

I live in Sydney where bright sunlight and clear skies are common leading to subjects with high brightness range. In these conditions the FZ1000 has a moderate tendency to blow out highlights with JPG capture.

Okay! So I learned how to adjust the exposure on the stupid camera. And, um, well... instantly, there were better photos! The blue, blue sky is back!

Sunflower and blue blue sky

Yay, Saturation!

*laughs* And, I don't know, maybe the focus is a little bit better as well...

Green Heron

I admit, this was probably just a lucky shot of this lovely Green Heron. But I seem to be getting more lucky shots since I've turned the exposure way way down.

So, I'm happy. And not as constantly frustrated with the cam! But I am annoyed that Panasonic has screwed up the auto settings so much.


sun 11 aug 2019... Garden Failure

Crazy Summer!

The valley that I live in, in the Pacific Northwest, has a Mediterranean Climate... It rains from autumn thru spring and the winter is mild. The summers are hot and dry.

Supposed to be hot and dry! But this summer has been cool with chilly nights. And instead of a week or two of 100° (38°C) days, here and there during the normal 85° (30°C) days -- we've had several weeks of cold cloudy days, even with some rain!

And the summer garden veges hate the cool weather! They haven't been growing properly. The squash plants are tiny and pathetic looking with their ONE blossom. What tomatoes there are, haven't been ripening. And the cucumbers have lost uncounted flowers.

When I look at my photos from last year... the current garden looks a lot like the garden of mid-July. So, the veges are a good three or four weeks behind schedule!

A second crookneck squash is growing

On the other hand, the spring garden veges did well, I only wish I had planted more of them! But then, I always forget how much I love fresh beets.

One of our experiments in the garden this year is Fennel. We've never even eaten fennel before, but I was excited when I googled it. You can eat the fonds, the stalks, the bulb, and the flowers and fruits. It has a mild anise flavor.


I'd been munching on the feathery leaves every time I visit the garden. Definitely refreshing! And this week I pulled up the biggest one. The guinea pigs have been eating the fronds, and love them.

And I chopped up ½ of the bulb and threw it in while cooking pasta. Like this it looks a lot like, and has the same texture, as celery. It had very mild flavor, but I probably over cooked it. For the other ½, I will chop it and just steam it in the microwave for a couple mins.

This is my favorite little corner of the garden:

Leeks, Cauliflower, Purple Basil, Soybeans

Everything is planted too close together, but it looks so happy. On the left is leeks. Then down the center is Part Two cauliflower (because of course Part One died!), Purple Basil and Soybeans.


wed 31 july 2019... CSS

I am part way through the third week of my five week CSS class and I'm working on a new archive page for this site, as I go.

I find I am completely delighted with the simple and clean HTML code!

For instance... You see the grey bar above with the date and the title of this blog post? Currently, on this page, I'm using tables for positioning and a lot of inline styling and the code goes like this:

<table align=center width=550 cellpadding=10 cellspacing=0 border=0>
<tr><td bgcolor= #74828f>
<b><a href="2019/20190731.html" style="color: white;">
wed 31 july 2019... CSS</a></b></td></tr><tr><td><p>

Pretty complicated, huh? Whereas the new code, using HTML5 and CSS separately...

<header id="july31">
wed 31 july 2019... CSS</header>

Of course, all that information that's in the TABLE tags of the top example, still has to be spelled out. It's just spelled out in a completely separate file so you don't have to look at it when you're making a new web page.

Anyway, I just think it's pretty. And I'm glad I'm learning new things!

Love-in-a-Mist flower in front of bolting Cherokee lettuce

I just love how the light catches the veins of the Cherokee lettuce behind this Love-in-a-Mist flower!

The lettuce is going to seed now... and I let it be. Real gardeners would pull the plants out and compost them. But Goldfinches think the seeds are quite tasty! The lettuce plants with the seed heads get pretty tall, a good 4 feet or more. And I really think they are beautiful.

And even more beautiful with Goldfinches on them! :)


sun 21 july 2019... HTML

Working on my mojo, I thought I might begin some repairs here at Static8...

Screenshot of Static8

The website design you see before you is a cobbled together mess! :) laughs. I taught myself HTML about a million years ago, and this site has gone thru several iterations because I used to enjoy playing with design and HTML code.

But the current Sunflower design has been up for way too long. Plus it's done in HTML 4.01 with tables for positioning. And the world has most definitely moved on!

I've taken a HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals class at EdX and now I'm continuing with a CSS Basics class.

My goals for the HTML and CSS class: I wanted a refresher on HTML, along with best practices, and I wanted to learn what was new in HTML5. Check!

I was also hoping to learn how to use CSS to position my designs so they'd translate across devices... to look good on a desktop monitor, on a tablet, and on a phone!

Well, I did learn the names of what I want: Flexbox and Grids. But the brief overview wasn't enough. I think I learned enough to be dangerous with Flexbox, nothing about Grids, and nothing about combining the two.

And, since I'm a random user of CSS, I actually needed to learn about the original CSS positioning techniques like relative position and float.

No big deal, the CSS class that I just signed up for covers layout and positioning. But it sounds like it too, just mentions Grids and Flexbox. So I may have to learn that on my own.

Banana Slug

A beautiful Banana Slug!

Not all Banana Slugs are bright yellow. In fact, I've never seen a yellow banana slug... they have all been this tan colour with dark spots and decorations.

But they are all big! Banana slugs are the 2nd largest slug in the world, maxing out at almost 10 inches (25cm). This one was only about 6 inches. But she+he is seriously lovely with those marking.

(Slugs and Snails are both female and male, thus the she+he!)


Tues 16 July 2019... Update

Well, 2019 has been a crazy year...

∞ Car accident, 22 Jan 2019
It was a pretty bad one, not my fault. I was bed bound with pain from bruised ribs and sternum, and then house bound. I had a broken foot, and I'm still having some trouble associated with my time in the walking boot.

∞ Laid off, March 2019
I had worked at Copic for ten and a half years, and loved it. So that was a major bummer.

∞ Partner in the hospital, May 2019
He had to stay for seven days, with severe pneumonia. And on top of that, he had to drive himself to the ER, because I thought he was being a whiney butt.

And now the year is half gone...

I still don't have a car. (I've used the bus a few times.)

I still don't have a job. (I'm taking some time off.)

But I do still have a partner. (That's nice.)

I have got a lot of time on my hands, and I'm doing things I love: reading like crazy and going out for long walks with my camera every day. But strangely, I have not done anything creative with my time.

I quit sending out my monthly postcards last year, and I've not gotten back to it. And this site has been abandoned for many years. I haven't been drawing, and I haven't been doing much with my photos, either. No crochet, no book making, no bookmark making. I haven't even updated my book reviews.

I don't know why. I've just lost my mojo.

But that's okay. I'm working to get it back.

Stay Tuned! :)

Two Bushtits

Bushtits are pretty cool! They are tiny, and they usually bounce around too quickly for me to get a photo. So this pic is a happy surprise.

I think their pale eyes makes their face look like a hawk! Well, I bet the bugs they eat are scared of them, anyway!


fri 18 jan 2019... Weekend Review

Gah, half of January is gone already. And I'm just a little bit slow, getting back into the swing of things...

Last weekend, I got a couple of extra things done. Just little things, but they made me happy. I wrote and sent a letter and I completed an Amnesty International Urgent Action. It has been ages since I've sent out AI mail, and I am looking forward to being active there again.

I have several big projects planned, but I've not really started any of them.

Wait. Let me back up. I've not told you WHY I have several big projects planned.

In 2018, the GoodReads postcard group that I host got overwhelming. I spent all of my free time working on it... and it had been like this for a while. I just finally got to the point where I wanted to do other things!

I grabbed a couple friends from the group and bounced ideas off them. I revamped the format of the postcard group so that it basically runs itself, I just have to get the ball rolling.

The January pc exchange is going great. And I have a lot more time on my hands!! Thus, my plans for big projects.

But maybe I need to ... ease into my crazy plans. :)


sun 6 jan 2019... Weekend One: blah

I've been sick this weekend.

so my whole stupid life is on hold.

And I had so many plans!

Which will have to wait for next weekend.


Tues 1 Jan 2019... Review and Revise

Happy New Year!

Well, I haven't done a New Year's post in a few years, but I'd like to spend more time typing here in 2019... so here we go!

In 2018, I changed up my walking habit... instead of walking the bike path down to the community garden, I've started driving to different places. The hiking trails at Hendrick's Park are my favorite: loads of wildlife, and a good variety of paths to take. I've also enjoyed hiking the Ridgeline at Fox Hollow and Spencer's Butte. And there's Owen's Rose Garden, where I can walk the River Bank trail and also hike up Skinner's Butte.

In 2018, I took 11,570 photos, averaging 964 photos a month. I didn't realize my camera was broken, taking slightly blurry photos, at the beginning of the year. My printer had died, in an expensive way, and then my computer had crashed in a permanent way. Using a tablet instead, I wasn't studying my photos closely like I usually do. In May, I bought a new camera. There were some frustrations, but eventually my photography habit was invigorated. Jan thru April, with the broken camera, I averaged 400 photos a month. With the new camera, I was taking about 1250 photos a month!

In 2018, the GoodReads postcard group kind of took over my life. We had between 70 and 110 players each month, and averaged 84. The last 1/2 of the year was simply overwhelming for me, and I was tired of having to spend time every day working on this project. It became more of an obligation, and less of a joyful fun thing.

In 2018, I also hosted 50 swaps at Swap-Bot, and additionally participated in 46 swaps. I enjoy the weekend notecard swap I host. Since I write about my weekend and share the photos I took, it has become a special kind of journal for me!

In 2018, I sent out 1250 postcards and letters, averaging 104 a month. Febuary was my most challenging month: both the computer and printer were dead. But for LetterMo, I managed to send out 30 postcards and letters! I found a good pace thru the summer, sending out about 160 postcards each month. But in the autumn, I started sending less.

My other major project of 2018 was the Community Garden Plot. It was not a great year, and I didn't experiment with any new vegetables. There are never enough Lemon Cucumbers, but we got plenty of zucchini and Sun Gold cherry tomatoes.

* * * * * * * * *

In 2019, I want to get back to sharing my stories.

I want to type here, more often. I want to get back to sending out my monthly postcards to friends and family. I want to get back to art journaling.

I am reminded over and over, that people enjoy reading my letters. Many people like my nature photos, but just as many enjoy my storytelling and the interesting facts I discover and add.

January Rhododendrons


sun 9 sept 2018... walking

Yesterday, I didn't feel like driving to any of my usual hiking places. And I wanted to get pics of Goldfinches! So I walked out to our Community Garden.

The Comm Garden is about a mile away, and it is right on the bike path. This path runs next to a creek and has a decent area of green space along parts of it. It's a beautiful walk and I have encountered all kinds of wildlife over the years.

But this year, I'm more likely to drive someplace else to walk. Walking along the path yesterday, I thought about this.

I have walked that path about 1000 times. Yes, literally. A thousand times. I did the math.

I know what kinds of birds or beasts or bugs I might come across, at any time of the year. I know the cracks in the pavement. I know the graffeti with the misspelled word which has been there since last year. I know when and where I might pick some blackberries to munch on. I know the places where the homeless people might hang out. I recognize many of the dog walkers, and know a couple dogs and humans by name.

Knowing these things has been comforting for most of my time here! But lately, I just want to look at something different. :)

Goldfinch eating a sunflower seed on a sunflower head

The Goldfinches are molting this time of year, so their feathers look a bit messed up. :)


mon 3 sept 2018... Song Sparrows

I have a love for Song Sparrows.

Yep, they are sparrows. Also known as "little brown birds"! :)

But Song Sparrows are seriously cute, with their stripey face and chest. They stay here, year round. (and can be found, all across the US and up into Canada for at least some of the year!) And their voices are so cheerful and happy. I just love their song!

But more importantly... Song Sparrows seem to be fascinated by me and my camera!

When I happen to find a Song Sparrow close by, I start taking pics and they start showing off for me! They hop around, study me from several angles, flick their tail and stand up straight, and stay and watch me for a while!

At first I just assumed it's because I'm awesome! *laughs*

But maybe they like the beeps my camera makes. I tested this today. There was a Song Sparrow close to the trail who dove into the underbrush when I saw her. She didn't go far, tho. So I turned on my camera, and held down the shutter button to do the auto-focus. *beep*

And the Song Sparrow came out of hiding immediately! ha! I could hear her talking with her friend. Song birds have this *chirp* contact call, which they say constantly to each other. The *chirp* is nothing like the camera focus *beep*... but maybe I'm making the *beep* as a natural response to their contact calls.

Song Sparrow with cob webs

anyway, we like each other.


sun 2 sept 2018... hike

Instead of my walks to and from the community garden, this year I've been going for hikes on the weekends. My favorite place is a city park that has a Rhododendron Garden and a Native Plants Garden.

And across the way, there's a forest trail and part of the Ridgeline. The trails are short, but pretty steep. And if you want to walk all of them, you can go for several miles.

I walked these trails yesterday, and I wasn't having much luck with the wildlife. I'd see a chipmunk! and then I'd see her tail as she scampered away into the underbrush. Several times over... Chipmunk! Tail! Song Sparrow! Flicked his tail! then gone. foo.

Some days are like that. I just kept walking up and down the hills. And then a deer.

Or to be precise, a deer's butt.

He was pretty far off the trail, and I watched his butt for a while, walking back and forth on the path, trying to get a better view. He finally moved and laid down where I could almost see him!

Mule deer buck, laying in the forest

I've seen does at the park and a momma with a child, so it was exciting to see a male for the first time. He had a girlfriend with him, too, that was sweet.


sat 1 sept 2018... An Experiment

I have a little extra brain power, and I think I'm going to dedicate it to blogging.

At the day job, they fired all my friends in the warehouse. And I'm bored, so bored, without fun and interesting people walking by who want to chat with me about random things. So, instead of my brain complaining to me about how bored it is... I'd like to think up topics and writings for this place!

Don't know if it will work, that's why it's an experiment. But I aim to post here, not every day, but 4 or 5 days a week, for the month of September.

Note: Yeah, none of the internal links work here at the website. I've not fixed everything since my devestating computer crash at the beginning of the year.


sat 5 may 2018 2018... Spring Cleaning

Well so much for my March goals of posting more often. And so much for my April goals of catching up with my GoodRead book reviews. And so much for sending mail every day. Multiple Failures.

I can't stick with anything, and I'm having trouble doing anything at all.... Depression is acting up, big time.

But, it's a new month, and I'm going to give it another go!

My partner is visiting his mom, and he'll be gone for two weekends, so I've decided to do some Spring Cleaning. The floor of my bedroom is my craft area, and there are several years worth of piles taking over.

It's embarassing, but, as I mentioned, with depression it's just difficult or impossible to deal with things.

I took all the piles out and vacuumed.

There is no walking space in my partner's room... but my room looks open and inviting. I celebrated by getting my paints out!

star art

This idea has been rattling around in my brain for a couple weeks: Black Paper + Metallic Watercolours! I'm going to cut up the page and send it as postcards!

Yay Art!

Now the hard part, of course, is going thru all those piles and finding a place for everything. About ½ the piles are just books... but I ran out of book shelf space a long time ago. However, once I find and clear a space, the books will be the easiest thing to deal with.

All the other stuff, I don't know. These two weekends might be interesting.


sat 31 mar 2018 2018... April Goals

Well, sheesh. I did mean to post more often during the month of March! Unfortunately, I've been dealing with a (very) lingering cold and I've mostly slept thru the last half of March.

Despite this, I have sent mail almost every day during March. I only skipped two days. Problem is, I didn't write ANY LetterMo replies, like I meant to!

For April, I'd like to continue my goal of sending mail most every day. It would be nice to figure out a way to motivate myself to write replies, as well. Not to mention, I need to keep up with my mail log, as well.

But my major goal for April is a different project that I have procrastinated for a very long time.

My book reviews GoodReads. I am currently a year behind.

It's important to me because, with my postcard group there, I am very active on GR. I am a fairly serious reader, and it's a bit embarrassing that I'm not adding the books I've read.

I use my book reviews to remember what I've read, and to find new books when I find an author I like. The book reviews are also a conversation starter with the members of the group I host. And I just feel organized, when I am all caught up with a project! :)

So here's my plan. Slow Drip! Ten minutes, every day!

When I pull out the computer every evening, I will set a timer. There will be ten minutes of focused activity:

Figure out the next book, find my handwritten review. Read it and make corrections.

Add the book at GR and type the review.

I hope to add reviews about every other day? I tend to hem-and-haw about my reviews, so I'm not sure if I can finish typing one in 10 minutes.

That's the plan. We'll see how it goes!


fri 9 mar 2018 2018... Story of the Printer

Well. I think I have a working printer. We shall see how long it lasts.

I've bought 3 printheads here recently. The first one only lasted about three weeks. The second one never even installed correctly (And then I was not refunded for the peice of junk they gave me). And here we are on the third one.


Yeah, at this point, I'm a little short on hope.

But I've started printing things here and there. Trying not to get too excitable. Just a few basic postcards.


fri 2 mar 2018 2018... Arriving from USPS

Yesterday my order from arrived...

USPS order

This is a fair representation of the stamps I buy every month... About 5 or 6 sheets of Global stamps, usually two rolls of Postcard stamps, a few sheets of Forever stamps (especially new ones, or ones I love), and, if they have new Postal Notecards, I'll get some of those.

I am especially excited about the amazing Bioluminescent Life Stamps. Wow! They are shiny! I love them!

LetterMo March On

LetterMo March On... my goal is to continue to send mail every day, and to send some replies.

I actually did really well about replies in Feb... I sent out four replies to and LetterMo friends. Since my normal is zero replies, actually sending a few is a great improvement! *laughs*


wed 28 feb 2018 2018... Keeping Sane: Snail Mail

Month of Letters 2018 Participant

This year's LetterMo -- Sending mail every day during the month of February -- was not as fun as usual.

A lot of that, of course, was my personal apocalypse... no files and no printer and I couldn't make my own postcards and send tons like I usually do.

But some of it was the LetterMo website. The personal messaging system was turned off, and that was a major bummer. The badges were down, which in years past were always a fun incentive. The forums were pretty slow, and there were only a couple of blog posts... probably because there was a private facebook page (which I'm not interested in, due to myriad reasons).

Anyway, just kind of a disappointing experience.

So I've decided to make March special by typing about my mailing fun here! Here's what I'm working with...


Those are some of the postcards I've been sending out. Yeah, store bought. sighs... but I did buy them to use them!

I am happy to use some of my store-bought notecards as well. I've been signing up for more written notecard exchanges at swap-bot, and I host my own weekly swap as well. It's fun and I have learned how to fill a page with chatting... I couldn't tell you if it's interesting or not. ;)


sun 25 feb 2018... Looking Up!

Yay and Huge Relief! Files are back!

I haven't downloaded all of the years yet, but it looks like almost all of my files have been returned to me. So far, there's just a few weeks of January 2018 that are missing. But getting Hundreds of Thousands of photos returned more than makes up for it!

Next up: Figure out what to do about the printer and the crashed computer.

When I didn't have my files, I felt like my life was on pause and I couldn't do anything. But now, I feel like a real person again!


sun 11 feb 2018... Keeping Sane

My regular and ordinary, if obsessive, hobbies are keeping me sane during this time of Extreme Troubles.

On an ordinary weekend day, I go for a walk. I take photos. I turn photos into postcards. and I mail like crazy!

Okay. So right now, I can't print. And I don't have any addresses to send postcards to. All due to the Extreme Troubles I mentioned.

But I keep walking. And I keep taking photos.

And I'm surprised at all the wildlife that's showing up!

There is this one tree, it's about 1/2 way out on the path to the Community Garden. Birds like to sit there, it's kind of a look-out tree because it's right on the edge of the green area, and it's tall and alone, and it's base is mostly surrounded by a Wet Prairie pond.

Sometimes Starlings. Lately, Crows. I noticed a big dark bird in the tree as I came around the corner. But, when I got within camera range... um, that's not a Crow!

In fact, she or he was being mobbed by a Crow!

Raptor! Awesome!

Hawk being mobbed by a crow

Unfortunately, there is no hope for the photos I took. The day was too cloudy and I was too far away.

Hawk in a tree

But that's okay. It's always fun to see someone new!

This is a Red-Shouldered Hawk, a little bit outside her usual range along the coast in California.


fri 9 feb 2018... My Apocalypse

At the end of January a bunch of crises happened and I am having the worst year ever.

∞ Print head died. AGAIN.
I had just bought a print head, and it only lasted 3 weeks. I've now spent 500$ because I have to be able to print! (This is a large, high-end printer, and yes, it's worth it.)

∞ SO's mom is in the hospital.
Fell and broke her left humerus. Kidney failure. and a diabetes diagnosis. SO took a flight out to Miami to be with her and help organize care.

And in the meantime, our phones went down and communicating with each other on opposite sides of the country, became difficult.

∞ And then my computer crashed.
in a rather permanent way.

∞ And then my backup files disappeared

All my photos, gone. My postcard files. The address files. The files and software I use to coordinate the mail exchanges I host. Emails. My encrypted password file.

All gone. And I honestly don't know how to live my life without all this stuff.

And I'm so overwhelmed, it's difficult to even look at data recovery options. And I've been stymed again and again, as I try to find a decent and real Data Recovery company. I'm beginning to wonder if they are not all just scams, out to get money from desperate people.

A Good Thing: I recently bought myself a tablet, and I splurged on the extra memory. I'm fleshing it out with hardware and software and it is now a decent replacement for my crashed computer.

Just no files.

I go back and forth between hope and hopelessness. not to mention helplessness.

Another Good Thing: My friends have been awesome, caring and understanding. I don't know how I would have reacted without them. Saying "Thank You" is such a ridiculous under-statement of my gratitude that it makes me cringe. But...

Thank You!


sun 12 nov 2017... Daily Drawing

Guinea Pig drawing on saturday

Art Every Day Month

I've not been posting... but I have been drawing every day this month!

I sit down every evening to write some postcards, and then I pull out an index card to do my drawing.

I'm using pencils and Copic Sketch greys. Many of my drawings are coloured.

I am drawing from my own photos. I've got several pics of Guinea Pigs Piper and Dawn. I've also drawn some of my postcard photos of birds.

My drawings are not that great. Mostly, I am okay with this. I only draw once a year, after all, and I'm definitely losing my talent with so little practice! Arg.


sun 22 oct 2017... Creative Every Day

For the month of October, I've challenged myself to send at least one bit of mail, every day.

This used to be standard operating procedure. But this summer, I took a break. ha: no good came of it, that I could tell! ;) So, I need to get back to my mailing normals. Every Day.

So far, so good.

Art Every Day Month

And for November, I will be drawing every day.

Last November, I sketched on 4x6 index cards and my focus was drawing myself in the mirror. It was definitely something different, since I don't really like drawing humans. But I think it turned out rather well.

I'm not sure if I completed the challenge of drawing every day of the month... I did run out of time to upload all my drawings, and I don't remember how much further into the month I got. I will look into this!

So anyway. This annual drawing challenge is important to me because it's mostly the only time I bother to sketch. I do other artsy things: I take a couple hundred photos every week, and I design a postcard or notecard every week. I create several journal pages every week.

But physically drawing something takes different creative "muscles". It's a bummer that those muscles only get stretched once a year... but maybe one November, I will keep going into December, and then into the new year.

This is what I hope for. And this is why I keep challenging myself with a daily drawing during November.


Sat, 07 Oct 2017 18:19:26 PDT

Uploaded a couple old entries. Got some back end stuff cleaned up.

And wishing I could spare some more time for my poor, abandoned web site.

sun 24 sept 2017... Banned Books Week!

Yeah, if I only write one blog post a year, this is the one I'm going to type! :)

It's been a few years since I have added to the Classics List. But this year, I've read The Catcher in the Rye... Which brings my Classics total to 12 of 46:

2. The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger
4. To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee
5. The Color Purple, by Alice Walker
7. Beloved, by Toni Morrison
9. 1984, by George Orwell
16. Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
17. Animal Farm, by George Orwell
24. Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison
33. The Call of the Wild, by Jack London
40. The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien
45. The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair
57. Sophie's Choice, by William Styron

And, I am excited to report, I've read at least one book from each year's Top Ten list...

  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou
  • The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger
  • Bridge to Terabithia, by Katherine Paterson
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky
  • Whale Talk, by Chris Crutcher
  • And Tango Makes Three, by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell
  • Beloved, by Toni Morrison
  • The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman
  • The Color Purple, by Alice Walker
  • His Dark Materials trilogy, by Philip Pullman
  • The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini
  • To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee
  • (Twilight (series) by Stephenie Meyer)
  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie
  • Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
  • (The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins)
  • Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out, by Susan Kuklin
  • I Am Jazz written by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings, and illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas

Yay, Reading!

The thing I love about Banned Books Week is that it introduces me to books I wouldn't ordinarily read. Beyond Magenta about transgender teens??! How random! And yet, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and I hope it made me a better person.


wed 12 apr 2017... J is for Journal

I am pretty serious about keeping my journal. In the past, this has manifested as Daily Stories, Morning Pages, Art Journals, and just Filling Up Note Pads.

Currently I am journaling digitally on the weekends, adding photos, blog posts and emails... And then printing and adding paper notes, written journal pages and random ephemera... And then binding it all up into a wire-bound book!

This has worked really well for me for several years.

Well, except I perpetually don't have time for this project. So, I'll print and bind a couple months here and there, and then much later I'll do a couple more. Not sure how long it's been since I've completed a full year!

And, you know? I am completely okay with that! I do journal on a consistent basis... it's just the form that's somewhat inconsistent!


tues 11 apr 2017... Introvert

I'm an extreme introvert. Toss in some shyness and some social anxiety. Yep, that's me!

I love open space. I do not want humans in my bubble. My bubble is pretty big. I'd rather not talk to you... but if you want to type or write, I'm all for it!


mon 10 apr 2017... H is for Horses

Yep, I'm crazy for horses!

I graduated college with a BS in Equine Science... nope, I didn't go into the business: the summer jobs I had taught me that working with horses is extremely hard work for little pay. :) But I would not have done it any other way, my misdirected schooling got me where I am, and I'm quite happy here.

I do sometimes miss riding horses. I rode dressage, and enjoyed it. But now that I'm vegan, I know it's wrong to enslave a fellow earthling.

So these days, I occasionally draw horses but that's the extent of it.


sat 8 apr 2017... Gardening and Guinea Pigs

The baby guinea pigs are now 2 weeks old. They are definitely the picture of cuteness! Still no names, yet, but I am pretty sure the Big One is female and the Little One is male. We've got a vet appt next week to be sure.

Taking care of guinea pigs is part of my activism for animals. Guinea pigs, as a species, have been so abused by humans that their name is synonymous with experimentation. It is part of my mission in life to love and care for them.

And the gardening...

We have had a Community Garden plot since 2009. I still don't consider myself a "real" gardener... I just pretend: I'm mostly there for the photo opportunities, but I'm happy to get a few zucchini and sun gold cherry tomatoes out of the deal as well! :)

The Community Garden is about a mile away, and right on the bike path that follows the creek which runs near my home. It's a lovely walk, and I go out to the garden most every weekend all through the winter. During the spring and summer, I usually have to drive there because I've got baby plants or tools or compost.

Our "go to" veges that we plant every year are: Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, Zucchini, Lemon Cucumbers, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash. We do have some Strawberry plants, but only get a handful of strawberries every year. After that, we experiment with new veges every year.

I practice Veganic gardening, for the most part. That means Organic (no pesticides, organic starts and seeds) and Vegan (no animal-based compost, no attempts to kill slugs or other critters).

The only non-vegan thing I do is the very occasional vermicompost: We've got a worm bin at home... keeping and using worms as pets is not vegan, but it helps the earth so much I think the "end justifies the means"... but I am quite ambivilent about it.

We started this year's garden Today! I don't have very good luck planting seeds, so we usually buy most of our veges as seedlings from Saturday Market. Today we got Snap Peas, Cauliflower and a new experiment Cherokee Lettuce.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather so we can fill up our space with plants and flowers!


fri 7 apr 2017... F is for Freedom

Life is a hard battle anyway. If we laugh and sing a little as we fight the good fight of freedom, it makes it all go easier. I will not allow my life's light to be determined by the darkness around me.
~ Sojourner Truth

I am a human rights activist. I do my best to Fight the Good Fight of Freedom for everybody on the planet. My activism through letter writing and postcard sending is an important part of my life.

I am a letter writer for Amnesty International's Urgent Action Network. It's been a while since I've been super active: I used to take on an Urgent Action every weekend. These days, I am not quite so dedicated: I'm writing one case a month.

And I take on other mailing campaigns, as I see them: I've sent postcards for the blitz to Betsy DeVos to #DefendPublicEducation and I sent a bunch of postcards for the The Ides of Trump.


thurs 6 apr 2017... E is for Ebooks

I discovered Project Gutenberg in 1997 or 98. I think the first book I read on my computer was Alice in Wonderland... or maybe it was The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I read both, early on and it was the combination of two of my loves: books and computers!

I bought a Palm handheld device, at some point. I loved that thing! I could read old Gutenberg books, or buy new books from Fictionwise (now defunct). Plus I could play Sudoku and an awesome pinball game.

Eventually the battery went out. Instead of fixing it, I bought an Amazon Kindle. Which I'm still reading today, even though it has a couple of micro cracks in the screen and is slow as dirt. :)

When I bought the kindle, the deal I made with myself was that I would only have one (bought and paid for) book at a time. If anything else came up while I was reading my one, I would get the free sample.

This worked brilliantly for years!

I have still bought more than I can read of the dead-tree books. But my digital collection has remained manageable. I had tons of free samples, but just the one book I'm currently reading.

Until recently.

I signed up for this stupid Daily Deal thing at GoodReads. And, as I mentioned before: "A curse on those Daily Deals. The book is 2$! Today Only! and I meant to read it some day, anyway."

Lordy. And, the bought-but-unread books are piling up on my Kindle as well as in real life. But at least I'm not paying 10+$ for these books I might not ever read! *giggles*


The kindle, with some dead-tree books I've read recently.


wed 5 apri 2017... D is for Drawing

Drawing is one of those random things I like to do, except, like blogging, it seems to only happen in concentrated daily challenges like this one. I usually do my daily drawing challenge in November.

(ha, I just remembered I ran out of time to upload all my drawings from last november! Need to do some scanning and pre-date a few more blog entries, I guess.)

Anyway. I usually do a half-decent job when I draw... as in you can mostly tell what it is I'm drawing! And drawing is a skill and I can easily improve, just by practicing every day. Thing is, I've got a million other projects that I work on every day as well. Just have to let some stuff go.


tue 4 apr 2017... C is for computers

I have had a very happy relationship with computers since my Dad got a TRS-80 when I was a kid! I eventually minored in Computer Science at university. I got As and Bs, but the programming classes were more difficult... school stuff came pretty easily for me, so it was a surprise when I actually had to think.

I never wanted a computer job, because I knew if I worked on or with computers all day I would not want to play with the computer on my own time.

But every once in a while, I do think I want to try with the programming again. I'll buy a new book about some random language, and then I will realize I don't have time to read the hefty book, let alone learn anything!

ha, but some day I will get bored with my regular books, and I'll dig out one of those old programming books...


mon 3 apr 2017... B is for Books (and Birds)

I love reading!

And Birds are cool too. Sometimes I read books about birds. The biggest reason why I like birds, is because they are almost always available to be photographed! Even when you don't have a bird feeder. :)

But this post is actually about books. I have a terrible habit of buying more books than I can read. I'm not sure of the exact count, but I'm positive that I have 60 or 70 books here, that I've bought but haven't yet read. Yeah, there are piles of books all over the place!

Including on my kindle! A curse on those Daily Deals. (The book is 2$! Today Only! and I meant to read it some day, anyway!) (Arg!)


This years book pile

One of my piles. These are some of the books I got for xmas. A couple of the books, I have read. Most I have not! There are three bird books in this pile. :)


*PRE-DATED* sat 25 mar 2017... Piper, part TWO!

Before Piper was brought to the local humane society, she was kept with a male guinea pig. uh huh.

Greenhill Humane Society fostered Piper for a month, and there were multiple vet appointments before she was up for adoption. Her last ultrasound was on 14 feb, "Rechecked abdominal ultrasound... Unlikely to be pregnant, ok for adoption."

Well, yeah. Humane Society people were very confident and I totally assumed they knew what they were talking about!

But last thursday, I came home from the day job, spent some time with Piper and realized she was very pregnant. I could see a very active fetus on her left side, and a more relaxed fetus on the right side of her tummy. and more fetuses hanging out underneath? eek!

I looked up Guinea Pig gestation -- 70 days -- and did the math. If Piper got pregnant on the very morning that she was brought in to the humane society, the babies would be born on sunday 26 march. That gave me a time-line to work with.

Basically, SOON!!!!

ha. I worried as Piper got more round every day. And more round!

Finally: Friday 24th of March, around noon. Two babies born!!!

I am so surprised and amazed that there are just the two. It means that I have meet and become acquainted with both before they were born!

It took a couple of minutes, but soon I could tell who was the active baby, who I had called a "tap dancer" as a fetus, from the smaller, relaxed baby, who just stretched every once in a while inside Piper. Tap Dancer is much bigger, and the stretcher is practically a runt.

They are quite adorable. In all my years of taking care of guinea pigs, I've never had to care for babies, so this is new and wonderful and terrifying and anxiety producing for me!

Piper the momma guinea pig with babies


sat 1 apr 2017... A is for Art

Blogging A to Z

Thanks to one of my friends over at GoodReads, I am going to attempt another month of daily blogging. The Blogging from A to Z Challenge sounds do-able and fun... Every day's topic is to begin with each letter of the alphabet. So rather than an infinite number of topics I could be typing about, I'll be more limited and hopefully not as overwhelmed! :)

So. Art. Yeah, capital "A" art!

Yep, I love Art. But this post is actually about me. I am an Artist. I don't throw that word around lightly, but I definitely own it.

I am a photographer and I share my photos with the world: here on my web site and on the postcards that I send out.

I am not a professional and I have never made money on my art. I don't have to worry about such things because I have a decent day job which pays me a living wage. That's not to say I'm opposed to making money on photos, I'm just not interested in it right now. And I don't consider money to be an indicator of my success.

Success, to me right now, is simply knowing that I've brought a smile to someone's face when they are standing at their mailbox. :)

P.S. I do not have comments enabled here on the blog. I just don't have the time to maintain them. If you wish to say something to me, my email and my PO box are listed in the sidebar on the right. Happy Day, rift

P.P.S. Another good "A" word, that I felt bad about passing by: Abecedarian

And Another Thing: I have Announcements to make, which I will be typing soon and post-dating. They'll be at the top of this page in the next day or so!


sat 4 mar 2017... The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

My partner and I have adopted Piper the guinea pig!

Humane Society Website photo

"The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" is my favorite chapter in The Wind in the Willows and I love the name Piper. I think she is named appropriately: her webpage at the humane society mentioned that she's talkative, and loves to sing!

Piper is about 6 months old. Her intake papers make me sad. This is the paperwork filed out by the previous "caretaker" who surrendered her to the humane society. They list her name as Brown. Sighs, that's not a name. That's not even a description, since she's yellow and white.

And "How often is your pet handled?" Not Multiple times per day, and Not Daily... but weekly. Which probably means less. Sad, because she is very friendly. Definitely not "shy" or "timid", which is almost a joke.

And her "Problem Behaviors" are "Chewing" and "Escape Artist"... *giggles* I wonder if they kept her in a cardboard box!!!

(In case you don't know, guinea pigs and all rodents are SUPPOSED to chew! Their teeth grow continually and they have to chew hard things like wood to wear them down. Trimming their teeth is a routine procedure at your veterinary appointments.)

piper the guinea pig

Here's Piper at home, accessing the escape possibilities. ;)


Mon, 27 Feb 2017 20:30:48 PDT

Outgoing Mail

Today's outgoing mail included a postcard protest directed at the Department of Education.

I'm looking forward to the big postcard protest of the 15th of March...
The Ides Of...

Sun, 26 Feb 2017 20:04:38 PDT

the weekend outgoing mail

sun 26 feb 2017... #TheIdesOfTrump Free Printable

Ides of March

There is a mailing campaign aimed at the US White House for the Ides of March...

And I intend to participate and inundate!!!

I made a postcard which I am offering as a free download. The PDF has two single-sided postcards on letter sized paper. Print it up on card stock at Actual Size and cut it on the crop marks to create two 4x6inch postcards.

Write your comments on the back. Put a Postcard or Forever Stamp on the front... 34¢ is all that is required. Then mail on 15 March 2017.


Free Printable: #TheIdesOfTrump postcard

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sat 25 feb 2017... mail

I guess I forgot to post anything here, last weekend... Yeah, that uploading a photo every day is going Great, isn't it??! haha!


So this week, I've been working on the february postcards for the postcard group I host. I like to send a postcard to everyone who participates. It was a fun and joyful thing to do when the group was small. Last year, the monthly exchanges hit 50 and 60 participants, which was more difficult: I would spend hours every evening for most of two weeks writing postcards. I enjoyed it, but it was taking over my life!

This year, the group is up over 70 players every month. I've simplified my process by typing my message on the postcards instead of writing. It has helped immensely. It's not as personal, but I can type a lot more since I can reduce the font size. And of course, things go much more quickly now. We are back to having fun and joy again!

Here's a pic of my work space as I'm cutting up the 2nd half of the postcards...

cutting up gr postcards

As I cut out each postcard, I arrange them by country. I send out International postcards first since it takes them a bit longer to get to where they're going.

When I cut up the USA postcards, I arrange them by zip code so I can send to the east coast first, which is the furthest away. Closest locations -- California, Oregon and Washington state -- are sent last and only take a day or two of travel time.

Before I printed all the postcards, I did stress a bit about the wordage I was typing. When I was hand-writing my postcards, I would practice what I wanted to say and my words would change as I edited myself. And that doesn't happen when I'm typing my words. I guess in the future, I need to actually write my stuff a few times over before I go to the computer to type it!

It's a big project, and I love it. The people are wonderful and kind and I always enjoy conversing with them... both online and in the post!

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sun 12 feb 2017... mail

Haha! So much for taking pics of my mail every day! (I've not posted anything here for a week.) Truth be told, I got bored of the pics because I was only sending one or two postcards every day last week. And I ran out of time to get creative with the backgrounds.

So, here is what I worked on this weekend, with the standard boring background... tho I do like the Copic markers as props! :)

This weekends mail

Sending on Monday: 4 letters
One to a friend, one swap-bot notecard
and two swap-bot "Interest Me in a Book" notes

Oh, and I love to use digital paper as belly bands when I send standard letter-size paper in the US#10 envelope... You can't see it in the pic, but the brownish dot paper is very beautiful and is included in this set, made by my friend Linda at Happy Print Club: Tea Time Stationery Printables. And yes, there's tons of free printables on the Internets... but I prefer to support artists, financially!

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Mon, 06 Feb 2017 18:32:30 PDT

Weekend projects

I cut up a couple world maps to make a bunch of postcards this past weekend. They came out amazingly well! I put 11 of them in the this morning's mail.

Also Sent: 2 welcome postcards
+ 2 letters
= 15 total bits of mail today!

Sat, 04 Feb 2017 18:26:33 PDT


Sent: 3 welcome postcards

fri 3 feb 2017... condolences


Sent: 1 condolence card

sighs. Last year I lost track of how many condolence cards I sent. And this year is starting out the same. This is the second sympathy card I've sent this year, already.

It's a hard thing to do. It's sad and there is nothing you can say on a card that will help. But, believe me, it is very very important that you write and send something!

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Thu, 02 Feb 2017 19:02:55 PDT

postcard work space

Sent: 1 GR Welcome PC
+ 1 Swap-Bot PC

Wed, 01 Feb 2017 18:50:25 PDT

postcard work space

Sent: 1 GR Welcome PC

sun 22 jan 2017... LetterMo Plans

Yay Mail! and Yay Month of Letters!

Okay, so you know the State of the Blog is "way behind"... so what is the State of the Postcards?? Well, there's good. and bad. and normal.

Good: I got a slow start at the beginning of the month because I was not feeling well... but I am catching up big time and am on track to have a regular month. During a regular month, I send out about 130 postcards and notecards! Yay Mail!

Bad: I am very behind on my mail log. What's involved here? I scan my incoming mail and type it into my mail log and then postcards need to be registered with certain websites. I'm still dealing with december mail, here! ack!

And Normal: xmas Thank You notes, not written yet. Probably won't be sent until March or so! haha! yep. this is normal.

letter writing work space

My letter writing work space in Dec when I was writing Amnesty International protest letters for Write for Rights. I thought the Star Trek stamps were appropriate! and I'm still decorating my envelopes with my Wide markers.

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friday 20 jan 2017... Behind the times, but catching up

Well. um. Happy New Year!

I have had some creative down time... I never completed the posts for my daily drawing month in November, I didn't post again after that, and, most importantly, I did not post my annual First of January "year in review".

I've been doing a Jan 1st post for about a million years, and this is the first time I've ever missed it!

My Excuses: I got busy. Then I got busy with the holidays. And then I got sick with a bad and lingering flu.

I'm feeling better now, so, here's the plan... I will fill in older posts as I get the time. I will back date them, but I will post them here on this page in the order that I type them.

I have deleted the rest of this page in order to encourage my participation in this plan: it looks kind of empty around here, doesn't it??! Look! You can see the bottom of the page! hello, rift?! Type something, rift!!!


for Inauguration Day:
I stand on the side of LOVE.


Looking down at an Egret in the Rain.


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