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productive saturday
sat 2 may 2009

Oh yeah, gettin' stuff done.

This morning I worked on my crochet for a bit... the bag I'm making to hold my string. It goes slower than I'd like because I can only work for about half an hour a day because of my carpal tunnels. eh.

And then I worked on my postcard album. I usually print up an extra postcard, every time I make a new one, to stick in my album. It makes it easier to choose one when I can see all my choices! But I've not been doing that for the past two months!

A Nap. And then I put in several hours for chores. Yuck, but it's good to have it done.

I sat down at the computer, and then noticed my new markers... sitting there, just sitting there doing nothing! So. Maybe I'll doodle a bit. Well, that kinda looks like a flower, it needs a vase...

First drawing with new markers

... a crooked vase, but nevertheless! ;)

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