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mon 20 apr 2009

I got tired of the "ugh-ness" that I had endured since friday and I left work to seek out humans with medical degrees. Significant Other drove me, because he's nice like that. After making me wait for hours, the doctor guy gave me a prescription and sent me on my merry.

I have yet to determine if the pills will work.

But I don't want to type about that. This is the current state of the tiny garden out our back door...

townhouse garden

I've planted nothing and pulled no "weeds" yet this year. 'cause I'm lazy like that.

The green spikey things are the irises. They've not really grown much, most of that is just left over from last year.

The green thing in the exact middle of the photo is my lupine. This is it's second year, and it's much bigger this year. Hopefully it will bloom... purple flowers. :)

And the mess of yellow at the top is last year's kale which fell over as soon as it got it's buds. (a lack of sun, very tall plants and the so-called dirt is only a few inches deep) The bees love the flowers and I'm excited to see several different kinds of bees humming around the flowers!

I am disappointed that there's no parsley. My plants gave off millions of seeds last year and I was really hoping for babies. but no.

You can't see that my Shooting Star is blooming. They are small and hidden behind the lupine. It's a native wildflower that I planted last year.

I probably should start thinking about our garden plot. I'm just not as enthusiastic as I wish I were about it.

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